White victim of sword attack, Jon Romano, demands hate crimes charges for Black man who left him permanently disfigured

Original Story: Black Man Commits Anti-White Sword Attack On White Volunteer, Media Focuses on Victim’s Troubled Past”

Albany, New York – Jon Romano, the White homeless shelter worker left permanently disfigured after a Black vagrant hacked him with swords, is now speaking out against the injustice he’s faced since the gruesome attack last year. He’s now demanding hate crimes charges be issued for the attacker’s continued use of anti-White hate speech during the assault.

Montage of TikToks courtesy of Jon Romano.

While the Black man responsible has since pleaded guilty to the crime, he was issued a controversial plea deal that allowed him to avoid trial altogether. Romano, however, now says that the charges aren’t enough, and he’s demanding hate crimes charges be issued by the district attorney due to the convict’s continued use of the slur “White devil” during the attack.

“He [Mason] pled not guilty, but the district attorney is offering him 25 years if he pleads guilty and avoids trial,” explained Jon via one of his many prolific Tiktok posts. “I’m upset with the DA’s office. I want him charged with a hate crime.”

Romano shows off the permanent scarring on his arms, wrists, neck, and legs after the sword attack carried out by Randell Mason. Collage: TikTok

When asked why the DA wasn’t charging his attacker appropriately by one user in a TikTok comment section, Romano answered, “…Because it’s not politically correct to charge a Black man with a hate crime against a White person.”

“Have you gone to the news?” Asked another TikTok user. Romano only replied, “I tried but they don’t care.”

Comments from Jon Romano’s TikTok.

Romano’s pleas for justice have largely been made on social media, specifically a TikTok account where he maintains a prolific video presence. Some of his videos—which painstakingly document his slow recovery in the wake of the brutal, racially motivated attack last year—have been dedicated to calling out Albany District Attorney, David Soares, for his silence on the matter. In some instances, Romano even claims he’s being ignored by Soares altogether.

“I’m upset with the DA’s office. I want him charged with a hate crime.”

Jon Romano, Tiktok

“He [Mason] was calling me the White devil while doing this and beforehand,” said Romano during a TikTok recording. “It’s a racial slur and a hate crime. Why won’t the DA’s office say so?”

The incident initially occurred in August of last year while Romano worked as a caretaker at Community Connections, a local drop-in center for Albany’s growing homeless population. During meal time, the suspect, 49-year-old Randell Mason, allegedly began to call Romano and other staff around him anti-White slurs.

Randell Mason, mugshot Albany PD.

Using words like “White devil,” Mason—who is Black— exploded into a rage, retrieving two swords from his bunk and hacking at Romano in a completely unprovoked assault. While Romano miraculously survived the incident, he was left permanently disfigured and now requires physical therapy in hopes that one day he can restore full mobility to his limbs and extremities.

Mason, on the other hand, was swiftly arrested. He plead guilty to an attempted second-degree murder charge at a courtroom appearance on February 10th. The plea, which allowed Mason to skirt additional attempted murder and felony assault charges, is expected to receive 25 years in prison when he’s sentenced this upcoming April. If a hate crime enhancement were applied, Mason could be held much longer for his violent crime.

Jon Romano in recovery after being hacked with swords by Black criminal, Randell Mason. Photos: TikTok

“…One of the swords actually ended up breaking, and when the blade broke, he just kind of tossed it to the side, took the other sword and left,” explained Jon Romano on, Tiktok. “He told police that he had done enough damage and that I was going to die anyway. But thankfully, I survived and here I am to talk about it.”

“He was calling me the White devil while doing this and beforehand. It’s a racial slur and a hate crime. Why won’t the DA’s office say so?”

Jon Romano, Tiktok

It remains to be seen, however, if Albany County District Attorney, P David Soares, answers Romano’s growing calls for justice. Soares, a Black West African immigrant who—thanks to funding by billionaire investor, George Soros—has maintained his position as a prosecutor in Albany for five consecutive terms. Like many Soros-funded DAs, Soares has a concerning history of prioritizing the rights of the accused over the legal advocacy of victims.

The openly progressive Soares has been criticized in the past for his dogged attacks on mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for those charged with serious narcotic offenses. Soares also shockingly advocated for the restoration of voting rights for ex-convicts in an opinion piece submitted to USA TODAY, and once proudly proclaimed his commitment to diversity quotas and ensuring “25 percent of prosecutors and other staffing that we have hired in the office are people of color, both men and women.”

Albany District Attorney, David Soares. Photo: Will Waldron / Times Union)

Under the District Attorney’s anti-White leadership, however, Albany has seen a sharp rise in violent crime over the past decade. Robberies and rapes are up 38% and 21%, respectively, and In 2022, the capital of the Empire State saw a grand total of 19 murders.

The Justice Report has reached out to David Soares for comment but did not hear back for an immediate response.

While actual criminals in Albany continue to skirt full accountability for their crimes, DAs like Soares seem to have little issue in prosecuting race-related charges for people like Alexander Wolcott, a White man accused of allegedly placing stickers containing illegal imagery at Albany University. The now famous incident which occurred last year resulted in Wolcott being issued an unconstitutional “red-flag” order which allowed for the seizure of his personal firearms. He now faces up to four years in prison for aggravated harassment in the 1st degree, a felony, if convicted.

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