Half of UCLA medical students fail ‘competence’ tests due to diversity quota

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A prestigious medical school at UCLA now says that up to half of their students fail basic tests for medical competence, thanks to affirmative action and diversity quotas which elevate minorities above all else.

  • The David Geffen School of Medicine is known for its low acceptance rate and tough educational standards, but a group of UCLA officials and professors now believe it’s a “failed medical school” thanks to its diversity-driven policies.
  • The push to elevate Black Americans and other non-Whites into the medical field allegedly stems from Dean of Admissions Jennifer Lucero, who selects students so each class “represents the diversity” of California.
  • To shut down critics and skirt anti-affirmative action laws, Lucero is said to hide behind coded language and select students based on their zip codes and socioeconomic status to ensure a less White and, ultimately, less competent student base.
As the racial demographics of UCLA have changed, the number of students failing their shelf exams has increased. Graph: Free Beacon / UCLA

By the numbers: Officials who spoke to the Free Beacon claimed that the school’s educational stats have markedly decreased since Lucero became Dean of Admissions in June 2020.

  • UCLA dropped from 6th to 18th place in U.S. News & World Report‘s rankings for medical research, with more than 50% of students failing standardized tests on subjects like emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics.
  • Medical students were found to have a much higher rate of failure for “shelf exams,” taken at the end of each clinical rotation. Internal data revealed that at UCLA, medical students were failing these exams up to ten times higher than the national average.
  • Black and Hispanic students were said to receive a pass for “subpar metrics,” while White and Asian applicants need “near-perfect” scores to even be considered.
  • According to reports, some students were so incompetent that they could not identify major arteries in the operating room when asked. When challenged, six anonymous coworkers of Lucero claim she would lash out, subjecting them to racial tirades and forcing them to undergo additional diversity training.
Dr. Jennifer Lucero, dead of admissions for UCLA’s medical program and the vice chair for equity, diversity, and inclusion of UCLA’s anesthesiology department. Photo: JMEDUCLA Instagram

The conversation: Officials who spoke to journalists sounded the alarm over these anti-White acceptance practices, who claim that the GPA of some of those accepted are so low that they, “Shouldn’t even be trying.”

  • “We are not consistent in the way we apply the metrics to these applicants. This is troubling. I wondered…if this applicant had been (a) white male, or (an) Asian female for that matter, (whether) we would have had that much discussion,” said an election official about Lucero.
  • “We want racial diversity so badly, we’re willing to cut corners to get it,” said one admissions official. “(UCLA) is a failed medical school.”
  • “I have students on their rotation who don’t know anything…People get in, and they struggle,” commented another admissions official.
  • “UCLA still produces some very good graduates. But a third to a half of the medical school is incredibly unqualified,” said one UCLA professor.

Why it’s important: Anti-White selection practices have only continued after the Supreme Court banned affirmative action policies in 2023. This has caused many admissions officials and other school tribunals to use insidious new ways to select Black and Brown students without ever mentioning race.

  • Race-based admissions to schools in California have been outlawed as far back as 1996.
  • Despite this, reports allege that Lucero has continued the practice in open secret, which is only made worse by a curriculum that includes “Structural Racism and Health Equity” classes and other courses involving “fatphobia” and interpersonal communications.

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