Texts, emails reveal collusion between conservative Florida police Chief and Anti-Defamation League

Atlantis, Florida – Newly released text messages and emails have confirmed intimate collusion between the publicly funded City of Atlantis Police Department and the Florida branch of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). In these now-surfaced communications, Chief of Police Robert G. Mangold can be seen strategizing, conspiring with, and even taking direction from the interim director of Florida ADL, Yael Hershfield.

The concerning texts and emails between the Chief and director Hershfield—which appear to discuss methods on how to best combat constitutionally protected activities—were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by a concerned citizen and issued to the Justice Report. The documents stem from a January encounter with a local pro-White organizer and influencer, John “Handsome Truth” Minadeo.

Atlantis Police Chief, Robert G. Mangold (left) and interim director Florida ADL, Yael Hershfield (right)

During the encounter, Chief Mangold was captured on a live stream broadcast making the “mistake” of tacitly agreeing with many of the political points Minadeo had expressed while thousands of viewers were tuning in. The lack of a heavy-handed response to the interaction with Minadeo, who was distributing informational flyers around the Atlantis Police Department at the time, prompted Hershfield to reach out personally.

“Minadeo just posted this,” said Hershfield in one text message dated January 22nd while linking to the “Handsome Truth” Gab account. “At lunch. I’ll check it out as soon as I get home. Thank you,” Chief Mangold replied.

Text messages reveal Police Chief Mangold “apologizing” and apparently acting in subservience to ADL director Hershfield.

The Gab link Hershfield had forwarded to Mangold was a clip of the Chief’s interaction with Minadeo. In the clip, Mangold can be heard approaching Minadeo, threatening him with arrest for “prowling” on city property. But after Minadeo explains that his actions fall under the category of free speech, Mangold allows Minadeo time to show him what his flyers and activism are all about.

“This is what I’m warning Americans about,” explained Minadeo, showcasing a series of fliers that challenge readers to discuss the notion of Jewish overrepresentation in most, if not all, American institutions of power.

“I’m aware of that. I’m well aware of that partner. Do you see the shirt?” Replied Mangold, pointing to a red, pro-second amendment T-shirt he was wearing emblazoned with the word “uninfringed.” “It goes way beyond gun control. It’s a federal government that goes way beyond control, I understand all that.”

“Look, this is Trump. All Jewish donors!” Minadeo can be heard saying as he points to another of his fliers which details Jewish-American involvement in Trump’s presidential campaigns. “Yeah, it’s the whole damn government,” replied Mangold, explicitly agreeing with Minadeo’s statements. “Trump, Biden, the whole thing!”

After apparently watching the clip for himself, Mangold replied to Hershfield’s text, apologizing for his lack of a more heavy-handed response to the encounter.

“Sometimes mirroring and attempting to defuse are not the right tactics,” groveled Mangold via text. “Not my finest moment. No excuses, recover and be smarter next time. At least we managed to arrest one for obstruction.”

Mangold was, of course, referring to the January arrest of a local pro-White activist who refused to identify himself after distributing informational fliers critical of Jewish power in American institutions. The arrest comes during a recent push by the Florida GOP and Jewish lobbyists to stifle the freedom of speech and constitutionally protected activities of White Americans under the guise of combating “anti-semitism.”

But if deescalating a situation peacefully—as Mangold did with Minadeo on live stream—wasn’t one of Mangold’s “best moments” as Chief of a law enforcement agency, then what would have been a preferable outcome? According to ADL director Hershfield via email correspondence, it’s all about “city leadership condemnation” and making arrests.

Emails between ADL director Hershfield and Police Chief Mangold detailing ways to crack down on civil liberties. Ironically, the Chief’s email letterhead contains quotes denouncing “tyrants” and promoting “freedom.”

“When it comes to laser projections, another of their favorite activities, we have seen some cities pass ordinances that have helped them with that,” explains Hershfield in a follow-up email dated January 23rd, the day after the Minadeo clip was released on Gab. “Legally we cannot prevent them, which is why it’s important that city leadership condemns it.”

Hershfield’s email also includes links to strategies that could better assist Police Chief Mangold in cracking down on constitutionally protected activities. Such strategies include methods on how to fight “extremist” propaganda, how to identify monetization efforts by pro-White activists, and even includes a copy of ordinances for the neighboring city of St. Petersburg, which suggested that Mangold could use as a template for political oppression in his own jurisdiction.

Chief Mangold wielding a firearm (right) next to a Facebook post espousing typical “race-blind” Conservative talking points. Photos: Facebook

But who exactly is Atlantis Police Chief Robert G Mangold? A 43-year veteran of the Atlantis City Police Department, Mangold is a highly credentialed civil servant who is triple certified as a Police Officer, Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician. According to his personal Facebook account, the man presents himself as a right-leaning populist who is staunchly pro-Second Amendment. A quick look at his “Likes” tab, however, reveals membership to the Ben Shapiro outlet “Daily Wire” as well as support for a pro-Zionist group called “United with Israel.”

“Obviously, we see that she is scolding Mangold for his appearance on my live stream, in which he agrees with me on camera that Jews are behind covid, the media, and control the government,” said Minadeo on Telegram in reference to the leaked text messages. “Mangold then apologizes to his Jewish handler and reassures the yenta that he will do better, but at least he made an arrest.”

The Justice Report reached out to John “Handsome Truth” Minadeo for comment on the startling revelation that Florida law enforcement appeared subservient to what some have now called a Jewish supremacy organization. But according to him, the collusion comes as no surprise.

John “Handsome Truth” Minadeo of GoyimTV and the “Goyim Defense League.” Photo: Livestream GoyimTV

“These are people that are showing up at our house regularly now. It’s getting really weird. Strange cars show up unannounced sometimes as early as 5 am,” explained Minadeo, detailing his harrowing experiences with what he believes are operatives directed by the ADL to harass and intimidate him, “but we’re going to expose corruption in the State of Florida with the ADL no matter what it takes.”

“The reason why Mangold gave Hershfield his personal phone number in those emails and texts is so that their conversations can’t be released via FOIA request. They don’t want their talks to go public. They want to keep their cooperation secret,” said Minadeo.

States like New York and Florida have recently become freedom of speech battlegrounds for men like John Minadeo and other pro-White activists. During a recent “Rallying Against Hate” press conference organized by the controversial Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood—who recently threatened to arrest, dox, and “crush” pro-White advocates who he calls “antisemitic, racist cowards”—openly taunted American citizens for daring to criticize Floridian Jews on his watch.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood once called the Volusia county council the “scumbags of the week” for “violating the public’s trust and circumventing the will of the people” after voting to restrict his powers as an elected official.

In a presser from 2018, Sheriff Mike Chitwood once called the Volusia County council the “scumbags of the week” for “violating the public’s trust and circumventing the will of the people” after they voted to restrict his access to County money as an elected official. The ironic move is in stark contrast to the angry rants that are now commonplace on his Twitter account, where he can be found regularly calling out everyday American citizens and free speech advocates as “neo-nazi scumbags” in which he vows to “go nuclear.”

Alongside dozens of community “religious leaders,” Republican functionaries, and even Yael Hershfield herself, Chitwood and company condemned “anti-semitism” during the conference and outlined their strategy to further curtail free speech.

Jewish Florida State Representative, Randy Fine, also used the conference to promote the passage of HB 269, a constitutionally fraught bill that, if passed, would add hate speech “kickers” to any crime committed in the State, elevating it to a third-degree felony with up to five years in prison. The bill also defines “willfully following, harassing, or interfering with” another person based on their religion or ethnic heritage as “aggravated stalking,” also a third-degree felony and a hate crime.

“There is no First Amendment right to litter, there is no First Amendment right to graffiti, there is no First Amendment right to assault, there is no First Amendment right to block someone’s access to the place where they pray,” said Fine during the conference as he promoted HB 269. “In Florida, if you do that, you’re going to go to jail, and you’re going to go to jail for a very long time.”

“I would remind you, there’s no First Amendment right to conduct,” explained Fine. “…I guarantee the bill will pass. And I never do that.”

“The reason why Mangold gave Hershfield his personal phone number in those emails and texts is so that their conversations can’t be released via FOIA request…They want to keep their cooperation secret,”

John “Handsome Truth” Minadeo

The bill was largely rumored to have been introduced as a way for the State to legally crack down on freedom of speech activities that are critical of Jewish interests in America, specifically the distribution of flyers and laser light displays on the sides of buildings—both methods John Minadeo and the “Goyim Defense League” often employs.

HB 269 is not the only controversial and constitutionally dubious law currently being passed about the Sunshine State, however. The recent SB 1316, introduced by Sen. Jason Brodeur (R), would require bloggers and alternative media websites who write critically about elected Florida officials to register with the State and disclose earnings. The bill is highly controversial, drawing ire from both sides of the political spectrum. According to the fine details, SB 1316 could impose a $25 a day fine, up to $2500 per posting, for those failing to adhere to the draconian guidelines.

When we asked John Minadeo if there was anything that the State legislature, the Anti-Defamation League, or the Republican party could do to get him to stop being critical of Jewish interests, or stop advocating for his own race, Minadeo replied, “yes, there is.”

“All I’m doing is laying out the truth,” he asserted. “If they can debunk any of the facts or any of the information present on my flyers, I’ll stop tomorrow.”

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