Exclusive: Progressive Fort Worth middle school covers up vicious taser attack on White Hispanic eighth-grader, due to the racial dynamics at play, media remains silent

Fort Worth, TX – A White Hispanic eighth grader was assaulted and electrocuted by a fellow student with a taser at a notoriously progressive school district, and due to the racial dynamic at play, the story has been completely covered up.

The father of the young victim—rightfully outraged—asserts that he’s been blackballed by local media and even the school itself. Despite making multiple outreach attempts for answers and much-needed closure, he claims he’s been ignored and, in some cases, banned from the public space entirely.

Thanks to an anonymous tip, however, the Justice Report was able to get in contact with the victim’s father, who was more than eager to share his story and break the veil of silence that has been thoroughly enforced by the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD).

Our source wished that he and his son remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from a hostile, liberal-leaning school administration. To honor his request, the Justice Report will refer to the concerned father as “Joseph” and the victim as “Nick” going forward.

McLean Middle School in Fort Worth, Texas

It all began on the morning of Friday, October 21st, at McLean Middle School in Fort Worth. According to Joseph, his son Nick was simply walking down the hallway on the way to his next class during the changeover between 1st and 2nd periods. That’s when Nick was suddenly ambushed by a fellow student and assaulted by a taser.

Nick, an upstanding FWISD Junior Cadet Corps (JCC) member, staggered into the lockers and fell to the ground. Despite the trauma of the attack, however, he was ultimately able to pick himself up and get to his JCC class. That’s when his Sergeant noticed something was off about Nick and proceeded to take him to the infirmary.

Fort Worth Independent School District Junior Cadet Corps (JCC), photo courtesy of Facebook

“They have video of it, plus the school resource officer took a picture of it. His whole right side was red, and you can see three burn marks where the taser got him,” said Joseph, distraught over the violent assault taking place inside his son’s Middle School. “They knew each other…There wasn’t any trouble. My kid doesn’t have any enemies.

The young attacker was arrested and taken into custody by the Fort Worth Police Department, and a police report was filed. Due to the age of the victim and the suspect, however, the police report itself is heavily restricted and not made available to the public. The Justice Report has filed a FOIA request to obtain the police report for details on the incident and arrest, but according to those close to the matter, the problem child was allegedly charged with “assault with bodily injury.”

Taser injuries sustained by Nick, photo courtesy of Joseph, father, and anonymous source

“He (the attacker) bragged about being down in juvenile before,” said Joseph.

“We spent 9 hours in the emergency room making sure he was okay…The ER doctor said it was an electrical issue, he was dizzy and nauseated and swollen in pain…I went back up to the school, and nobody knew what was going on.”

Joseph, concerned parent of the young victim, Nick.

According to Joseph, the violent menace is a fellow 12-year-old student who regularly proves to be a problem for not only the school system but Fort Worth Police as well. A few weeks prior, Joseph attested that the student, a Hispanic boy named Luis Castillo, may have been at the center of a credible school shooting threat, which created a cause for concern with local parents and community members. When emails and notifications were sent out about a potential risk, Joseph believed that Castillo was the trigger.

An email allegedly sent out to parents earlier in the year in response to a school shooting threat that some believe was due to the violent tendencies of Castillo, the one reportedly responsible for the taser attack.

“This kid has spent time in in-house suspension about trying to shoot up the school a couple of weeks ago. And that coincided with some automated calls and warnings we got on the phone a few weeks back…If he was White, he’d be in prison.”


This time, McLean Middle School, a 6th-8th grade place of learning at the heart of the Fort Worth Independent School District, seemed to make little to no effort in notifying fellow students, parents, or families of the actual attack that took place inside its walls. To Joseph, there seemed to be no transparency on the side of the School District, which refused to show him surveillance video of the attack on his son and worried that Castillo would merely be shuffled off to a different school where he could quickly victimize a different family.

Aside from some personal assurance that the incident had been swiftly resolved, Joseph was left feeling like it was only a matter of time before something like this happened again—or worse.

“I’m a very involved parent,” Joseph assured the Justice Report. “I’m really aware of all the BS that FWISD does…They pat themselves on the back like they took care of the problem, but my kid’s seen knives and penny-ante little marijuana deals going on in the bathrooms, and she (the principal) told me those weren’t knives he saw, but combs.”

Principal Barbara Ozuna, McLean Middle School

Joseph was referring to McLean Middle School principal Barbara Ozuna, a liberal school administrator who, according to records, makes nearly $100k annually. According to Joseph, it’s Ozuna, and the FWISD in general, that are promoting a schoolhouse culture that places the principals of diversity, equity, and inclusion over basic precepts like the safety, security, and physical well-being of the young children placed in their care.

Principal Barbara Ozuna Youtube

“There are all kinds of bullying there,” said Joseph. “Kids will make a habit of dropping ‘N-bombs,’ but there are signs hanging up all over the school (saying) ‘end racism’ and ‘stop the racists.’ FWIFD is so woke with all of their equity bullshit, but their “restorative practices” are causing this entire problem.”

But if Castillo was known to both police and the school administration before the taser attack, why was he allowed to remain in class? Why wasn’t he expelled, or better yet, incarcerated in a juvenile center?

The answer is what Joseph called “woke policies.” According to the FWISD’s Division of Equity and Excellence, In order to support the success of “all” Fort Worth ISD students, the board recognizes that “major historical and societal factors in our nation impact the inequity that exists within public schools.” But what exactly does this mean?

Quinton “Q” Phillips, Second VP District 3 during a board of education zoom meeting, 2020

While it still maintains its normal function as a machine for education, the FWISD, under its mantra of “equity & excellence,” allocates resources to distribute free supplies to be given away to families and neighborhoods outside of the FWISD’s operating jurisdiction. This means that the FWISD uses taxpayer funds to provide free programs to minorities of all ages or school enrollment status, regardless if they actually live within the FWISD.

Despite being only 13% Black, the FWISD also channels precious funding into a “read with barbers” program, a move that the district hopes will boost the Black literacy rate by placing them inside “comfortable and familiar environments.” It also maintains a team of in-house, on-call social workers capable of “facilitat[ing] conversations about equity and support[ing] the successful implementation of equity work.”

The board of trustees has even stepped forward to take a “bold stand” against “institutional racism” by creating a “racial equity resolution” to further browbeat White parents and their innocent children into becoming more active participants in the anti-racism project. The school district considers it its “educational philosophy.”

“To be silent is to be complicit. We’ve…taken a bold stand against systemic racism and work tirelessly for equity transformation.”

Quinton “Q” Phillips

But while many of these performative displays of liberal virtue might inspire nothing more than an eye-roll from the traditionally conservative families of Texas, FWISD’s most dangerous policy to fathers like Joseph appear in the form of what the district calls “restorative practices.”

The racial demographics of McLean Middle School tell a sobering tale by itself. Image courtesy of public school review.com

Focusing on “restorative principles” instead of actual punishment for student misbehavior, the 72% non-White McLean Middle School and the FWISD can safely hide its pro-Minority—yet implicitly anti-White disciplinary measures—under a thin veneer of racial positivity.

This means a total lack of deterrence and accountability for bad behavior and those students who are prone to expressing it. It also means upstanding JCC students like Nick end up with taser wounds, while the 12-year-old thugs who commit violent assaults on campus have ample freedom to strike again sometime in the future.

-A framework for building the community and for responding to challenging behaviors

-Based on restorative principles instead of punishment

-An evolution in how we think about student discipline

-An additional and alternative way of dealing with discipline

FWISD Restorative Practices Mission Statement

But Joseph’s battle with the FWISD isn’t a new one. In the years past, Joseph admitted to us that he and several other concerned parents banded together to successfully protest the school district’s tyrannical mask mandate policies. “They voted to spend over $60,000 in taxpayers’ money to put tampons in the boy’s bathrooms,” said Joseph, referring to FWISD’s rabidly aggressive pro-transgender inclusion initiatives, which he also vehemently opposes.

Fearing he would get no true justice after his son was brutally attacked, Joseph then stepped away from the FWISD administration offices and went online to spread his story. On social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor, Joseph sounded a clarion call to fellow parents and local citizens in order to let them know of the growing violence occurring in the wake of FWISD’s restorative practices.

Post courtesy of Nextdoor

While he was able to garner a great deal of support from fellow parents, the mission of amplifying his message seemed dire. “I got on their little Facebook page, and they threw me off the page,” said Joseph. “Anything that makes them look bad, they do that, though. Facebook is their little god.”

An example of support given by a concerned parent, Nextdoor

In the comments section of his now-deleted thread, which reached hundreds of views before being removed for spreading awareness, Joseph was rebuffed by several liberal progressives who accused him of being a worrywart. They attacked and browbeat him for making too much of a stink out of his son’s violent assault. Eventually, Nextdoor took the issue further and temporarily disabled his account.

On the FWISD’s Facebook page, made exclusively for parents to vent frustrations and discuss issues with the school, he was also banned, this time almost immediately when he spoke up about the deafening silence from school administrators.

An example of liberal gaslighting, Nextdoor

According to Joseph, even Principal Ozuna—fearing greater backlash from other angry parents—began advising those who asked about the incident via email that no harm was actually done because the taser used against Nick was just a “toy taser.”

“There have been several parents who have reached out to me and are saying they had no idea an assault occurred. They have also said they emailed Ozuna, and she told them it was just a toy taser… “I’ve notified all of the television stations in DFW and haven’t heard back from them.”


Joseph is still struggling to fight for justice for his son, Nick. He claims he’s reached out to every local news affiliate in the area, but he’s been turned away at every door. Despite the complete lack of coverage by local outlets and a crippling lack of transparency from McLean school administrators. Joseph fights on.

But many questions still remain in the wake of this violent attack that took place in an American middle school. Would the news media remain silent if the races were reversed in this unfortunate scenario? Which races of children are being safeguarded by FWISD’s supposedly valuable “restorative practices,” and which are being left to suffer in the shadows?

Not long after Joseph and Nick’s incident at McLean, local—and even some international news outlets— were quick to highlight an attempted stabbing that took place at a High School in Utica, New York. But unlike what happened at McLean, the violence that took place at Utica’s Procter School had an Asian victim. On the social media platform Instagram, videos and mentions of the attack have exceeded thousands of views.

The incident itself, which has now been circulated by major outlets such as Yahoo News, the New York Post, and even conservative news aggregator Breitbart, shows a clear-cut double standard when it comes to media reporting of abhorrent violence taking place in America’s schools. If the races ain’t right, the media, regardless of the political spin they subscribe to, don’t want anything to do with you.


Parents across America have long concluded that no place is truly safe for their children, especially not in the increasingly hostile crucible of public schools. With unchecked Black and Hispanic crime creeping in from the inner cities at an astounding rate, faith in our educational system—and of power in general—is at an all-time low.  

But in Texas, there is an added layer of deep-seated mistrust. Families there find themselves soured by the tragic Uvalde shooting, which still reverberates throughout the community. It was there at Robb Elementary School, where nineteen children and two teachers were shot dead by a mentally-ill Hispanic who, like the taser-wielding thug from McLean, was also well known to law enforcement. 

While the young Hispanic murdered innocent children barricaded inside of a classroom, the shockingly inept and cowardly Police dragged their feet, established a perimeter, and spent more time arresting parents looking to save their own children than stopping the multicultural threat inside the school. The event has drawn criticism of law enforcement from across the political spectrum—even from those who are traditionally right-wing.

The Justice Report has reached out multiple times to Principal Ozuna’s office for a statement regarding the incident, and so far, we have not received an answer. We will continue to provide updates as soon as new details emerge.

The only support Joseph received was in the form of a single letter sent courtesy of the FWPD

Local schools will often attempt to cover up acts of racially inconvenient violence on campus to mitigate the effect of bad publicity or parent backlash. Earlier this year, in the very same city of Fort Worth, a White student was allegedly stabbed in the back with a knife by a Black student at Boswell High School. After what many claimed was an act of attempted murder, the administration was seemingly more upset over student whistleblowers than the act of violence itself. In 2021, a High School in Virginia worked to cover up a series of violent rapes committed by a 14-year-old suspect, which left one victim hospitalized.

As always, please forward any tips or leads regarding the McLean taser attack or any other incident of violent, unreported crime in our schools to [email protected]

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