‘Antifa terrorist’ accused of Budapest hammer attacks elected to EU Parliament

40-year-old Ilaria Salis was handcuffed during a court hearing for attempted murder. The antifascist school teacher was elected to EU Parliament, securing criminal immunity, after it was alleged she brutalized Nationalist “Day of Honor” eventgoers with hammers in Budapest. Photo: Remix.

Ilaria Salis, the Italian “Antifa terrorist’ accused of attempted murder for a bloody hammer attack on Hungarian nationalists in 2023, has now been elected to the European Parliament. As a result, she is now set to be released from Prison following her electoral win earlier this week.

  • Salis was elected a member of the Green and Left Alliance party and will now be released due to MEP immunity.
  • The 40-year-old school teacher made headlines after it was alleged she took part in a bloody attack alongside a gang of violent anti-White extremists. Their victims were perceived as right-wing Nationalists attending Hungary’s annual Day of Honor rally.
  • Salis had been jailed for 15 months for attempted murder after Hungarian authorities asserted she targeted seven people and beat them with hammers, rods, and other blunt-force objects that left victims seriously injured. Had she been convicted, Salis would have faced 20 years in prison.
  • Salis’ Antifa cell was said to have been inspired by Lina Engel, a so-called “expert” on “far-right extremism” who was convicted for orchestrating numerous highly sophisticated attacks, including the bombing of a pub suspected to have once served “right-wing” patrons.
Video of the 2023 Budapest hammer attack in which Ilaria Salis was alleged to be a participant. Video: Justice Report.

Further context: Salis’ pre-trial detention sparked protests among fellow extremists demanding her release due to a perception that prison under a right-wing Victor Orban would be oppressive for a member of the Antifa movement.

  • Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, once told the Italian parliament that Salis faced “degrading and humiliating” treatment from the Hungarians after she was filmed handcuffed during a court hearing.
  • “Their aim was to assault selected victims by various means capable of taking their lives, in order to inflict on them the humiliation of serious, life-threatening injuries,” said the Hungarian court.
  • In May, however, Hungarian courts eventually granted Salis’s demand to be moved to house arrest, but only upon payment of 40,000 euros ($43,000) bail.
Violent attacks alleged to have been carried out in 2023 by the antifascist “Hammer Gang” in Budapest, Hungary, resulted in life-threatening injuries for multiple pro-White advocates. Suspects tied to the attacks have been on the run for months, afraid of jail under Victor Orbán’s “right-wing populist” regime. Collage: BildAntfawatch.

Why it’s important: Salis’s ascension to EU politics comes amid increased progress for Nationalism across the Western world. Her membership in the anti-White extremism movement, commonly referred to as “Antifa,” could result in disastrous policymaking decisions and friction with the populist right.

  • This week’s EU elections saw the rise of several so-called “far-right” and Nationalist parties, namely France’s National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, and Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

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