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Local NJP Volunteer Corps protests ‘all ages drag show’ in Tennessee, venue forced to close doors to children

Cookeville, TN – As a local brewery hosted what was originally advertised as an “all-ages drag show,” the local supporters of the National Justice Party (NJP) came out in force to protest what they claim was a display of anti-White degeneracy. The show, hosted by Hix Farm Brewery in ruby-red Cookeville, Putnam County, featured drag performers: Queen Presley Onassis, Brooklyn Hunter, and Royal Disaster, hosted by trans-activist Justin Dreamz.

Instagram Advertisement by event hosts Upper Cumberland Pride featured on Hix Farm’s Instagram.

Upper Cumberland Pride is hosting another Drag Me To Brunch event here at Hix Farm Brewery in January. This is a private, ticketed, and PG event to raise funds for UC Pride. However, due to recent activity, we need to address the community so that the narrative does not fall solely in the hands of those perpetuating hurtful and negative stereotypes upon the LGBTQ+ community.

Hix Farm Brewery Instagram Page.

The Cedar Avenue protest was attended by local supporters of the National Justice Party alongside other groups. Several on-the-ground observers estimated that there were upwards of 35 protesters in total. The pro-White activists stood their ground for almost three hours in the cold, dreary weather as they stared down opposition from members of the LGBTQ community, as well as agents of the leftist extremist organization, Antifa.

National Justice Party Volunteer Corps organizer, Carson Kilgrey, delivered a fiery speech that highlighted several examples of pro-homosexual rights activists being arrested for possession of child sexual abuse material. An impassioned Kilgrey on the bullhorn exclaimed, “there are Tennesseans who are willing to stand up and say NO! No more grooming, No more drag events, No more public displays of sexual depravity!”

He argues that drag events happen because they go “unchallenged in the street, unchallenged on the TV, unchallenged by this government. But no longer!” Peppered by chants of “You reproduce through abuse!” Kilgrey defiantly declared, “…you cowards hide behind an 18-plus event sign on the day of. You advertised this as a minor-friendly event and that’s what you would have preferred if not for men like us!”

The drag show had initially been advertized as an “all ages” show. Still, due to pressure from the National Justice Party volunteer corps and other concerned citizens, this sign was held up on the day of the event to deter protest.

Turning his attention away from Hix Farms Brewery, Kilgrey attacked Putnam County’s Republican Party: “Now, we have a good sized crowd here opposing this degeneracy…But let’s ask the question: Who isn’t here? Where the hell is the local Republican Party?” Addressing Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter directly, Kilgrey asked, “why don’t you come down here and join us?”

NJP demonstrators handed out promotional fliers to passersby. The response was primarily positive from the public. However, an assortment of agitators and masked “Antifa” from parts unknown showed up to counter the right-wing demonstrators in favor of the sexualization of children. At least one left-wing rabble-rouser was armed—brandishing a firearm several times—according to witnesses.

In typical Antifa fashion, Josh Brandon, pictured above, posted several videos of the protestors to his now-banned Tiktok attempting to dox them.

One of the anti-fascists who came out in counter-protest was actor and YouTuber Josh Brandon. Brandon, a Knoxville area resident, is an anti-White, anti-Christian activist whose podcast Overthinking Everything seeks to deconstruct what he calls “the culture of cultism” and “Toxic White Southern Culture.” Onlookers reported Brandon kept threatening pro-White activists and appeared to be wearing what looked like a bulletproof vest under his clothes.

Just one night prior, Atlanta-based “Treehouse Antifa” took to the streets to protest the justified police killing of fellow extremist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. During their scheduled “night of rage,” rioters caused millions of dollars of damage in Downtown Atlanta, which included the torching of several police vehicles. Many of the participants were charged with domestic terrorism among other felonies for their conduct in the anti-White melee, many even crossing state lines in an apparent conspiracy to commit violence.

Hix Farm Brewery, located at 54 S Cedar Ave, Cookeville, TN, is owned by Colorado natives CEO Malcolm and COO JB Brown Young. Both have backgrounds in aerospace engineering. Both work for defense contractor Lockheed Martin which has extensive ties to US intelligence and a long track record of pro-LGBT organizing.

Co-Owner JB Brown Young (right) and Co-Owner Malcolm Young (left). Readers noticing a discrepancy should be aware Co-Owner Malcolm Young’s name is misspelled on his own brewery’s webpage.

A few days before, a local Christian leader named Sean called a representative of Hix Farm Brewery believed to be the owner Malcolm Young, posing “as a groomer” to elicit information on the event. The company man admitted to Sean that he would intentionally misrepresent the show as adults-only to deter “people fishing around to make trouble.” Hix Farm is intended “to be a family-friendly place,” which sells some merchandise geared toward kids according to the owner. “If that bothers somebody, that’s their problem,” Young added.

Leading up to the protest, Hix Farm received numerous outraged messages from locals while concerned citizens petitioned Cookeville to ban drag shows entirely. Hix Farms alleges they received many “threats of violence” from “far-right individuals” although the Justice Report could not verify their assertions.

On the day of the event, Hix Farm appeared to cow to public pressure, putting up a sign now declaring the show “18+ event; no minors admitted; no exceptions.” Witnesses said that they thankfully saw no children in the vicinity.

Reflecting on his experience at the successful protest, another demonstrator Anthony Souza, said:

It was a small victory, because they did change it to 18 plus and that was because of us. If people are against this, they need to step up and get involved. We called out the conservatives for not being there. It’s always great with Tennessee NJP. It’s the best of the best—top notch people. We also got along with the other groups who came out there. It was a positive experience and I think everyone should get involved.

Anthony Souza

The event itself was hosted by Upper Cumberland Pride. Their website claims they are “…a non-profit non-political group operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.” They see rural Tennessee as a provincial backwater, out of touch with modern progressive values. “Our purpose,” they say, “is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid to the LGBTQIA+ community of the Upper Cumberland Region of Middle Tennessee.”

UC Pride’s eclectic sponsor list range from local businesses such as True Love Tattoo just up the street at 104 N Cedar Ave, several pro-LGBT foundations to beverage companies. SAIC is yet another Fortune 500 defense contractor with extensive contracts with NASA, US intelligence, and the military.

In 2022, National Justice Party activists participated in several major protest actions. NJP protested the slaying of White teeanger Jupiter Paulsen by an illegal migrant in Fargo, North Dakota. The NJP marched twice in Akron, Ohio to highlight the anti-White criminal justice system in the wake of the savage beating death of Ethan Liming. Activists also rallied and demonstrated in favor of hate crimes and terrorism charges for Waukesha parade attacker Darrell Brooks in October. Finally, in November, local NJP supporters handed out literature at the annual Waukesha Christmas parade. It would be the first parade to take place since the infamous attack the previous year.

Sources suggest 2023 will be an action-packed year, with several mass meetings planned across the country along with other street actions. Party officials say that those interested in participating are encouraged to get in contact on the NJP website.

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