White Handyman and father-of-one stabbed to death by Hispanic career criminal inside a ‘sober living home’, deranged suspect blames Dragonball Z

Minneapolis, Minnesota – A White handyman working at a job site inside of a “sober-living” house was stabbed to death by a mentally-ill Hispanic with an extensive criminal history. When police asked the suspect why he killed the innocent man and another nearby resident with a knife, the suspect claimed that the anime television series, Dragonball Z, told him to do it.

According to police reports. 32-year-old Joseph Francis Sandoval II, a petty street criminal and all-around lunatic—who was once arrested for stealing a taxi and leading police on a high-speed chase through downtown Minneapolis—was arrested for stabbing two men to death inside an East Side sober living house that he had just moved into. Sandoval was “civilly committed” as early as last year for being mentally ill and chemically dependent.

Joseph Francis Sandoval II, Hispanic alleged knife murderer, and mentally-ill career criminal.

“When I was watching ‘Dragon Ball Z”

According to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s office, the victims of the stabbing attack were identified as 40-year-old handyman Jason Murphy, a White father who was currently working inside the residence as a contractor, as well as 56-year-old Jon Wentz, a resident of the home. Their murders bring the homicide count for the city of St. Paul to 31 this year alone.

According to a criminal complaint, police officers were called to the house around 4:30 p.m. after an individual ran from the house, shouting that someone had been killed inside. First responders spotted Sandoval leaving the house and heading for an adjacent alleyway. When they approached him, they noticed his hands, face, and clothes were saturated in blood. Police also noted Sandoval appeared intoxicated, and the alleged murderer admitted to the officers that he had also ingested the deadly designer drug, fentanyl.

40-year-old handyman Jason Murphy

Sandoval originally claimed to police that a pair of “two big guys” whose descriptions he couldn’t remember were the ones who caused the wounds on his body. He also claimed that someone had tried to kill him inside the sober-living house and that this mysterious 3rd party “got those other guys too.” It was here he openly admitted that when he sat down on the couch at the sober house, he started “hearing noises.”

“The TV kept saying take your opportunity, so I took my opportunity,” said Sandoval. “The TV said they’re going to kill me. When I was watching ‘Dragon Ball Z.”

Police discovered Murphy and Wentz dead inside the home, both laying in pools of blood, covered with multiple cuts and stab wounds. Jason Murphy was found in the basement and Wentz was found upstairs. Police officers recovered a bloody knife and hammer at the scene.

A witness and resident at the sober house told police he originally tried to get in through the front door but Sandoval had blocked him, saying it was “too messy,” the complaint states. The witness also said that after going around to the side door, he saw the kitchen covered in blood which trailed down the stairs and into the basement where Murphy had been killed.

Mugshot of Sandoval after his arrest just last year. Photo courtesy of MN Crime.

When he tried to leave, the witness told investigators that Sandoval “told him he could not leave as he would need his help disposing of some things.” The witness asserted that Sandoval attacked, placing him in a chokehold, but he was able to break free and call for help.

At a nearby hospital, Sandoval made a special request: to be placed in handcuffs and to be shackled to the bed, “Because I don’t know what I’ll do,” the complaint states.

But while the story of a brutal double murder of two innocent White men sounds gruesome enough, the tale only gets more concerning the deeper you dig. As it turns out, the alleged murderer Sandoval already has three pending criminal cases in neighboring Hennepin County on charges of theft, burglary, and multiple counts of assault. Some of these charges stem from a March 25th, 2021 vehicular crime spree where Sandoval apparently carjacked a taxi and used it to run over a pedestrian—twice—and begin a high-speed chase with law enforcement that saw the use of helicopters and GPS tracking.

A video taken during Sandoval’s high-speed chase / MN CRIME Youtube

The judge acknowledged that Sandoval “has a lengthy history of violence, substance abuse, and an inability to care for his daily need…he engages in grossly disturbed behavior or experiences faulty perceptions…and poses a substantial likelihood of causing physical harm.”

Despite the clear understanding that Sandoval proved to be a violent risk to the community, he was found to be totally incompetent in those cases and was conditionally released on June 1, 2021. He was civilly committed in July 2021 and, in lieu of prison, had been living in “sober-living” homes as a result.

For killing Murphy and Wentz, however, the Ramsey County District Court charged Sandoval with two counts of second-degree intentional murder for his alleged role in the violent stabbing attack. He remains in custody on $2 million dollars bail.

“Sober-living” codeword for anti-White?

But while Sandoval might be behind bars facing a lifetime in prison for the deed, those who knew Jason are left stunned, forced to pick up the pieces after a loss they describe as devastating.

RIP Jason Murphy you were my first love, my the father to my first child, we were together for 5 years. Our relationship ended sour and we still had our disagreements but I still wish you were earth side. Your daughter will forever miss you. You will forever be her daddy. You tried the best you knew how to try to better yourself for her. Thank you for loving her

Molly Rochelle, Facebook

“He had a daughter. He talked about her all the time. His eyes lit up whenever he talked about his daughter,” said Mick, a close friend of Jason. “Jason liked doing good, honest work with his hands…He took pride in his work. He did other woodworking stuff on the side, and he was really good at it.”

Jason Murphy pictured with his daughter, Madisyn. Courtesy Facebook.

In an exclusive interview with the Justice Report, Mick held no reservations when it came to his thoughts on why he thought Jason was killed. Innocent people finding themselves victimized by violent career criminals is not a new phenomenon in the United States, but according to Mick, Jason’s death had everything to do with the web of “sober-living” homes spread out across Minnesota. It’s a system, he believes, that allows notorious criminals like Sandoval to live amongst the innocent under the guise of “treatment.”

“The ‘sober housing’ thing is an absolute nightmare. Basically, these are slumlords who buy up bad houses in the ghetto, get them into minimally habitable conditions, and then contract with treatment centers to start filling them up with clients,” explained Mick, aware of the danger that these places create for the communities around them. “Imagine a bad house in a bad neighborhood filled with 8-10 drug addicts. That’s what passes for sober living houses in Minnesota. As you may imagine, these places are not conducive to recovery. The ‘tenants’ in these houses are usually there because they have been sentenced to go to treatment as an alternative to more jail/prison time.”

Jason pictured with family, photo courtesy of “Justice for Jason” GoFundMe.

“These houses generally end up being dens of iniquity–scenes of violence, drug use, prostitution, and all sorts of crime. Usually, there’s a “house manager,” who is an unpaid resident/treatment center client that gets the privilege of having a single room for taking on the “management” responsibilities.”

Mick, friend of Jason Murphy

To put things into perspective, St. Paul, Minnesota was once a prosperous White city, which in 1970 clocked in at around 93.6% White according to the U.S Census report. Over the course of a few short decades, however, St. Paul experienced a coordinated mass movement of non-White populations, seeing that number lowered to a staggering 48.8% White by 2020. The bitter fruits of such a downward ethnic spiral have resulted in things like having the express privilege of operating one of the most dangerous light-rail mass-transit systems in the country, and according to Mick, it also necessitated the rise of things like “sober-living” homes in the first place.

For the most part, these are not people who just have an addiction and want to get clean (although that sort of person does sometimes end up in one of these houses, to their horror–usually, they get the fuck out asap.)


But if sober-living homes are so dangerous and corrupt, who are the ones ultimately responsible for operating them all across Minnesota? According to Mick, there are several companies that operate sober-living homes, all with similar, degenerative results. Companies like NuWay Alliance, Nivon Wellness Centers, and Evergreen Recovery all work to establish these “dens of iniquity” across the state of Minnesota, and according to Mick, act like parasites on an already stressed public health system.

“For one of these sober houses, all you need to do is contract with an outpatient treatment center, and they will send you “tenants” whose insurance can be billed for around $750+/month, per person, again packing 2-3 people into single bedrooms. If one of these “tenants” goes to jail, disappears, or otherwise f—s off, it’s no worry—the treatment center will have their bed filled by the end of the day, and you can bill that person’s insurance instead,” explained Mick. “So we’re talking about 7500-8000+ per month, for a bad house in the ghetto.”

Mick alleged that it was an operation run by Evergreen Recovery—whose CEO David Backus is widely rumored by locals to have blood ties to the notorious, drug-running, Hells Angels motorcycle club—that housed and “treated” Sandoval and also employed the late Jason Murphy. When we asked him if he thought companies like Evergreen were responsible for Jason’s murder at the hand of a deranged career criminal like Sandoval, Mick said: “yes.”

“Evergreen and its associated sober housing companies generate a lot of income from the money faucet that is the Minnesota public health/insurance system.”


A GoFundMe has been set up in the wake of the death of Jason Murphy, mostly to assist with the cost of burial and to further his family’s quest for much-needed justice. He leaves behind a plethora of friends, like Mick, who feel nothing but a bitter longing in the aftermath of this anti-White killing.

“(It feels) like a punch in the gut—one that really knocks the wind out of you,” Mick said. “It doesn’t seem real for a moment. Then I just want to punch right back.”

The alleged knife attack that led to the stabbing death of Jason Murphy and Jon Wentz is, unfortunately, not a unique case. Earlier this year, a White homeless shelter worker, Jon Romano, was targeted for his race and brutally attacked by a Black man wielding swords. During the course of the attack, the suspect allegedly shouted anti-White slurs. In July of 2021, a Minneapolis woman was beheaded in broad daylight by her boyfriend, 42-year-old Alexis Saborit, an undocumented immigrant from Cuba.

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