Jewish group demands ‘terror’ probe into nonprofit with links to journalist killed in IDF prisoner rescue operation

Palestinian journalist Abdallah Aljamal. Photo: Palestine Chronicle

Abdallah Aljamal, a contributor to The Palestine Chronicle, was killed in his Central Gaza home during an Israeli military raid to rescue prisoners. Following his death, Abdallah has been accused of housing three of the Israeli prisoners rescued.

The National Jewish Advocacy Center (NJAC) is now demanding the federal government investigate the online magazine for allegedly “providing material support to terrorists” due to their ties to Abdallah, per a letter provided to The Post Millennial.

  • “While holding these three civilians hostage in his home, Mr. Aljamal continued to pen propaganda pieces for The Palestine Chronicle on the topic of the Gaza War that were regularly published on the US-based website, including coverage of the ongoing IDF operation in Nuseirat.”
  • The letter claims that The Palestine Chronicle “appears to be sponsored by (or has some other financial arrangement with) People Media Project, a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Washington.”
  • The letter noted that People Media Project received nonprofit status in 2012 “and has exclusively filed Form 990-N returns (‘postcard returns’) since its inception, meaning that the organization’s operations remain largely opaque to the public.”
  • Claims that if The Palestine Chronicle paid Abdallah in exchange for his work despite his alleged ties to Hamas, “The Palestine Chronicle, People Media Project, and Mr. Baroud unequivocally would be in violation of US counter-terrorism financing laws.”

Following his death, Israeli media has accused Abdallah of housing three of the Israeli prisoners, 21-year-old Almog Meir Jan, 27-year-old Andri Kozlov, and 41-year-old Shlomi Ziv. However, according to Gazan writer and analyst Muhammad Shehada on X/Twitter, Abdallah lived in a multi-story apartment building, and no connection has been provided by the IDF linking him and the prisoners.

  • “The building where Abdallah lived was one of 7 homes reportedly raided by the IDF on June 8. Hostages were held in only 2 of these buildings, not yet clear which. The other homes belong to the families Matar, Salihia, Ayish, Jodeh, al-Habash”.
  • Abdallah, his wife & dad were all shot dead by the IDF in front of their children who were wounded or escaped before the building was bombed. The family insists they saw no militants or hostages, only IDF soldiers.
  • In another post, Muhammad noted that “The IDF now claims it was NOT Noa Argamani in the building where Abdallah lived but the 3 male hostages. This raises the likelihood that he didn’t know, b/c he lived on the 1st floor & the hostages were kept on the 3rd in an apartment building. Calling him a “Hamas operative” without evidence is just Israel exploiting this to defame al-Jazeera which he wrote for a few times as a freelancer.”

Zooming Out: Israel, with US support, launched a controversial operation on June 8th to rescue Israeli prisoners being housed in the Nuseirat refugee camp. Over 274 Palestinians were killed in the operation, which rescued only four Israeli prisoners who were captured by Hamas on October 7th.

  • A total of 64 children and 57 women were killed in the latest raid, and 153 children and 161 women were among the nearly 700 wounded.
  • Since October 7th, Israel has killed over 36,700 Palestinians—many women and children—as a result of indiscriminate military strikes into largely civilian areas. Additionally, millions have been displaced, as entire urban centers of the Gaza Strip have been reduced to rubble.

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