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Black suspect executes White girl and cousin with silenced pistol only 20 minutes from Waukesha

South Milwaukee, WI – The lives of two teenagers from Wisconsin were tragically cut short after a Black career criminal was released from prison seventeen years early and allowed to roam free.

Cousins Ava Allen, 17, and Jaelen Yracheta, 18, arranged to meet with Brandon J. Randall, 22, a few days after Christmas of 2022 and allowed him into their car to complete a cash transaction. Randall, who was acquainted with Yracheta, was in the car for just 10 seconds before he allegedly shot Ava twice point blank in the head and Jaelen three times in the body with a silenced handgun.

Victim Ava Allen.

Limited details have been made available to the public at this time, but local Fox correspondent Bill Miston has seen police documents. Miston claims that the police describe the victims having been “targeted” in advance but does not elaborate on a racial angle to the crime.

“I heard five gunshots last night. I thought they were fireworks,”

Neighbor Sonia Gurtin

Randall—who is Black—is a career felon. He was released three months prior to the murder after serving only four years of a 21-year sentence for carjacking and nearly running over the head of a White father in 2018. Despite an arrest in April 2018 for stealing from a dwelling, Randall was released on $200 bail without firearms restrictions. He then participated in the group carjacking and beating of the White father just one month later. When he was arrested in June, he was charged with eluding the arresting officer and assaulting him, resulting in “substantial bodily harm.”

Brandon Randall participated in the head-stomping attack on a White father picking up his son from soccer practice in 2018.

Despite the violent nature of his repeated crimes, Randall was allowed to plead guilty to some charges while carjacking, bail jumping, assault on an officer, and operating a vehicle without consent were all “dismissed but read in” during sentencing.

On January 14th, 2022, Randall appears to have been let out of jail, brought back in on September 9th, then released for the last time on September 26th. Records are not clear as to the nature of his January release or if it was, in fact, a release.

Brandon J Randall Mugshot, photo courtesy of WISN12 ABC.

In November of 2022, police believe Randall was shot in the foot, giving him a noticeable limp. The circumstances of his shooting injury are also unclear. The Justice Report has reached out to relevant authorities for a copy of the criminal complaint and investigative findings of the South Milwaukee Police Department but did not hear back for an immediate response.

On December 27th, two days prior to the shooting, Randall celebrated his birthday with a Facebook post dedicated to himself.

The hashtags “LLKes” and “LLWill” refer to two Black criminals Randall was well acquainted with. Kes is a teenager who died when he crashed during a police pursuit, and Will refers to William Davis Jr., killed when he harassed another Black man who was walking with his daughters. That man was also killed in the exchange of gunfire with William Davis Jr.

On the night of the murder of Ava and Jaelen, Brandon Randall allegedly wore latex gloves and a surgical mask. The police claim the murder weapon was a silenced Glock 17 that he allegedly brought with him.

Jaelen Yracheta’s mother went looking for her son and niece late at night and was the first to find their bodies. Ava Allen’s autopsy has not been made public but the medical examiner noted that the gunshots were to her head alone.

Randall has been booked into the county jail in lieu of a $500,000 bond and faces two counts of 1st-degree intentional homicide and felon with possession of weapon causing death. If convicted, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. While Ava and Jaelen’s parents will never forget their beloved children, the perpetrator largely already has:

During Randall’s eight-hour interrogation following his Jan. 10 arrest, he said he could not remember the incident besides seeing flashes and a “regular Jaelen smile.”

Cousins Ava Allen, 17, and Jaelen Yracheta, 18, the latest casualties of Black violence. Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

South Milwaukee, the scene of the executions of both Ava Allen and Jaelen Yracheta, is just 20 minutes away from Waukesha, Wisconsin. One year prior, and coincidentally also around Christmas time, the anti-White terrorist Darrell Brooks Jr. drove around a police barricade to run over dozens and ultimately kill six White parade-goers. Brooks—who is Black—attacked the parade immediately in the aftermath of the acquittal of White teenager Kyle Rittenhouse after a justified self-defense shooting in nearby Kenosha when he defended himself from Antifa extremists.

Much like in neighboring Waukesha and Kenosha, Milwaukee Police responded to the 2020 summer of racial reckoning and terror by kneeling to protesters during the day and allowing them to burn the city by night.

Police kneel in Milwaukee during a Black Lives Matter protest.
Truck on fire outside of Kenosha county courthouse during the 2020 George Floyd riots. Photo courtesy of Mike De Sisti

Several controversies still remain open with this case. Local law enforcement and court officials have yet to explain how a parolee acquired surgical gloves, a cell phone, two pistols, a silencer, and an extended magazine. Randall, a violent felon, was able to get out of jail 17 years early, only to be arrested for the murder of a White teenage girl. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, political podcasters are facing 30 years for simply possessing unregistered silencers and firearms. The podcasters—referred to as “far-right”—have not been accused of any act of violence. The Justice Report will continue to provide details as they become available.

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