Black Gang Targets Special Needs White Kid Outside of Memphis High School, Media Silent

Memphis, TN – It was an ordinary Monday afternoon when Martin Geissler was walking home after a long day at Kingsbury High School. Then, all of a sudden, his world was turned upside down.

In a matter of moments, Geissler, a White special needs student, was allegedly descended upon by a gang of Black attackers as they ambushed him not far from school property. Using kicks and blows with closed fists, the student was pummelled and stomped when he fell to the ground. While Geissler is lucky to have survived the incident—which apparently occurred somewhere between the school and an area youth ministry—Martin claims he no longer feels safe returning to class.

“I was scared. I was confused. I didn’t know what to do,” Martin Geissler told the Memphis television station. “They kicked my head. They stomped my head in and they was just kicking my body.”

Martin Geissler, Student

Up to five attackers could be seen brutalizing an outnumbered Geissler on cell phone video footage obtained by a local Fox News affiliate. The video itself, however, has been heavily doctored. Blurred to the point of obscurity, it leaves viewers with the unfortunate task of filling in the oh-so-obvious blanks that the attackers were Black, Martin was White, and if the races were reversed, then the incident would be on every front page across the country.

Screenshot of the Fox News video, which was heavily censored to obscure the racial makeup of attackers.

Brenda Pope, Martin’s mother, visited the school to demand answers for the uncontrolled savagery that lingers around her son’s high school. She claims that she was told by Kingsbury officials that there was little they could do since the beating took place off of school property. Pope has since filed a police report, but to this day, no arrests have been made, leaving fears that justice will slip through the cracks once again.

“They (MSCS) really wasn’t doing nothing, and then y’all went up there, and then they started calling me and wanting me to come up there and write a statement. I guess they’re trying to cover themselves. I’m not for sure.”

Brenda Pope, mother of victim

Martin’s unfortunate story, however, isn’t a well-known one. In fact, it’s barely being covered at all. A quick google search for Martin’s name, or the video of the fight, will result in almost no results, save for the original story by Fox 13 and a scarce handful of minor articles and social media posts. In their reporting, Fox 13 never mentions the race of the attackers and buries the fact that Martin is a special needs student underneath tons of irrelevant details.

Kingsbury High School Principal talks about school diversity

This added insult to injury only highlights the clear and unspoken double standard regarding media reporting of racially inconvenient incidents. In what can only be described as an apparent anti-White hate crime, the beating of Martin Geissler is yet another case of Black-on-white violence that runs rampant across the nation. Left unchecked by virtually all American institutions, these incidents appear to continue unabated.

Luckily, average citizens do still have the wherewithal to call out the blatant hypocrisy from the media when it arises. According to the news talk radio station, KWAM comments left on Fox News’ website showcase a clear demand for justice. “Only Black people can be victims, and only White people can be racist. The double standard is appalling,” said one anonymous commenter. “This should be labeled a hate crime. It won’t be since the victim is White. If the races were switched, then you can bet it would be.”

“Only Black people can be victims, and only White people can be racist. The double standard is appalling,”

Anonymous Caller, KWAM

In an era where “anti-bullying” is considered to be one of the highest schoolhouse values, the media, academics, and those serving in law enforcement seem to be completely silent when the bullies happen to be Black, and the victims happen to be White.

Martin Geissler, the victim of a hate crime and target of black violence

According to the United States Census Bureau in 2019, Memphis, Tennessee, currently maintains a supermajority Black population at a whopping 64.1%. Kingsbury High School was once the site of a student protest in 2017, which saw up to 200 students walk out of class to participate in “A Day Without Immigrants,” a national protest organized in response to ex-President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration.

Martin Geissler is joined by a slew of others recently beaten for their race. In June of this year, seventeen-year-old Ethan Liming was brutalized to death at a playground in Akron, Ohio, by three Black adults in an apparent racially-motivated killing. His alleged attackers were issued bail and now walk free. His death has rekindled pro-White sentiment in the state of Ohio and has attracted the attention of the White advocacy activism group, the National Justice Party, who are demanding hate crimes charges for the accused.

Please forward any tips or leads regarding the beating of Martin Geissler or any other story of anti-White hate to [email protected]

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