National Justice Party protests in Nashville to demand mass shooter’s unredacted manifesto and a “trans-free Tennessee”

Nashville, Tennessee – On Saturday, local supporters and members of the National Justice Party volunteer corps conducted a flash protest through the city of Nashville to denounce the horrific acts of transgender spree-killer Audrey “Aiden” Hale. Delivering speeches and holding signs, the pro-White, anti-trans protestors demanded that local authorities and the FBI “release the manifesto” while also calling for a “trans-free Tennessee.”

According to local correspondents, the protest comprised over a dozen activists holding signs and marching with banners of the National Justice Party. While initial reports claimed that several radical leftists heckled the march, the NJP was widely accepted by the citizens of Nashville, with many offering their support by means of cheering or honking the horns of passing vehicles. No significant issues or confrontations arose, and the protest continued without disruption.

National Justice Party protestors march in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo: Justice Report

“It was a terrific demonstration today, our activists were disciplined as ever, and we got our message out with a genuinely massive amount of public support,” said Carson Kilgray, veteran street activist for the Tennessee branch of the NJP and fiery public speaker. “We gave out more literature than usual, and many locals were visibly excited to see common folk like us collectivizing to speak the truth so many of them are afraid to.”

Signs adorned with messages such as “six died for trans pride,” and “mental illness is not an identity” were held high and proud as the activists dominated physical space in the Tennessee state capital. But according to Kilgrey, the group’s politically charged yet honest messages were bound to draw attention from friends and foes alike.

“There was some opposition, as we expected, but most detractors chose to stare and jeer from afar rather than engage with us,” he continued. “They didn’t slow us down. We marched through East Park, where the pro-LGBT “March for Our Lives” event was organized to be held. Eventually, they wisened up and canceled it on Thursday. Nonetheless, we didn’t mobilize simply looking to agitate people, we were there to make our demands on behalf of the common folk of Tennessee.”

NJP at the steps of the Tennessee House of Representatives. Photo: Justice Report

“We will remember the innocents lost at The Covenant School and how our system reacted with such naked disregard for truth and virtue,” said Kilgrey. “I meet more activists every week and know well that plenty of people see what we see and decide to take action. This is only the beginning.”

In a charged speech delivered on the steps of the Tennessee House of Representatives, Kilgrey made a series of demands while offering little concession to pro-trans ideologues, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and those who he called “bought-and-paid-for politicians.”

“We demand the complete and unredacted release of Audrey Hale’s Manifesto to the public, with no tampering or other political manipulation by the authorities! The FBI has a track record of naked political partisanship. I expect the ‘good’ people of the bureau would like nothing more than to bury or obfuscate the ideological motives of Audrey Hale’s attack on The Covenant.”

NJP at the steps of the Tennessee House of Representatives. Photo: Justice Report

“We also call for a complete ban of sexual reassignment and gender-affirming care for all ages. The irreversible trauma we allow the profit-obsessed medical establishment to inflict on the mentally ill and vulnerable among us does not become morally acceptable when the individual turns 18. Do you remember the decisions you made at 18? It remains unacceptable.”

“We will remember the innocents lost at The Covenant School, and how our system reacted with such naked disregard for truth and virtue”

National Justice Party Organizer, Carson Kilgrey

The NJP contingent under Kilgrey also called for the Trump-appointed judge, Thomas Parker, to step down from office. The pressure comes on the heels of Parker’s recent decision to stall a Tennessee bill that would effectively ban public drag show performances—performances that often target minors with obscenity and draw ire from average working-class people.

“The celebration of these pornographic performances of cross-dressing mentally ill men and the wave of family-wrecking gender dysphoria plaguing our young and vulnerable have the same insidious origins,” Kilgrey continued. “We are done waiting for representation by the bought-and-paid-for politicians of this two-party TV show. National Justice Now!”

The protest, while successful, did not go completely unnoticed by anti-White detractors watching from the sidelines. On Twitter, user @emilyjoypoetry commented on the show of force, appearing timid as she watched the NJP march to the Tennessee House of Representatives. “I don’t know if anyone gets how dark it is in Nashville right now,” she tweeted. “I was just at the grocery store and passed an anti-trans protest, a bunch of masked men dressed in black and holding signs with disgusting transphobic messages on them. Happy Saturday.”

“Brave men. I’m glad someone’s out there saying what normal people think,” read one reply.

“Great work protesting the murder of six White Christians by a deranged transgender murderer in Nashville,” read a statement by National Justice Party’s official Telegram channel. “The State and Federal government will support the gay and transgender agenda even if it means the death of innocent children. We will stand with all who have had enough.”

“We are done waiting for representation by the bought-and-paid-for politicians of this two-party TV show. National Justice Now!”

National Justice Party Organizer, Carson Kilgrey

The National Justice Party’s protest in Nashville stemmed from a March 24th mass shooting at the Covenant School, a primarily White, private Christian school. The murderer, a female-to-male transgender “terrorist” named Audrey “Aiden” Hale, unleashed a storm of bullets, killing six, including three nine-year-old children and three elderly school employees. Nashville Police have indicated that Hale wrote a manifesto and had a series of drawings and maps that planned the attack, leading them to believe it was targeted.

NJP in Nashville. Photo: Justice Report

Despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting the attack was motivated by Hale’s pro-trans ideology and anti-Christian bias, authorities have so far hesitated to release the manifesto to the public. Since the attack unfurled, pro-Trans and anti-second amendment protests have erupted across the country as radical leftists try to divert or hide the true cause of the shooting and run cover for transgender terrorism. It was reported that the mainstream media company, CBS, now refuses to label Hale as “transgender” for fear of negatively impacting the sexual identity and those who ascribe to it.

The pro-White advocacy group, the National Justice Party, has conducted several politically-charged rallies and street protests since its formation several years ago. In January, a group of NJP volunteers—also under Kilgrey—protested an all-ages drag show in Cookeville, Tennessee, east of Nashville. The protest was so effective it forced the venue to shut its doors to children, and ultimately, the restaurant went out of business weeks later. In February, activists, alongside members of the NJP’s Central Committee, marched to demand the resignation of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine after a series of political fumbles in the wake of the now-infamous East Palestine train derailment.

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