Newspaper withholds autopsy report of Ethan Liming from the public, continues long history of lies, obfuscations, and victim blaming

Update 10/20/22: The Akron Beacon Journal, a Rubber City newspaper with a long history of running cover for the three alleged Black killers of Ethan Liming, has made a shocking revelation in a recent article penned by reporter Amanda Garrett.

In it, Garrett claims that Ethan’s full autopsy report was being withheld by the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office, and it wasn’t until The Beacon Journal’s lawyers became involved, did the city finally give up the vital information to the press.

But where is the report? The Beacon Journal was quick to use the information contained in the report to downplay and cast a shadow over the deceased Ethan Liming, the 17-year-old White athlete who many say was targeted for his race and killed by three Black basketball players outside of the LeBron James “I Promise” school. But some are now demanding that the full autopsy report rightfully be released to the public.

Stafford, Stafford, and Jones, the three alleged killers of White teenager Ethan Liming. All currently walk free from the crime and are awaiting trial.

One such concerned citizen is Michael Peinovich, the Chairman of the pro-White advocacy group, the National Justice Party. Peinovich has marched twice in Akron to demand hate crimes charges for the three alleged killers, all of which now walk free thanks to the judgment of a Summit County Republican Judge, Tammy O’Brien.

“The Akron Beacon Journal claims they had to threaten the City with legal action in order to get the Liming autopsy report. But now they are not releasing it to the public.”

“Very convenient setup. The city only let’s the Beacon Journal see the report, and the Beacon Journal won’t show anyone else, making sure they get to frame and filter whatever information is contained therein.”

NJP Chairman, Mike Peinovich Telegram

Peinovich isn’t the only one calling out the many insensitive claims now being reported by the Beacon Journal, however. Allyson McKevitt, podcaster and leader of the pro-White women’s organization, Evergreen, also lashed the publication in a scathing rebuttal to articles they released in the past.

“This article, as a whole, is little more than an attempt to vilify the deceased Ethan Liming and create an air of sympathy for his killers. The only sources quoted by Ms. Garrett for the bulk of the content were defense attorneys, the NAACP, and the Akron Police Department, all of whom are incontestably running cover for his Black killers.”

Allyson McKevitt, Hyphen-Report

The Beacon Journal and reporter Amanda Garrett have a long history of obfuscating the facts behind the slaying of Ethan Liming. Originally published on the pro-White blog site, the Hyphen-Report, and reposted here, the following article below covers several other murky attempts made by the paper to peel away the racial narrative from the alleged murder, and shift it onto the victim’s own perceived wrongdoings.

Original Article 8/22/22: In the wake of the National Justice Party’s second protest in defense of Ethan Liming, the White teenager brutalized by a gang of adult Blacks in Akron, Ohio, the mainstream media has maintained a deafening silence. Until now.

The Akron Beacon Journal, the hometown newspaper for the Rubber City has finally decided to break the editorial void one week later, but while the National Justice Party has dedicated its efforts to reveal the facts behind this tragic case, the Beacon Journal chose a different route, one rife with outright lies, petty character smears, blatant obfuscation of the facts, and heinous attempts to gaslight an American public still dizzy from the loss.

Amanda Garrett, a twenty-year veteran reporter for the ABJ, just published a trio of biased articles regarding the Ethan Liming case, each more subjective than the last. In them, she weaves a shockingly false narrative that postulates the idea that the three Black killers of Ethan all acted in self-defense under Ohio’s Stand Your Ground Laws. As a result, they should then benefit from the same praise and not-guilty verdict given to Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man acquitted for the self-defense shootings of three Antifa terrorists in Kenosha, WI, in 2020.

NJP member Warren Balogh delivering a speech in front of the Gibbs Justice Center in Akron, Ohio on Saturday, August 13th.

Only those possessing low information could possibly believe such an outrageous false equivalency at face value. Rittenhouse accurately shot three men who were legitimate threats, two fatally, while Ethan was unarmed and peaceful the night he was pummeled to death. 

As a media outlet that has been covering the Ethan Liming story since its tragic inception, the Hyphen-Report feels obligated to dissect all three of the Akron Beacon Journal’s latest articles and dismantle their smear campaign against not only the deceased Ethan Liming, but also the pro-White advocacy group who has taken up his posthumous fight for justice. Amanda Garrett penned these anti-White diatribes in an effort to run damage control for the legal cases of three Black criminals, all currently walking free despite their explicitly violent crimes. 

Article #1: Ethan Liming case: 5 things we know about the teen’s death and the aftermath

When the National Justice Party marched for the second time in front of the Stubbs Justice Center, they passed out informational fliers to the public. The fliers provided a list of easily digestible facts about the Ethan Liming case that many people may not have known about. The first of Amanda Garrett’s articles appears to be a direct challenge to the flier issued by the National Justice Party, as well as a soft confirmation that the Beacon Journal obtained one of the fliers themselves.

The flier distributed by NJP activists during their second protest. Image taken from National Justice Party’s Telegram.

But while the pro-White advocacy group stuck to cold hard facts about the case, the Akron Beacon Journal instead published an array of truths mixed in with curated talking points from Jon Sinn, a defense attorney for violent Black criminal Deshawn Stafford.

The article describes a version of events that paints Liming as a cruel bully, preying on three innocent basketball players merely looking to defend themselves from what they believed was an attack with a real automatic weapon. Now seeking to evoke Ohio’s new Stand Your Ground Laws, The Beacon Journal’s narrative would have you believe that Stafford and his violent ilk are the actual victims and that the word of Jon Sinn is the only authoritative voice on the matter.

Even though the Splat R’ Ball gun used by Ethan Liming’s friends—one white and two Black—was colored florescent orange and makes little to no sound compared to a real firearm, and even though Ethan never shot the water gun himself, the Beacon Journal employs Sinn’s story by reporting that Ethan picked up the water gun and fired it after his friends had begun to flee the scene.

This version of the story is wildly different from reality, which places Ethan in the role of peacemaker, trying to broker a truce between his underage friends and the predatory, adult Blacks looking for blood after a harmless prank was played by Ethan’s friends.

Regardless of the intentions, implying that a dead teenager deserved his fate because he was engaged in youthful horseplay is a reckless narrative and ultimately irrelevant. In the end, Ethan was selected from a group of multi-ethnic teenagers and beaten to death because he was White. The footprints which were permanently stamped into his chest wall according to autopsy reports, automatically betray a self-defense narrative.

The Stafford brothers and Donovan Jones lynched Ethan Liming because they believed they could get away with it, and with assistance from the Akron Beacon Journal, they just might do so.

Article #2: Were 3 Black men charged in Liming’s death standing their ground? 

In this article, Amanda tries to take the conversation far away from the topic of White victimhood and instead muddy the intellectual waters with a discussion of the partisan politics of Ohio. 

Summit County Judge Tammy O’Brien, the Republican official responsible for lowering bonds of all three of Ethan Liming’s Black killers.

In 2020, Republican lawmakers passed Stand Your Ground laws, expanding the rights of victims of violent crime to exercise self-defense. Amanda, once again quoting defense attornies and platforming their twisted vision of the events, sucks the reader into a quagmire of political and intellectual what-ifs.

What is self-defense? What constitutes justifiable self-defense and what doesn’t? What if these Blacks are just like Kyle Rittenhouse? What about the racial disparities in claiming self-defense? What about the political ramifications of three Blacks capitalizing on a Republican law? Remember Trayvon Martin? Remember George Zimmerman?

“If you were rooting for Kyle Rittenhouse, you ought to be rooting for Deshawn Stafford as well. Kyle Rittenhouse had a gun and he got to claim self defense. Why doesn’t that apply to a kid in Akron who has no gun and only has a basketball?” -Jon Sinn

By blasting the reader’s train of thought with a million different logical conundrums and references to unrelated topics like a shotgun, the Beacon Journal is attempting to make this story as complicated as it possibly can, and stymie any White solidarity that could arise from something as serious as an anti-White lynching taking place in its hometown.

You must read past the anti-White smokescreen that the Beacon Journal is attempting to raise to confuse you. In reality, the story is not a complicated one. Ethan was an unarmed White teenager killed by three Black adults and sustained injuries that could not be possible if it were a mere case of self-defense. Talking about anything else brings the accused closer to freedom and Ethan further from justice.

Article #3: Ethan Liming: The changing narrative about his death outside I Promise and the aftermath

In the longest of the three articles, Amanda wastes no time in employing some creative license, giving a full rundown of the events of Ethan’s murder on June 2nd and doing her best to compose a symphony of self-defense overtones on behalf of the accused.

By painting Ethan and his friends as wandering thugs who set an “ambush” with “powerful, rapid-fire toy guns” and “spraying them with dozens of gel pellets that may have been frozen so they caused more damage,” the Beacon Journal instills doubt in the innocence of Ethan Liming, and sensationalizes the water gun prank played upon the three “basketball players.”

Ethan Liming, 17, and Firestone High School

The story continues, inventorying the content of Ethan’s Kia and mentioning “two bags of marijuana and a digital scale in the glove box” reported by a Defense attorney. While none of this information is relevant to the case, the Beacon Journal wants to disassociate a moderate reader from the cause of Ethan Liming in any way that it can and will go as low as evoking reefer madness paranoia if it has to.

Then, Amanda Garrett starts—and fails—to weave a bizarre narrative of a Police conspiracy working in favor of Ethan and the prosecution. First, she alludes to the idea that because Police were quick to report Ethan’s killing as a “brutal assault,” and by waiting eight days to mention the water gun prank at the very onset of the crime, the Police were somehow unfairly profiling the accused. Second, by sourcing comments made by the Akron chapter of the NAACP, the article attempts to label the Police as racist for holding a press conference altogether. 

“I applauded the fact (Mylett) clearly said in the beginning that it wasn’t about race…however, we also had to look at it funny because you’ve never done a press conference before,” Hill said recently. “Why were they doing it now?”

Defense attorney Eddie Sipplen said that Akron Police attempted to ‘thug-i-cize’ the accused. By not mentioning the “attack” by the water gun, he claims the police were framing it so the only victim that night was Ethan, ignoring his defendant, Donovan Jones, who should be considered a victim too. 

Eddie Sipplen, the attorney representing violent Black criminal Donovon Jones

The article gives us a view into Sipplen’s defense strategy, a bold anti-White mixture of lies and race hucksterism, looking to play on the liberal heartstrings of a demoralized White nation as countless Black criminals have done before him. Sipplen even has the audacity to question the million-dollar bonds originally issued to his client, insinuating that they were done so out of racism, and not because his client committed an act of savage barbarism against a seventeen-year-old White kid.

“For me and some folks I’ve spoken with, how do you go from minding your own business, being law-abiding citizens, to being vilified in the system and then given such high bonds even though you’ve never been a criminal?” Hill asked.

The Beacon Journal reports on all of this with a straight face, despite Akron Police Chief Steven Mylett having made the now infamous claim that Ethan’s killing wasn’t racially motivated before arrests had even been made! 

Carpetbagging Akron Police Chief Steven Mylett personally joined BLM for their protests back when he was Police Chief of Bellevue, Washington.

How could a law enforcement agency be considered racist and unfairly treating Black defendants if its very actions have done nothing but help their case the entire time? The answer is simple. It can’t. But that doesn’t stop the Beacon Journal from trudging on with its incessant crusade to cast as much doubt as possible on the question of Ethan’s innocence. 

By implying, through repetition, that the accused are being mistreated by “the system,” however minimally, defense attornies want to stockpile plenty of ammunition needed to defend the murderers while keeping the ire of the public tampered down to a manageable simmer. 

Attacking the National Justice Party

By now, no one can deny that the only organization with the moral courage necessary to defend a White victim in 2022 is the National Justice Party. Having successfully marched to demand justice for White victims in the racially motivated Waukesha Christmas Parade attack, as well as coming out in support of Jupiter Paulsen, the White girl killed by a Black immigrant in Fargo, North Dakota, the NJP wasted no time in its support of Ethan Liming.

But because the topic of White advocacy is a third rail in American political and social discourse, mainstream media outlets often have to weigh the pros and cons of reporting on the National Justice Party’s activities altogether. Do they dare mention this “white supremacist” group and risk exposing its morally just values to everyday White people? Or do they coat it in silence and allow the NJP to operate their marches and demonstrations unopposed?

In the case of the Akron Beacon Journal, they decided on the former, devoting ample space at the tail end of their article to besmirch the pro-White activists while quoting the dubiously founded Anti Defamation League as a primary source.

NJP Chaiman Mike Penovich and Akron Beacon Journal reporter Alan Ashworth have a dialogue during the protest.

But while the Beacon Journal was quick to denounce the NJP’s actions in Akron both times it marched for justice, claiming their intentions were merely a “rallying cry” for “White supremacy,” it once again attempted to employ a game of mental disorientation for the reader. 

In just a few paragraphs, it mentions the Unite the Right rally, uses trigger words like “white supremacy,” refers to the shut-and-closed case of criminal delinquent Jayland Walker, and plies mental trickery in order to dazzle and stun a reader into a place of moral complacency. When it mentions the National Justice Party’s stance on Ethan Liming’s murder, notably that Ethan was targeted for his race, the article merely states that the claim is false, without any evidence or citation needed to refute the claim.

Comments left on the Akron Beacon Journal’s latest articles indicate that the newspaper needs to try a little harder to woo readers into anti-White submission.

If that doesn’t work, the Beacon Journal is totally willing to drag out tired character smears against NJP leadership in an attempt to spoil the pot. By labeling Chairman Mike Peinovich as a  “white-nationalist shock jock,” it is attempting to equate the pro-White efforts of the party with degenerate tomfoolery common with the likes of the jew, Howard Stern. But while Stern is famous for tossing slices of bologna at the backsides of strippers and serenading Black women for the size of their breasts, Peinovich is famous the world over for embarrassing journalists just like Amanda Garrett, and for being a dogged defender of the rights of White people. The Beacon Journal hopes the reader doesn’t connect these dots.

It is not clear if the NJP has any members in Northeast Ohio, but their protest went largely unnoticed. 

Overall, the Journal’s collaborative efforts, which reify system narratives established by both Police and defense attornies, seek to take advantage of a low-information public in the hopes all three accused will walk away free from any accountability.

But the Beacon Journal’s ultimate goal in providing cover for three violent criminals is not the welfare or well-being of the criminals themselves. Instead, its mission, steeped in anti-Whiteness, is to keep the third rail of White advocacy as lighting hot as possible for as long as possible. The National Justice Party, and by extension every White person in America, cannot be allowed to gain political power or any legitimacy that can threaten the precarious status quo, even in a place as politically insignificant as Akron, Ohio.

The sole counter-protestor for the NJP’s latest protest.

Reporters like Amanda Garrett are merely doing their job, albeit poorly, of enforcing social norms and keeping the idea of White advocacy as an unauthorized opinion that comes with it a heavy veneer of low social status. But things are changing, and if the National Justice Party’s surging protests are any indicator, papers like the Akron Beacon will have to come up with something better than gaslighting, victim blaming, character smears, and outright lies to slow the momentum down.

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