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Black Career Criminal Allegedly Drugs, Rapes, and Murders White Girl Kidnapped in Parking Garage

Bloomington, IN – A twenty-year-old White sorority student at the University of Indiana was allegedly drugged, kidnapped, raped, and murdered by a 33-year-old Black man with an extensive criminal history.

Avery McMillan, 20, was found unresponsive by law enforcement on the morning of August 17th in the bedroom of 33-year-old Eric Montgomery, a Black man who lives at the home with his parents. Despite clear evidence and a lengthy criminal history confirmed by the Monroe County Sheriff’s department, Montgomery was only charged with the lesser crimes of rape and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

20-year-old Avery McMillian the latest casualty of black violence.

Avery had returned home from a house party in the early morning and was seen attempting to enter her apartment block, but was missing her key fob. Out of desperation, she kicked and punched at the door to try to gain entry but failed. That’s when video surveillance footage captured Montgomery’s car, a beige Ford Crown Victoria, entering the parking garage. After nine full minutes, the car departed, and McMillan was nowhere to be found.

The Bloomington apartment that Avery could not gain access to.

According to court documents, Montgomery admitted that he took advantage of Avery and had sex with her while he was in the parking garage and once again at his parent’s house. During this time, the predator then allegedly plied the already intoxicated young girl with hard drugs and even more alcohol.

When Avery was ultimately discovered at the scene, police administered three canisters of the opiate reversal drug, Narcan, but it was already too late.

The home of the parents of Eric Montgomery, where young Avery was found dead.

In an independent finding by local news affiliate WTHR News13, Montgomery had an extensive criminal history under his belt. Alongside numerous drug and traffic offenses, Montgomery was frequently involved in violent crimes, which included burglary, domestic battery, intimidation, and even fraud.

His violent history and frequent criminal escapades forced law enforcement to activate their Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) when they carried out their warrant for his arrest. Montgomery was taken into custody during a traffic stop without further incident.

Indiana law enforcement agencies are no strangers to the Black crime epidemic that plagues the state. In February, Indianapolis Metro Police stated their willingness to “crackdown” on gun crime in the area by creating an elite “Violent Crime Task Force.” But despite Montgomery’s criminal history, his own admission of guilt, and overwhelming evidence, why did officials refuse to charge him with the murder of Avery McMillan?

The parking garage where Avery was raped and abducted by black predator, Eric Montgomery.

While it might make long, blustery nods to “law-and-order” in an attempt to appease concerned citizens, the virulently anti-White system is completely fine with assisting black criminals in skirting justice in the courtroom. Their seemingly implicit approval of further violence against Whites only ensures that these horrific acts of violence continue, spurred on by a hostile media machine, collaborating law enforcement officials, and increasingly reviled institutions once erected to protect everyday people from harm.

Sorrowful Instagram memorial posted by Avery’s sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.

Avery was a former cheerleader and an enthusiastic sorority sister to those that knew her. Originally from Valparaiso, she leaves behind a loving mother and father. A GoFundMe was set up to cover funeral expenses.

‘Avery was so funny and always the first to give a big hug. She remembered the details of your life and would ask how things were going,’ sorority sister Megan Dunbar remembered. 

White women are often considered easy targets by black criminals seeking to enact horrific acts of anti-White violence. On February 12th, Christina Spicuzza, a Pittsburgh, PA-based Uber driver, was violently executed in her car by the black, 22-year-old Calvin Crew. In June, 55-year-old Victoria Partridge was brutalized by a gang of black females who robbed her of her belongings and totaled her vehicle in Las Vegas, Nevada, during an Uber ride. The beating was caught on tape.

In a more recent incident, billionaire heiress Eliza Fletcher was found dead after going on a jog in Memphis, Tennessee. Fletcher was kidnapped much like Avery McMillian, as she was allegedly forced into the back of an SUV by savage ex-convict Cleotha Abston, who is Black. Her body was found at an abandoned property near a relative’s home after a four-day manhunt.

Please forward any tips or leads regarding the murder of Avery McMillian or any other incident of anti-White hate to [email protected]

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