Leaked chat reveals coordinated pressure campaign by Jewish billionaires to crush pro-Palestine protest

College of Jewish billionaires found in leaked chats, which include Daniel Lubetzky, Barry Sternlicht, Daniel Loeb, Yakir Gabay, Joshua Kushner, and Michael Dell (from top left to bottom right, respectively.) Collage: Justice Report.

The contents of a leaked chat—maintained by a group of Jewish billionaires—have revealed a pressure campaign to force NYC Mayor Eric Adams into crushing the pro-Palestine encampment at Columbia University.

  • A bombshell report by the Washington Post exposed the pressure campaign through thousands of leaked chatroom messages first obtained by a confidential source with access to the chat.
  • The chat was allegedly titled “Israel Current Events,” initially created after the events of October 7th by a staffer for billionaire and real estate magnate Barry Sternlicht. Its purpose was to “change the narrative to favor Israel” and air the alleged “atrocities of Hamas” to all American citizens.

Zooming in: According to WaPo, the wealthy insiders offered Black NYC Mayor Eric Adams—who was also present in the chat—monetary incentives and other resources in order to greenlight a violent NYPD crackdown at Columbia.

  • Lubetzky, Loeb, Blavatnik, and Sitt were said to have held a Zoom video call on April 26 with Adams, one week before the Columbia crackdown.
  • The call contained offers of political donations to Adams, and one unidentified member insisting he could “pressure” Columbia’s president and trustees to allow police on campus. Others offered to pay for a team of “private investigators” to assist the NYPD in their assault, which Adams had later accepted.
  • The protests at Columbia would eventually lead to the brutal crackdown and mass arrest of over 100 American citizens for their criticisms of Israel. The paramilitary operation to crush the sit-in by force saw the use of siege towers, shields, batons, and other weapons. One officer even discharged his weapon on campus.

Zooming out: According to the report, many of those present inside the leaked chats maintained personal relationships with Israeli political figures, and those close with the Israeli Defense Forces.

  • Months prior to the crackdown at Columbia, members of the chat reportedly attended private briefings with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Benny Gantz, and Michael Herzog, Israeli ambassador to the US.
  • Members of the group were said to have attended a private screening of the Israeli propaganda film Bearing Witness in New York City. Bill Ackman was named as having “helped facilitate” additional screenings at places like Harvard University, where it was widely promoted.

Why it matters: In response to the report by The Washington Post, NYC Deputy Mayor of Communications Fabien Levy—who is Jewish—claimed, “The insinuation that Jewish donors secretly plotted to influence government operations is an all too familiar antisemitic trope.”

  • Accusations of ‘antisemitism’ are often used to stifle criticism of Jewish groups or individuals. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Working Definition of Antisemitism—which has been adopted by numerous political bodies— includes “accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group” as a form of ‘antisemitism.’

In the headlines: The leaked chatroom is just the latest bombshell revelation tying powerful members of America’s Jewish community to clandestine acts of political repression in a post-October 7th world.

  • In April, a leaked meeting with Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt unveiled a comprehensive plan to wage political and financial “lawfare” against American universities that fail to reign in pro-Palestine protests on Campus.
  • During a site visit to NY’s Columbia University, Greenblatt would join his fellow Jews in calling for Mayor Eric Adams to send in the NYPD or the National Guard to silence American citizens through force.
  • In May, it was revealed that a bloody attack during a protest at California’s UCLA was carried out by an active member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Despite committing what some have called attempted murder, no arrests have been made, shining a light on an apparent two-tiered criminal justice system for Zionist agents in America and those who oppose them.

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