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White EMS workers arrested, charged with murder for rendering aid to hallucinating Black man on stretcher

Springfield, IL – Two White EMS professionals have been arrested, charged with murder, slandered in the media, and are now staring down the barrel of a 20-60-year prison sentence. The crime? Doing their job while White.

Headshots, Finley, left, and Cadigan, right.

In a press conference held Tuesday night, Sangamon County State’s Attorney, Dan Wright—a Republican—announced first-degree murder charges for two White EMS workers, 44-year-old Peggy Finley and 50-year-old Peter Cadigan. The two medical professionals worked for a private ambulance company, Lifestar, that responded to an incident in Springfield late last year.

The hefty charges stem from a December 911 call where, over the course of their duties, a hallucinating Black man died in the hospital an hour after he had to be forcibly restrained on a medical stretcher to stop him from flailing uncooperatively. Recently released bodycam footage revealed that the deceased, 35-year-old Earl Moore Jr, could only be transported to the rear of the ambulance with the help of responding Police officers and the application of straps to keep him from falling down.

Bodycam footage of the incident, Youtube

According to police reports, Earl Moore Jr. was named as the individual who initially called 911, reporting strange people with firearms at a property in Springfield belonging to Moore’s cousin, Aaron Cutler, and his wife, Samantha. When Police arrived sometime after 2 am, they were told by another resident that Moore was only hallucinating as a result of severe alcohol withdrawals, aka “DTs.”

When officers found Moore on the ground in a disheveled bedroom at the rear of the premises, they quickly determined he needed special medical attention. They then requested an ambulance through their dispatch system, which arrived at 2:18 am. Officers can be heard on body cam recordings saying they will remain on site to ensure Moore did not work his way out of the restraints.

Black alcoholic, Earl Moore Jr. Photos courtesy Facebook & Obituary.

According to the American Addiction Centers website, Delerium Tremens, or “DTs” bring a slew of adverse symptoms, which can often make administering first aid or medical care a grueling, physically intensive task. The list of common symptoms may include aggression, agitation, irritability, severe visual, tactile, or auditory hallucinations, and even seizures. When these symptoms progress to the point of a severe medical emergency—as was the case with Moore—powerful medications like barbituates or antipsychotics are often issued to help treat the illness.

Delirium tremens results from prolonged periods of heavy drinking. Unlike an episode of binge drinking, which involves drinking large amounts of alcohol (5 or more drinks for men, or 4 or more drinks for women) in a 2-hour period, DTs results from heavy drinking that occurs for many days over long periods of time. People who drink very large amounts of alcohol daily for at least several months are more likely to develop delirium tremens. The longer you drink regularly, the higher your risk for developing DTs.

How Much Alcohol Do I Have to Drink to Get Delirium Tremens? – American Addiction Centers

The pair were arrested and charged with murder and are currently being held in jail on an outrageous 1 million dollar bond. Associate Circuit Judge Karen Tharp quickly denied a request to reduce the bond amounts for Finley and Cadigan. While neither of the accused has pleaded guilty or not guilty, a preliminary hearing for both is set for Jan. 19.

Peter Wise, an attorney representing Finley and Cadigan, asserted that neither EMS professional had a prior criminal record nor are they at risk of fleeing prosecution.

Sangamon County State’s Attorney, Dan Wright issued first-degree murder charges for two White EMS workers who were forced to restrain an uncooperative Black patient. Photo courtesy of State Journal-Register.

According to the Illinois Times, both of the accused appeared somber in striped jumpsuits during a video arraignment hearing. It was reported that Finley became emotional during the hearing, while Cadigan simply looked toward the floor and appeared sullen as proceedings took place.

“Cadigan has been married for 13 years, a Sangamon County resident most of his life, has two children and worked as an EMT for more than 25 years,” said Wise during their arraignment. “He has served and helped the community, not hurt the community.”

Wise said Finley is a mother of 4 and grandmother of six who grew up on a farm in rural Fayette County before working as a paramedic in Springfield for approximately four years.

Earl Moore Jr.’s cousin, Aaron Cutler, and Cutler’s wife, Samantha outside of the home where Moore was taken to the hospital. Photo courtesy of DEAN OLSEN

Moore was declared dead at the hospital at 3:14 am. By 11 am, an autopsy was completed by FBI Expert Dr. J. Scott Denton, which determined Moore’s cause of death was from “compressional and positional asphyxia.” While classifying the death as a homicide, Denton noted the death occurred “in the setting of lethargy and underlying chronic alcoholism.”

While FBI Expert Dr. Denton was not working on behalf of the FBI during the course of this autopsy, he is known for his work on reviving contentious cold cases. Denton was called in while the body was still warm in this instance, however.

Other figures involved in this latest bout of anti-White lawfare are Sangamon County State’s Attorney Dan Wright and Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon. In the media, Dan Wright is facing negative publicity for his December 2022 move to halt J.D. Pritzker’s anti-White SAFE-T Act. Jim Allmon, an elected official, has been known to strategically place his Black son-in-law in front of himself and his own biological son on social media posts. Both Wright and Allmon are Republicans.

The family of Moore has retained Ben Crump, the infamous Black activist lawyer for the George Floyd family. Crump is much more than a civil rights shakedown artist. Crump’s website contains numerous calls for what he calls “Genetic Justice” and promotes Senate bills that specifically target White police officers.

The outrage over this incident has not gone unaddressed, however. “Two White EMS workers tried to assist a hallucinating Black man who had to be restrained,” said Michael Peinovich, pro-White activist and Chairman of the National Justice Party via Telegram. “The man later died, and the EMS workers are being charged with murder. What is the point of even trying to help if you’re White? Any encounter with a Black person can land you In jail.”

What started as a routine 911 call initiated by an alcoholic Black man has turned into an anti-White lynch mob, all for the personal gain of local political figures. The incident echoes the now globally infamous case of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis Police Officer—who received State and Federal charges—was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for attempting to restrain the career criminal and substance abuser George Floyd during a drug-induced episode. The incident, which culminated in Floyd’s subsequent overdose death, sparked a summer of race riots whose effects can still be felt today.

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