Muslim stabs cop and counter-jihad activist in latest European terror attack

Michael Stürzenberger at an anti-Islam protest in Germany. Photo:

A Muslim knife-attacker in the German city of Mannheim was shot by police after stabbing outspoken counter-jihad activist Michael Stürzenberger at an outdoor event.

  • The horrific scene was captured on video, which quickly circulated across social media. It depicts a desperate police struggle to subdue what appears to be a Muslim attacker before shooting him.
  • Stürzenberger is a right-wing blogger and commentator known for his critiques of Islam and the effects of mass immigration into Europe.
  • In addition to Stürzenberger, a police officer was also stabbed, according to Germany’s Bild Newspaper.
Video of the knife-attack that is now going viral on social media. Video: X/Twitter

The victim: Stürzenberger has a history of controversial opinions, which sometimes upset Muslims currently “seeking asylum” in countries across Europe.

  • From 2013 to 2016, he was the leader of the now-defunct right-wing populist German Freedom Party (GFP) and participated in anti-Islam public speaking events and protests. The GFP was dissolved after Alternative for Germany (AfD) adopted many of its political goals.
  • He has rallied against the presence of Islam in Germany, and once opposed controversial Imam Benjamin Idriz and his plans to construct an Islamic center in Munich.
  • Despite collecting over 60,000 signatures from ethnic Germans in favor of scrapping the Islamic center project in 2014, the German government denied the request.
Screenshot from a livestream which show’s the non-White knife attacker as he lunges towards a victim. Photo: Augen Auf! Livestream.

Why it’s important: Dissent against mass immigration into Europe has become increasingly popular in recent years, as White, Europeans fear racial replacement in their own native homelands.

  • Earlier in the month, young Germans made headlines for popularizing the phrase “Ausländer Raus,” or “Foreigners out.” A viral video shot inside a German nightclub sparked a police probe after it led to “outrage” from the country’s liberal establishment.
  • 78% of Germans are now said to feel that integration of “recent arrivals” into the labor market and broader society is not going well, and 59% of Germans are concerned about the negative consequences of immigration.

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