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Black Man Only Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter In Brutal Shooting Of White 17 Year Old Girl

The American legal system once again displayed it’s anti-White bias yesterday when a Bulloch County jury found Marc Wilson only guilty of ‘involuntary manslaughter’ in the 2020 shooting of Haley Hutcheson. He was found not guilty on all other charges including felony murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.

Haley Hutcheson, a 17 year old White girl, was one of the many White victims of Black violence in the summer of 2020 after being hit in the back of the head by a bullet fired at her friend’s pickup truck while traveling to Veterans Memorial Parkway in Statesboro Georgia.

Hayley Hutcheson (Family)

The moment Marc Wilson, a Black man, was identified as the perpetrator of the shooting the anti-White system went into overdrive to help him get off. Going as far as rescheduling the trial and changing the judge presiding over the case because of the ‘appearance’ of ‘bias and prejudice’.

Wilson’s legal team even attempted to use Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law in court to defend Wilson’s actions. Amplifying his claims that Haley and her friends were trying to “run him off the road” and yelled “racial slurs at him,” Wilson was therefore justified in shooting “warning shots” at the truck as he felt threatened.

However, this is something Wilson’s own White girlfriend, who was riding with him at the time of the shooting, would later deny in testimony. Where she said she never heard any racial comments directed toward them or coming from the truck the night her boyfriend killed Haley Hutcheson.

Flanked by attorneys Francys Johnson, left, and Mawuli Davis, William Marcus “Marc” Wilson reacts as a guilty verdict for involuntary manslaughter is read on Wednesday, August 31, concluding his trial related to the death of Haley Hutcheson on June 14, 2020. Wilson was found not guilty on nine other charges. – photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

Despite the already extremely lenient conviction of involuntary manslaughter which has a sentencing range of one to ten years, the defense team is not satisfied. His attorneys intend to appeal the conviction because an even more lenient misdemeanor version of ‘involuntary manslaughter’ was excluded from the list of lesser included offenses.

Please forward any tips or leads regarding the killing of Haley Hutcheson, or any other story of anti-White hate to [email protected]

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