Black man charged in beating death of White teenager, Ethan Liming, rearrested for violating house arrest

Akron, Ohio – One of the three suspects involved in the beating death of White teenager, Ethan Liming, was re-arrested earlier this month for continuously violating the conditions of his house arrest. The Republican judge handling the case claims the suspect had amassed 55 hours of unaccounted time, some of it spent at places like Burger King, Acme, and an apartment miles away in Cleveland.

On April 6th, 21-year-old Deshawn Stafford’s bond was revoked and ordered to be re-arrested by Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tammy O’Brien. He was subsequently taken to Summit County Jail and issued tighter, more stringent house arrest rules.

Deshawn Stafford (left) with family. Photo: GoFundMe.

According to reports, O’Brien quickly let Stafford return to his house arrest status with GPS monitoring, but will now be strictly bound to his home. O’Brien said that the court must now pre-approve common courtesies like doctors’ appointments or meetings with his lawyer through a special request.

Under the new terms, if Stafford continues to disregard the conditions of his court-ordered House arrest, O’Brien says he will be arrested immediately and sent back to jail.

Initially, the alleged murderer was released on a reduced bond but could only leave his home under certain conditions, like for work or medical necessity. O’Brien, the Republican Judge responsible for lowering Stafford’s bond in the first place, asserted that since his release, Stafford continuously failed to charge his electronic GPS tracking device through February.

Judge Tammy O’Brien. Photo: Mike Cardew, Akron Beacon Journal

Over the course of his house arrest status, O’Brien did allow the suspect to attend events, such as a baby shower in May. But the court claimed that for two whole hours during this pre-approved visit, Stafford went missing and was completely unaccounted for. Additionally, Stafford took liberties by visiting places like an Acme grocery store and a Burger King in March. When he was scheduled to attend a pre-trial supervision meeting in April, Stafford instead went to a store and visited somebody in an apartment in Cleveland.

Overall, O’Brien estimated the violations racked up by the alleged killer of Ethan Liming to roughly 55 hours in which he was held completely unaccountable.

In response, Stafford claimed he had to get food for his child, as well as pick up a family member for the baby shower in May. “That wasn’t part of what I said you were allowed to do,” O’Brien told him. “You are not to leave your home pending trial.”

Mugshots of all three men accused in Ethan Liming’s death, Deshawn pictured left.

An assistant prosecutor in the case, Jennie Shuki, said it would be preferable if Stafford remained locked up, as it was obvious he had a consistent issue with abiding by the court’s house arrest order. She also said that while he remains out of jail, Stafford would only slow the court process and arm prosecutors with more time to develop a strategy before the trial begins on May 1st.

While Stafford’s speedy trial rights have ensured a set a court date, Shuki claims she may be asking the court for an extension. Prosecutors and court staff have been working remotely due to safety concerns stemming from recent protests and violent rioting in the streets of Akron. The storm of organized Black street violence comes in the wake of a recent grand jury decision not to indict eight police officers involved in the justifiable shooting death of Jayland Walker last year. Because of this accommodation, she claims it’s difficult for her to speak with witnesses before the trial begins.

During a virtual hearing on Thursday, Stafford’s attorney, Jon Sinn, requested that Stafford once again be released on bond. He claimed that Stafford had been “juggling a lot of responsibilities,” which included “working” and “providing for his family.”

17-year-old Ethan Liming. Photo: School

Stafford is just one of three suspects involved in the brutal beating death of White teenager Ethan Liming outside of Akron’s “I Promise” school on June 2nd last year. While initially charged with murder, all three suspects had their charges and bonds lowered, allowing the three Black men to walk free before trial. The decision has since outraged the Liming family and has only flared tempers and increased calls for federal hate crimes charges to be issued.

Despite the community’s outrage, and the development of a clear set of double standards within the American justice system, the suspects involved in Liming’s death have only appeared to receive top-down institutional support. Akron’s local paper, the Akron Beacon Journal, previously obtained Liming’s autopsy report and used the information within to spin a narrative that implies that Liming was never actually beaten to death. Instead, the paper claims he merely died after falling and hitting his head on the concrete. The paper has yet to release the report to a concerned public.

Even Akron Police Chief, Stephen Mylett, attempted to shift blame onto the victim by saying Liming instigated the fight which led to his death. Police have also insisted that the altercation stemmed from a water gun prank, with Mylett blaming the dangers of social media challenges present on TikTok. The evidence, some have claimed, doesn’t add up.

“My son Ethan Liming was murdered by three African American males and a female who stood by and did nothing,’ Bill Liming, father of Ethan Liming, said during an interview.

National Justice Party Chairman Mike Peinovich during a protest held last year. Photo: Justice Report.

“Saying Liming died from a fall is like saying the red SUV is what killed the people in Waukesha,” said Mike Peinovich, Chairman of the pro-White advocacy group, the National Justice Party, on Telegram. “The footprint on his chest, which they have to admit to but do their best to obfuscate, indicates that he continued to be kicked and beaten even after he fell.”

The National Justice Party made headlines after it launched two separate protests demanding justice for Ethan Liming and his family. On top of calling for hate crimes charges for all three accused killers, Peinovich, among others, also advocate for an end to racial double standards latent within the criminal justice system. They contend the status quo negatively impacts White Americans.

“My son Ethan Liming was murdered by three African American males and a female who stood by and did nothing.”

Bill Liming, Interview with Akron Beacon Journal

“Where are the ‘Emmett Till’ style autopsy photos of Ethan Liming?” Asked Warren Balogh, Central Committee member of the National Justice Party and one-half of the nationalist news outlet Modern Politics, on Telegram. “White victims are dehumanized and their murder is deliberately sanitized by the media and the judicial system. Let the nation see and be forced to look at what happened to Ethan Liming.

“The fact that White pain and suffering is hidden from the public eye is, in itself, a form of racial discrimination—with the gravest of consequences.” continued Balogh.

The story of Ethan Liming and the community’s call for justice is ongoing. The Justice Report will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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