Justice Report Weekend Review #2

Justice Report Weekend Review
Justice Report Weekend Review
Justice Report Weekend Review #2
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Welcome back to The Justice Report Weekend Review! Today’s episode covers news and events from May 12th to 18th, 2024. This podcast is intended to be a longer-form, easy-listening show in the vein of NPR, made available to both paid and free subscribers.

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📰 Black man arrested for the violent rape of a White mother

📰 Black Marine arrested for planning anti-White race massacre

📰 IDF member and Israeli CEO linked to bloody attack at UCLA

📰 Black career criminal arrested for killing White man over $50 fee

Latest News Briefs

📁 Working-class father shot and killed in broad daylight

📁 Florida Rep Randy Fine attacks Imam for anti-Zionist sermon

📁 Israel announces low-ball estimate of Palestinian casualties for the first time

📁 Diversity hire police chief quits after officials find 260,000 unworked cases

📁 Retired Brigadier General arrested for child sex crimes

📁 Liberal German politician sacked for licking urinals in public bathroom

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