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Black Man Commits Anti-White Sword Attack On White Volunteer, Media Focuses on Victim’s Troubled Past

Albany, NY – A White volunteer at a homeless shelter was brutally attacked with swords by a mentally ill, Black vagrant who allegedly hurled anti-White racial insults during the incident. As a result, the victim now experiences difficulty moving his arms and legs, and the media reporting this violent, anti-White attack has instead decided to focus on the victim’s troubled teenage past.

In a heartbreaking TikTok Video uploaded to the channel “@Jonseekingpeace” Jon W. Romano, 34, details his experiences surviving an apparent anti-White attack by a homeless Black man armed with a sword while working at an Albany area homeless shelter. During the violent encounter, Romano claims that the attacker, Randell D. Mason, 42, had hurled anti-White insults, calling him and other White staff currently on duty “White devils.”

“It was lunchtime, and this one guy he comes in and goes up to the guy serving food and asks ‘hey what’s for lunch?’ And the guy says It’s written on the board. And the guy he gets upset and goes “it’s written in the book for you, White devil. And me and my coworkers we hear this, and we’re like woah, you can’t be talking to people like that, man…He goes and sits down and after like a minute or two he kind of starts to get animated and talking to himself and he starts talking about White devils…”

Jon W. Romano via TiKTok channel ‘Jon4Peace’

According to a court file reviewed by WNYT-TV News 13, Randall Mason began to slash at Jon Romano while dual-wielding a sword and machete, hitting Romano’s arms and legs several times during a prolonged attack at Community Connections, a homeless “drop-in” center on August 29th. The weapons, according to Police, were stashed away in a personal locker Mason maintained on site.

“He starts talking to us kind of aggressive and everything and talking about White devils some more. He calls me a White devil.” Said Jon Romano during the TikTok video. “A moment later, my boss screams, hey, watch out, and the guy comes out of the locker room with two swords in his hands…The guy comes running right at me screaming White devil.”

Alleged anti-White sword attacker, Randall Mason, who called victim Jon Romano and fellow staff “white devils” before attacking with a sword and machete

Mason was arrested within minutes by the Albany police department for the crime and is currently being held without bail. Despite having only one prior arrest on record for child endangerment in 2002, Mason was reportedly well known to law enforcement for having a prolific history of mental health episodes. He is now charged with attempted murder in the second degree, and according to police reports, Mason has admitted to his involvement in the attack several times during interviews. However, during an arraignment hearing, Mason pled not guilty to the crime.

“Yep, I chopped him up,” Mason allegedly said several times in documents. “He was disrespecting me… He’s down there all chopped up, said I was racist,”

Alleged sword attacker, Randell D. Mason

It has been implied that police bodycam footage of the arrest and CCTV footage of the alleged anti-White violence inside Community Connections do exist, but the videos have not been released to the public. The Justice Report has submitted a Freedom of Information Act Law (FOIL) request to the city of Albany to gain access to the footage and is still awaiting a response.

Randall Mason, during court hearing

In the aftermath of the alleged racially-motivated violence, Jon Romano’s quality of life has dropped considerably. He suffered major blood loss, and first responders had to deploy several tourniquets to save Romano’s life. According to a friend of Romano, Ken Cooper, the man can no longer get out of bed or move his arms or legs. Romano has spent the past four weeks in critical condition as he recovers at Albany Medical Center, where surgeons worked diligently to reattach his arms and left hand, which had become completely detached from his body.

“My arms start to basically fall apart…I don’t know why I’m alive to this day. I’ve been in the hospital for three and a half weeks now,” said Romano via TikTok. “I can’t really move my arms or my legs; I can move my left one a little bit but not my hands. I have pins holding my bones together. I’ve lost all independence, man; I’m just lying here in bed 24/7.”

The Poverbello Center, the homeless shelter and site of the anti-White attack allegedly carried out by Randall Mason

Despite the tragic, racially motivated attack, media coverage of the incident seems to have taken an unprecedented turn. Most, if not all of the articles revolving around Jon Romano’s sword attack appear to focus on Romano’s troubled past, placing the sword attack itself as a short sidenote. None of the articles mention the alleged anti-White rhetoric used by Randell Mason.

In 2004, Romano, then a troubled teenager, was involved in a foiled school shooting attempt that injured a teacher at Columbia High School in East Greenbush. Suffering from a severe mental illness, Romano brought a shotgun to school and was subdued by assistant principal John Sawchuk. The only casualty of the shooting was when the weapon was discharged as Romano was being subdued, which non-fatally struck a special education teacher in the leg. Romano, then only 16 years old, pleaded guilty to the crime and spent 15 years behind bars before being let out for good behavior under New York’s “limited credit time allowance” program in December 2020.

Jon Romano, 16, during court proceedings for his involvement in a school shooting in 2004. Photo courtesy of the Times Union.

Romano was classified as a low-risk offender during his prison stay by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (NYSDOCCS) and was, by all accounts, a model inmate. In 2018, Romano even wrote a letter to the Times Union newspaper, hailing the man who foiled his shooting spree, John Sawchuk and expressed sincere grief for the lives he negatively affected during the event.

Still, the much more compelling story of the apparent anti-White sword attack committed by a Black attacker has been all but buried by the mainstream media. Instead, articles covering the story focus on the school shooting aspect of his life, which is largely irrelevant to the crime against Romano. It ultimately leaves readers wondering whether or not the media seeks to mire the alleged anti-White crime—as well as law enforcement’s complete lack of hate crimes charges, levied against Randell Mason—behind a veil of long-settled, irrelevant history.

Does the media ever mention the criminal history of Black victims of crime this prominently? If the races were reversed, would we ever hear of the previous wrongdoings of a Black victim? Or would we be reminded endlessly about the racial epitaphs uttered by the attacker?

Jon Romano, the latest victim of anti-White hate pictured with two unidentified Black males

Jon Romano’s life post-incarceration has been largely spent in service to others. While he worked at Community Connections homeless center, Romano was in charge of the facility’s clothing pantry and “worked a position in an organization that provides a relatively overlooked service, ensuring that a demographic who has been largely abandoned by the rest of society has the resources they need.”

As early as February, Romano spoke at a law enforcement conference at Saratoga Casino Hotel and expressed his regret for attempting the foiled shooting when he was 16. During a teary-eyed retelling of his troubled past, Romano further highlighted his seemingly sincere rehabilitation by advocating for mental health education for troubled youth.

His social media presence is also quite prolific, having uploaded dozens of videos to the platform TikTok educating people about life inside prison and signaling his support for many progressive, left-leaning causes. Despite being a straight man, Romano has openly shown his staunch support of the advancement of homosexual rights and uses the platform to voice his opposition to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Despite his dogged loyalty to liberalism and many system-approved narratives, Romano still found himself racially targeted, and the victim of a brutal, anti-White hate crime.

“John paid a very high price for helping those that have fallen through the cracks and deserves to be viewed as a hero for his sacrifice.”

William Hartl, former employee of Community Connections

Gruesome, violent attacks with primitive weapons committed by non-Whites are nothing new in this country. As early as September 10th, a mother of two working as a door dash driver was beheaded on the streets of Northern California by a mesoamerican man, Jose Raphael Solano Landaeta, 33. In July, a Black 7-eleven employee reportedly attacked a customer with a sword, amputating the victim’s hand and requiring the victim to be placed in a medically-induced coma pending surgery.

This story is ongoing and will be updated with new information as details emerge.

Please forward any tips or leads regarding incidents of violent Black crime or anti-White hate to [email protected]

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