White Student Stabbed in Back by Black Student at Fort Worth High School, Administration Denounces Whistleblowers

Fort Worth, Tx – A White student was stabbed in the back with a steak knife by a fellow Black student at a local high school, and the Administration is more upset at the student whistleblowers than the suspect himself. In an exclusive interview, The Justice Report was able to speak with an anonymous source who has ties to the school and the incident.

According to our anonymous source, White freshman Logan Jensen was attacked by a Black student in the hallway of Boswell High School in Saginaw. Multiple students began recording the apparent murder attempt and posted their footage on social media. Using apps such as Snapchat, TikTok, and Nextdoor, the concerned students and parents were able to spread awareness of the crime, leaving school administrators to play damage control.

Students spreading awareness of an apparent attempted murder on the grounds of Boswell High School

In a leaked memo issued to parents and provided to us by our anonymous source, the Boswell High School Administration quickly dismissed the incident and appears to be more upset at the students who blew a whistle on the attempted murder than the attempted murder itself.

“I want to applaud the majority of our students on campus for how they reacted to the situation,” writes Boswell Principal Nika Davis. “However, we also had a few students, who, instead of helping their fellow student, took pictures or video to post on social media. This is not acceptable behavior at Boswell High School or anywhere in EMS IMD.”

Memorandum issued to parents after the alleged attempted murder by a Black student on campus

Our source expressed frustration at Boswell Principal Nika Davis’ response, calling her memo “ridiculous.” It appeared to the concerned citizen that the Boswell administration was passing the buck on parents, expecting them to pull the extra duty of security, and to instruct their kids to intervene during incidents of violent crime on campus.

Principal Nika Davis is reportedly unpopular with many area parents. Due to a supposed track record of instilling many liberal, socially progressive values and policies during her tenure as Principal of Boswell, our source informed us that many fellow parents have labeled her a “communist.”

Nika Davis, Principal with unidentified Black male

“The school is downplaying it big time…. but there’s more to it,” claimed our anonymous source. “For the school to be more upset about—in that letter—leaking to social media than assault with a deadly weapon, blew me the hell away.”

“We will address this with these students, but we also ask that you and your partner with us in speaking with your students and modeling appropriate behaviors.”

Boswell Principal Nika Davis, memo to Parents of Boswell High School

The alleged attacker, who so far has only been identified as “Cris,” was subsequently placed into police custody after the incident. The White victim, Logan Jensen, was hospitalized, and according to those following his recovery, he suffers from an alleged collapsed lung, which may require time in the ICU to fully heal.

According to our anonymous source, the stabbing is rumored to have occurred over a girl, but the incident was most definitely premeditated. “The kid [Cris] said ‘tomorrow I’m gonna stab your ass,” the concerned citizen claimed, “Today, when the kids encountered each other, supposedly things escalated.”

Snapchat taken from student whistleblowers includes the face of the alleged attacker and sentiments that the incident was an attempted murder.

Meanwhile, social media accounts involving non-White Boswell High School students have begun demanding that “Chris” be freed from custody. The hashtag #freechris can be seen in screenshots and Snapchats shared by Boswell students. Some, however, seem to understand the severity of the altercation and have labeled the alleged attack by Cris as attempted murder.

On the neighborhood community app, Nextdoor, concerned parents frantically tried to dig up more information about the little-known attack occurring in their local school. One poster expressed their rage that incidents like this could even happen at all.

This stuff infuriates me. The pos that stabs someone. The worthless kid that says ” bro got stabbed” like it’s a game. These kids that think they are gangsters and would be crying like a baby in jail.

Mary Landor, Nextdoor

It is unknown what charges the freshman Cris is currently facing, but police officials have promised more information is coming later Wednesday. Until then, parents of students at Boswell High School are left looking for justice, and safety, in these times of escalating violence inside their children’s schools.

“It’s homecoming weekend, and the carnival was tonight. They didn’t cancel it! All they did was add “extra security!”

Anonymous source, Justice Report

Black violence that specifically targets White students is not an uncommon phenomenon. In 2019, for instance, a White student at a Davenport, Iowa, High School suffered a brain bleed and required advanced surgery after a Black student attacked him with a chair and multiple savage blows to the head. At a Texas Elementary school, an 8-year-old White boy suffered a traumatic brain injury after being assaulted in a school bathroom by “bullies.”

Boswell High School student diversity score per usnews.com

Modern schools have a long track record of covering up incidents, obfuscating the facts, or failing to report violent crimes that occur on campus, usually to mitigate the effects of bad publicity. On October 6, 2021 a High School in Virginia worked to cover up a series of violent rapes, committed by a 14-year-old suspect, which left one victim hospitalized. In October of the same year, the father of a student in Loudon County was arrested during a school board meeting when he accused the district of covering up a violent transgender rape involving his teenage daughter and a “genderfluid” student in the female-only bathroom.

This story is ongoing and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Please forward any tips or leads regarding the Boswell High School attack or any other incident of violent Black crime in our schools to [email protected]

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