“DeWine must resign!” the National Justice Party protests ‘criminal’ train derailment response in multiple cities

Columbus, Ohio – Pro-White activists from The National Justice Party (NJP) demonstrated this Saturday in multiple cities, including the Ohio Governor’s Mansion, as well as the corporate headquarters of Norfolk Southern Railroad in Atlanta, Georgia.

Accompanied by central committee members Michael McKevitt, Tony Hovater, Alan and Warren Balogh, the protestors expressed outrage over the botched response to the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine and demanded the resignation of Ohio governor, Mike DeWine.

The derailment, which occurred three weeks ago, saw the predominantly White town of East Palestine and the surrounding region polluted by toxic chemicals, including cancer-causing vinyl chloride. Bexley, where Mike DeWine’s Governor’s mansion is located, rests in a wealthy suburb of the state’s capital of Columbus.

The crash and subsequent burn-off of toxic chemicals were largely believed to have been caused by the now-discredited railroad, Norfolk Southern. The derailment and lack of formal relief for those affected have angered many in the community, leaving mainstream politicians to point fingers without offering tangible solutions. With that in mind, the pro-White advocates of the NJP made their voices heard.

Witnesses reported over 20 protestors picketing in front of Ohio’s Governors mansion. NJP central committee member Warren Balogh delivered a fiery speech to the gathered crowd calling for the resignation of Mike DeWine, and for Norfolk Southern and their big investors to be held accountable for the calamity facing the mostly White region.

The protestors were critical of Governors Mike DeWine, Josh Shapiro, and DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg for their slow response. Gov. DeWine has allegedly taken thousands in campaign contributions from Norfolk Southern, including $10,000 for his inauguration event last month. Furthermore, DeWine has been the target of 39 lobbying campaigns by Norfolk Southern, many of them involving the deregulation of railroad safety standards.

Informational flyer issued by NJP activists which details DeWine’s alleged corruption as Governor of Ohio.

“We have one clear simple message here.  Three weeks since the disaster, Gov. Mike DeWine still hasn’t declared a state of emergency,” said Warren Balogh. “He is the only one who can do that. He has been criminally negligent in his duties of governor.”

“We are here to demand justice for the people of East Palestine. We are here to demand Mike DeWine resign,” declared Warren. Resounding chants of “DeWine must resign!” followed.

“People in power like Mike DeWine are sitting in comfy mansions with clean drinking water, while East Palestine gets bleached air, dead fish, and ignored,” said Michael McKevitt, who lives in a close approximation to the site of the crash. “Mike DeWine is a traitor. Mike DeWine is a criminal. He must resign!”

Central Committee Member, Warren Balogh, delivered a speech in front of Mike DeWine’s personal mansion. Photo: NJP/TRS Livestream

The topic of the Ukraine war was also mentioned several times. Michael McKevitt said: “We have sent $113 billion on Ukraine. I think we should spend $113 billion on East Palestine!” Several commenters noticed that the Governor’s Mansion had a Ukraine flag proudly flying where an Ohio flag once flew. “They are the taxpayers footing the bill for this phony war in Ukraine,” Balogh added. “We don’t want a war with Russia, or China! We want justice [in our own country.]”

After demonstrating for roughly 90 minutes at the Governor’s Mansion in Bexley, the protest then relocated to Mike DeWine’s personal residence—another mansion—at the historic Whitelaw Reid House in rural Cedarville, Ohio.

If the war in Ukraine is so important, why don’t you go fight over there, DeWine? You oughta have a Ukrainian flag and a Norfolk Southern flag. Or better yet, an Israeli flag!

Warren Balogh, National Justice Party

Warren Balogh then continued, showcasing government hypocrisy when, in August of 2020, Gov. DeWine once declared “racism” as a “public health emergency.” He also called for Ohio state leaders to address various “disparities,” including those related to environmental issues. But, when it comes to an actual disaster occurring in Ohio, Balogh was quick to point out that DeWine is hesitant to declare an emergency which would greenlight federal aid for those still suffering.

Michael McKevitt highlighted the glaring double standards at play in the state of Ohio, comparing the government responses to the water crisis of the overwhelmingly Black Flint, Michigan, to the equally disastrous events of the overwhelmingly White, East Palestine. The federal government has since poured millions of dollars of aid into restoring Flint’s water resources, whereas East Palestine and the surrounding area have yet to receive any significant aid whatsoever.

The Justice Report spoke with NJP activist and speaker, Carson Kilgrey, who was present at the protest in Ohio. Kilgrey once helped organize successful NJP protests in the past, notably against a drag performance in Cookeville, Tennessee. The protest ultimately led to the venue, Hix Farm Brewery, getting evicted due to political pressure from concerned citizens.

“There were about two dozen of us. We managed to get several people that drove by showing support and giving thumbs-ups and honking their horns,” asserted Kilgrey. “As far as the energy, all of us protesting were really riled up. They were giving it all of their energy and spirit. We are really excited.”

Mike DeWine is a traitor. Mike DeWine is a criminal. He must resign!

Michael mckevitt, National Justice Party

While protestors marched in Ohio, a second protest by regional NJP activists was formed against Norfolk Southern in Atlanta, Outside the company’s high-tech headquarters. The group called for the railroad to be nationalized and their executives held accountable for their hand in the catastrophic train derailment. Dressed in hazmat suits, the group spoke on a megaphone and picketed for some time, drawing more than a dozen active participants.

Hazmat suit-wearing protestors in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Justice Report.

Activists and central committee members of the National Justice Party have marched, picketed, and demonstrated in public over sensitive anti-White issues several times since its initial founding. Earlier in the month, NJP founding central committee members Joseph Jordan and Michael McKevitt—representing over a dozen affected locals—attended a town hall in East Palestine. Jordan confronted local Rep. Bill Johnson on why there was no serious federal response. The very next day, Johnson reversed course, calling on the federal government to step in.

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