‘Racial murder.’ White teenager gunned down by Black suspect while riding a bike with friends in suburban Pennsylvania

Sharon, PA – A 17-year-old White kid was shot in the back and killed on Saturday while riding a bicycle around town with his friends. The suspect, a Black man, openly admitted to the shooting and claimed he didn’t know the victim was dead until he saw it on the local news.

According to reports, law enforcement responded to shots fired in the city of Sharon a little after 9 pm on January 7th. That’s when first responders found 17-year-old Gavin David Beighley slumped to the ground, suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper body.

17-year-old Gavin Beighley, latest casualty of Black Violence

Police assert that Beighley and a group of teenage friends riding bicycles in the area took off and fled after a man began to fire multiple gunshots at them from nearby. Beighley was transported to Sharon Regional Hospital, but despite the best efforts of medical professionals, he ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

For his alleged role in the crime, police arrested 19-year-old Curtis R. Coleman III. Coleman—who is Black—was taken into custody with the cooperation of his younger brother, who was with the suspect at the time of the shooting. Investigators claim they recovered six spent shell casings at the scene of the crime, and the gun Coleman allegedly used was hidden in the suspect’s bedroom.

Confessed murderer Curtis Coleman. photo courtesy of WFMJ

According to a criminal complaint obtained by WKBN 27, Coleman admitted to the shooting during police interrogation. He claimed that he didn’t know anyone had been killed after he fired his weapon until he saw Beighley’s death reported on the local news. In the aftermath of the senseless, anti-White shooting, Coleman “apologized” and claims to have written an apology letter to the victim’s family and friends. The alleged letter has yet to be made public, and the Justice Report could not verify its existence or confirm if the police instructed Coleman to write it.

According to Sharon Police Chief Edward H. Stabile, Coleman has since been booked into the Mercer County Jail on an understandable $2 million bond for his alleged role in the killing of Gavin Beighley. He’s been charged with criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated assault, carrying a firearm without a license, and four counts of recklessly endangering another person.

Coleman’s preliminary court hearing has been scheduled for Friday, January 20, at 1:30 p.m., with police veteran Judge Travis Martwinski presiding. 

Photo of the victim, Gavin Beighley, courtesy of Facebook

Gavin Beighley, commonly referred to by his friends as “Pookie,” is remembered for being a bright, kind individual who loved to ride his bike around town and get snacks at the dollar store with his friends. According to Nicole Ranalli, the mother of Gavin’s girlfriend, he was a model teenager who would hold the door open for her daughter whenever they went out. Now, she says, her daughter has to undergo trauma therapy.

Victim’s girlfriend’s mother, Nicole Ranalli, via Facebook

Gavin is survived by his parents, two brothers, and an extended family that is devastated by the sudden, tragic loss. On Facebook, those affected have rallied support through grassroots fundraising, offering prayers, and retelling warm memories of a young man that will never be forgotten. “I shouldn’t have to be doing this. I’m so shattered. This is still a nightmare,” said Gavin’s mother, Jessica Beighley, in a Facebook post that shared her son’s obituary.

Victim’s mother, Jessica Beighley, via Facebook

“My baby paid a price for doing absolutely nothing,” she commented when confronted with an article reporting on Curis Coleman’s alleged apology letter. “Take your letter of apology and read it to your own mother..[sic] I don’t fucking want it. I hope you burn in hell.”

“Take your letter of apology and read it to your own mother..[sic] I don’t fucking want it. I hope you burn in hell.”

Jessica Beighley via Facebook
Victim’s friend, Kristopher, via Facebook

At a memorial vigil held in town on behalf of the Beighley family, police tape could still be seen in the area where the teenager was viciously gunned down. “Life is unpredictable, and I feel so, so, so sad for the families going through that,” said local Devin Broaden, whose children knew fondly of Gavin.

Victim’s relative, Sherry Patton, via Facebook

While the suspect may be behind bars, an extended White community is now left face-to-face with the unfortunate task of addressing what some have called an anti-White murder. “Another openly anti-White racial murder. Curtis Coleman deliberately shot into a crowd of White teenagers riding bikes,” said pro-White activist and National Justice Party Chairman, Mike Peinovich, via Telegram. “Notice how the media is making it about him and the fact that he apologized and said he didn’t mean to.”

According to the government record aggregator, Data USA, the population of Sharon, Pennsylvania, is composed of five times the amount of White people than any other race. Despite the overwhelming majority, Black violence still found a way to creep in and claim the life of a teenage boy in a town that should have served as a safe haven from acts of non-White criminality. Of approximately 13,000 currently living in Sharon, only 1,800 are Black.

But even the historically Republican Mercer County, Pennsylvania, is no stranger to the malingering effects of pro-Black, systemically anti-White racial politics and the disastrous results they often lead to. During the 2020 summer of racial reckoning—in which White Americans were hit with a dizzying 1-2 punch of Coronavirus lockdowns and wanton Black rioting—Mercer County found itself the host of several Black Lives Matter protests which surged across the streets of several county towns.

When the neo-liberal system needed bodies to march on behalf of Black criminals in Mercer, it was students at Mercyhurst College, a private Catholic school, who were mobilized to champion the cause. Even the town of Sharon, where Gavin Beighley was gunned down only a few years later, once found itself at the epicenter of pro-BLM sentiment, despite being a majority White stronghold. And who could forget when the executive chef of a famous local eatery, John Russo, stood tall and called out “evil” Floyd protesters and proudly denounced the violent rioters by labeling them “f***ing animals” online?

In the aftermath of Russo’s defiance against the corporate-endorsed race revolution, the media machine, local activists, and even “prominent local families” worked in tandem to lead a boycott against the venue and “cancel” the White chef, all for merely expressing his personal political beliefs. Their anti-White campaign of oppression was ultimately hailed by newspapers for properly addressing an “instance of hate.”

Anonymous commenter via Facebook

Multiple fundraisers have been set up to assist the Beighly family during these times, including a GoFundMe to help cover funeral costs and a Meal Train to help mitigate the soaring price of food now made problematic due to national inflationary trends. The Justice Report has reached out to the Beighly family to show our support and solidarity but did not hear back with an immediate response.

Random acts of savage Black violence committed against innocent White people have only exploded since the start of the new year. On the 1st, a newlywed from Upper Sandusky, Ohio, was brutally hacked to death with a machete while she worked her shift at a local Family Dollar. The suspect arrested was a 27-year-old Ethiopian Black, Bethel M. Bekele. On the 3rd, a 16-year-old White girl was executed with a gunshot to the head after refusing to pick up a bag of marijuana that had fallen to the floor. The suspect, Demarkus Hedges, was arrested for his alleged role in the crime.

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