Day 14: Brooks opens his case with a teary-eyed opening statement, calls the ‘State of Wisconsin’ to the stand


Waukesha, WI – Accused anti-White terrorist Darrell E. Brooks gave his opening statement in his defense on Wednesday, the 14th day of the trial of the black man accused of ramming his SUV through the Waukesha Christmas parade last year.

At the onset of the day’s proceedings and before the jury was brought in, Brooks told Waukesha Circuit Judge Jennifer Dorow he was preparing a counter-offer to the state’s plea deal he was offered in July.

An exasperated District Attorney, Sue Opper

His second witness, the first having been called to the stand out of order due to scheduling issues, was finally called Thursday afternoon. The witness proved to be fiery and combative and offered Brooks little favor in helping him win the jury over.

The state’s more than 70 felony charges against Brooks include six counts of first-degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon, 61 counts of recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, six counts of hit-and-run involving death, and two counts of bail jumping.

As with almost every day, Brooks continued his sovereign citizen arguments in his cross-examination of the state’s witnesses. Sovereign citizens believe only individual people, not governments, can bring legal action, so any state-led prosecution of crimes is inherently illegitimate. These arguments have never been supported in any court of law.

The prosecution continued its trend of steadfastly refusing to bring up Brooks’ extensive and documented history of anti-White hate.

1st Witness: Thomas Casey

Investigator Thomas Casey with parade attack map in the background.

The day began with the prosecution recalling one of their previous witnesses for clarification. Veteran Waukesha detective Thomas Casey, the lead investigator, came out once more to tie together the elements established in the prosecution’s case. Casey, who was struck by Brooks but left uninjured, testified and presented a map marked with the location of everyone injured in the attack to show the scope of mayhem. He described some of the specific injuries and victims. He also identified several video captures that showed the license plate on the SUV Brooks drove through the parade. Casey testified to Brooks’ bail violations from his previous convictions.

Brooks’ cross-examination of Casey was long and inconsequential, except that his crank sovereign citizen arguments led to Judge Dorow ruling his cross-examination closed. He also opened the door allowing the prosecution to show one of his Facebook rap videos showing him grandstanding in front of the very same red SUV he allegedly used in the attack.

On cross, District Attorney Sue Opper played Brooks’ rap video—without sound—over Brooks’ many objections.

“I see what you people are trying to do. It’s not fair, and it’s not right,” an agitated Brooks said after being overruled during the redirect.

Opper went off on Brooks angrily and aggressively once the jury was removed from the courtroom, criticizing Brooks’ pattern of behavior and overall disrespect he had shown the court so far. In response, Brooks complained that he was really the one being “disrespected” constantly by the prosecution. This led to a heated exchange between an exasperated Judge Dorow and Brooks.

After a brief break, the prosecution officially rested its case.

Notably, the prosecution rested without ever mentioning Brooks’ extensive and documented history of anti-White hate.

Brooks’ Begins His Defense

Opening with, “There are two sides to every story” but not actually presenting his own side—much less providing the jury a road map for his defense—an unmasked Brooks instead sobbed to the jury about how he’s been called a “monster” and a “demon” and received mean letters while in jail. He also claimed his own family suffered along with the parade attack victims. All in all, one observer said it sounded more like what a convicted person says at their sentencing hearing.

After a 10-minute cry break for Brooks, he called his first witness, “the state of Wisconsin,” which was immediately dismissed. This was part of his crank sovereign citizens defense, which falsely holds that only individual people, not entities like the state, can bring criminal or civil actions.

2nd Witness: Nicholas Kirby

Nicholas Kirby said he was walking around downtown Waukesha with a friend of Erika Patterson, Brooks’ then-girlfriend, while Patterson met with Brooks around 3 p.m. CT. Kirby proved more than a match for Brooks on the stand, adding drama to the day and helping the prosecution.

He said he’d advised Patterson not to meet with Brooks because he feared for her safety after having learned about Brooks a week before.

Witness Nicholas Kirby

Asked how and what he knew about Brooks the week prior to the attack, the witness opened the door to the state being able to discuss details of Brooks’ criminal history. Kirby described the events leading to the domestic disturbance involving Brooks and Patterson, and how police were called. The meandering questions reaffirmed the prosecution’s version of the domestic incident, and stymieing the defense. At times, Brooks appeared to be arguing with his own witness.

Under his questioning, Brooks’ own witness testified that Patterson called him and told him she was being assaulted. Kirby said he heard her screaming on the phone. He testified he ran towards the location and alerted police a woman was being assaulted in a red SUV. Brooks asked how he knew the vehicle she was in.

Brooks asked Kirby about a knife being used in the aforementioned assault. Kirby replied by claiming that it was a “misunderstanding,” and that it was he who was actually the one “knifed” in a past incident. The stabbing he was involved him required three stitches in his hand, and this story was misinterpreted by police at the time.

He said that after returning to the woman’s shelter with Patterson and her roommate, he walked back through the same area and “saw a red SUV take off like a bat out of hell down Main Street and go through a crowd of people… with my own freaking eyes.”

“Miss Patterson told me over the phone she was in a red SUV. There aren’t that many red SUVs with young women screaming for help in Waukesha,”

Nicholas Kirby

Brooks showed a video from before the parade introduced by the prosecution to Kirby, asking questions about who he saw and where. During this time, Brooks often “mean mugged” the jury, and news cameras, when he got answers he disagreed with.

Though Judge Dorow said multiple times in this trial that she wouldn’t provide legal advice to Brooks, she did that multiple times throughout the questioning.

3rd Witness: Heather Reimer

Heather Reimer

Up next was Heather Riemer. Reimer was present at the Waukesha Christmas Parade alongside her family and friends. She testified that she saw the red SUV Brooks allegedly used to ram through the parade right near where she and her group were standing. After hearing a horn honking, she claimed that she didn’t see it hit anyone.

She also claimed she couldn’t see the driver or get a license plate number. She also couldn’t see into the vehicle itself during the attack.

Ultimately, the only time she ever saw Brooks that day was sometime before the parade started when he was driving the wrong way near a local gas station. When asked by Brooks if she knew if the man she saw at the gas station was the same one driving the Red SUV during the attack, she answered “no.”

Jackson Sparks, 8; Tamara Durand, 52; LeAnna Owen, 71; Wilhelm Hospel, 81; Virginia Sorenson, 79; and Jane Kulich, 52, died in the Waukesha parade attack. All of the victims were White.

A live stream of the trial is available here. For background on Brooks and his alleged anti-White hate crimes, read a summary report by Justice Report’s Jack McKraken. To view the National Justice Party/Media2Rise documentary on Brooks and the Waukesha attack, click here.

The Justice Report’s ongoing reporting of the trial of Darrell Brooks will continue to be updated every day until sentencing.

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