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Big business pushing pro-amnesty ‘bipartisan immigration reform’

Capital Hill — Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) are trying to convince congress to pass an immigration reform package that would include “a pathway to citizenship” for 2 million illegal migrants. They have until the end of 2022, to pass the bill while congress is still in its ‘lame duck’ session.

Sinema, a Democrat turned independent, argues the bill is a compromise between “the extremes” in both parties. Co-sponsor Thom Tillis claims his bill will help “close the border and shut down the cartels” while continuing Title 42. Title 42 allows for the removal of immigrants to stop the spread of coronavirus. Set to end on 21 December, this bill would extend the health-related restrictions for one year.

Senators Sinema and Tillis have spearheaded immigration reform. Sinema is the first bisexual woman to serve in the Senate.

While it’s an open question whether immigration reform would pass during this congress, it does have the backing of several powerful business lobbies including The Chamber of Commerce, the National Restaurant Association, and the American Hotel & Lodging Association. They support legalization and increased levels of foreign labor to fill gaps for low-skill job vacancies, especially for leisure-related occupations.

According to NBC News:

The American Hotel and Lodging Association recently launched a six-figure advertising push in North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas and West Virginia calling on Congress to pass legislation that would allow more immigrant workers and has been polling on the issue. The National Restaurant Association said it is preparing to launch a major campaign involving its members to support a potential bill once it has more details.

The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) is a vociferous advocate for more immigration and amnesty. CoC hosts bipartisan listening sessions in which establishment Democrats and Republicans discuss compromises aligned with the business group’s agenda. In an interview with CoC’s Chief Policy Director Neil Bradley, Rep. Maria Salazar, (R-FL) said, “the guy picking up jalapeño peppers and who has been waiting for fifteen years of some kind of legality [sic] is not really thinking about January 6th or the former president or the former administration…We need a Marshall Plan for Central America…We say we’ll invest in your country then absorb the labor force that is coming.” That very well sums up the Chamber’s own view. They provide assistance to employers, educating them on which visa programs can help them insource temporary foreign workers.

Rep. Salazar serves as Deputy Whip for House Republicans. She is a vocal supporter of Ukraine’s Jewish dictator Zelensky, famously advocating for ‘a no fly zone over Ukraine despite not knowing what that even was.

CoC supported the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of protecting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) claiming that, “removing 700,000 Dreamers protected under DACA from our economy would deny our country talent, future leaders, and an essential piece of the American workforce including teachers, nurses, doctors, farmers, and entrepreneurs.”

Notably, this is all happening as a caravan of over 1000 illegal immigrants crossed the US border into El Paso, Texas this past Saturday. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection stated its El Paso sector has seen 2,397 migrant encounters in the last 24 hours, further straining border containment facilities, which currently hold 5,100 migrants in El Paso alone.

Immigration reform is part of a broader constellation of goals for The Chamber including diversity and inclusion. In June 2022, The Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Partnership with American Express, and the Coalition to Back Black Businesses gave $25,000 in grants to 20 “black-owned small businesses.”

Diversity is America’s strength, spurring the innovation and creativity that have made the U.S. economy the most vibrant and dynamic in history. When businesses recognize and embrace different perspectives, they are better able to create value, serve customers, support employees, and solve problems. By providing opportunities for everyone, businesses help lift communities and strengthen the health, prosperity, and competitiveness of our nation and our society.

Chamber of Commerce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (webpage)

Other Chamber legislative priorities for this month include forcing rail workers to accept a deal that several unions rejected, providing employer flexibility to “…empower pregnant workers to remain working for as long and as safely as possible,” and passing the $857 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Failed Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh campaigned against fighting ‘election fraud’ and Sharia Law. He is now suing to overturn the results of the election. When Chamber of Commerce claims diverse leaders of the future are being denied citizenship, this is what they mean.

Both big business and Zionist groups have a long history of manufacturing immigration crises such as the European migrant crisis. This is, in part, because population growth spurs economic growth, particularly in construction. A March 2022 study, published by Numbers USA, found that unchecked population growth has led to significant urban sprawl—particularly in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Sprawl wreaks havoc on natural ecosystems and increases the demand for water, which is now in scarce supply. Between 1982 and 2017, 56 percent of the American population growth can be attributed directly or indirectly to foreign immigration. If immigration isn’t restricted, America’s population may eclipse a staggering 500 million by the end of this century.

In other recent immigration news, Jewish DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced more Haitian migrants would qualify for Temporary Protected Status, avoiding deportation. The Labor Dept. allowed Louisiana crawfish employers to determine what constituted “the prevailing wage” for fishermen, allowing them to replace American fishermen with H-2B foreigners for a lower rate. On 12 December, DHS announced an additional 64,716 H-2B visas for FY 2023, even as the country finds itself in a recession. 20,000 of the new H-2Bs focus on El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti. The only immigrants the Biden Administration wanted to see deported were White South African migrant farm workers in the Mississippi Delta which was characterized as “anti-Black discrimination.”

The unfortunate effects of uncontrolled migration into the United States from impoverished South and Central American countries can often be extremely violent and equally tragic. In 2015, 32-year-old Kathryn “Kate” Steinle was shot and killed on a pier in San Francisco. Her killer, a homeless illegal immigrant, was acquitted of all charges when a jury was convinced that the shooting was an accident. In 2018, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student, Mollie Tibbits, was abducted was stabbed to death by migrant farm worker, Cristhian Bahena Rivera. He was found guilty for the crime.

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