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Black Man Kills White Woman, Paints Face With Blood In Horrific Vehicle Attack

Decatur, Alabama – A Black man was arrested for an apparent car attack that resulted in the gruesome death of an elderly White woman at an area Walmart shopping store. While horrific acts of Black-on-White terror are becoming commonplace across the country—and at alarming rates—this particular murder goes beyond the pale.

Preston Lamar Nelson, courtesy of Facebook

Preston Lamar Nelson, 38, of Huntsville, allegedly waited in his car until his victim, Sherry Sain, walked directly behind him. Once she was in position, Nelson appeared to accelerate his Mercury Grand Marquis, pinning Sain and continuing to drive until his vehicle slammed into another car, brutally pulverizing the innocent woman.

According to Amy Brown, an eyewitness to this horrific ordeal, Nelson attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle but stopped after the car experienced multiple stalls. What came next, was something that Brown said she would never forget.

“He comes and kneels down beside her and takes his hands, rubs her blood and then just — all over his face — it was very malicious. It was. It seemed like it was done intentionally,” said Brown.

Amy Brown, eyewitness

Not long after Nelson had his fill of human blood, law enforcement arrived on the scene and quickly apprehended him. Initial investigations have confirmed that there was no known connection between Sain and Nelson prior to the murder. He is currently being held in the Morgan County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Courtesy of Facebook

The victim, Sherry Sain, was pronounced dead on the scene by Decatur Fire and Rescue. The mother leaves behind a plethora of family, friends, and a huge community that grieves her tragic murder. A GoFundMe has been set up by friends of Sherry to cover her funeral costs.

But who was Preston Lamar Nelson a.k.a “Mr. Wonderful?” A cursory search of his Facebook account, comments sections, and accounts belonging to those who claim to know him reveal nothing more than a mentally ill Black with a prolific history of apparent disorderly episodes.

Collage of comments compiled via Facebook

According to a supposed family friend of Nelson, Renae Miller, the anti-White menace regularly bouts with “hypomania bipolar disorder.” The mental illness requires regular medication to prevent spells of impulsive behavior, which can include grandiosity, hyper-sexuality, and in this case, violence.

Symptoms include…

Unusually high levels of energy

Decreased need for sleep

Increased creativity, lots of ideas and racing thoughts

Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity

Increased talkativeness

Marked distractibility

Impulsive behavior, such as excessive spending, hypersexuality

What Is Bipolar Hypomania? –

Nelson’s own Facebook page proudly declares himself as a “fitness professional who transform [sic] the mind, body, and soul!” Along with a collection of fitness-themed photos of himself, the account also claims he once studied “Sport Management at Alabama A&M University.” The Justice Report could not verify the claim.

Ominous comments courtesy of one of Nelson’s many Facebook accounts.

But questions remain when it comes to the history of Preston Lamar Nelson. How is it that the system completely ignored a deranged lunatic who was allegedly prone to violence and known for psychotic episodes? Why did Law Enforcement wait until the last possible moment to put this person behind bars? The streets of Decatur may have one less criminal stalking its streets looking for blood (literally), but it took the senseless death of an innocent, elderly White woman to make it possible.

Sherry Sain and family, courtesy of Facebook

The alleged car attack employed by Preston Lamar Nelson is but one in a long list of similar acts of anti-White vehicular homicide. In 2021, BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks used a car to ram into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing 6 and injuring 62 others. In 2022, Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes went on an apparent vehicular rampage as he rammed into a fundraiser event in Pennsylvania, killing 1 and injuring 17.

Please forward any information regarding the murder of Sherry Sain, or any other story of anti-White hate to [email protected]

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