Exclusive video: the National Justice Party speaks with Jamie White, ‘hero father’ and victim of anti-White violence

Gastonia, North Carolina – Previously unreported details have emerged in the case of Jamie and Kinsley White, two White victims of a racially motivated shooting that drew peaceful protests on Saturday.

According to Jamie White, who spoke one-on-one with National Justice Party (NJP) Central Committee member, Warren Balogh, Mr. White confirmed that the anti-White language used by the alleged shooter, Robert Singletary, was far more vitriolic in nature than the media had originally reported.

The entire interaction was caught on video, and the Justice Report obtained advanced footage depicting the “hero” father, Jamie White, engaging in a friendly conversation with Balogh via Facetime after the protest. Balogh, holding a cell phone, could be seen conversing with a grateful White who appeared relieved that an organization was finally stepping up and rallying on his family’s behalf.

“We support you guys all the way,” said Balogh in the footage. “I’m not trying to make it a racial thing, but it is,” replied White.

“It is. It is, they made it a racial thing,” replied Balogh. “(He said) Oh you’re White? I hate White Mother$@&%!^*! I’m gonna fu&%*# kill your White ass!” asserted White in reply.

When asked by Balogh if that’s really what the alleged shooter, Robert Singletary, had said before opening fire, White replied, “That’s word for word what he said!”

“You (the NJP) have got more out there about this situation than any newscast could,” said White. “It was a racial thing. Right is right, wrong is wrong.”

At one point, Balogh asked White how he was recovering, to which White replied, “It’s a slow recovery, I’m very sore.” When asked how Kinsley, his 6-year-old daughter was getting along after a bullet fragment pierced her cheek, a relieved White replied “She’s alive.”

“Oh you’re White? I hate White Mother$@&%!^*! I’m gonna fu&%*# kill your White ass!”

Jamie White on alleged shooter, Robert Singletary

Balogh then asked White about his thoughts on Singletary’s character before the shooting took place. “He was only there for a week. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the house he was in,” White explained. “The guy renting the house was so scared of him, he and his son left. He’s (Singletary) been there maybe five days, and every day, he cussed at every one of those kids for playing basketball.”

Warren Balogh leading a protest march of over forty men and women on Saturday in support of the White family. Photo: Justice Report

The admissions made by White during the video call appeared to be a shocking departure from the official narrative set out by the mainstream media. According to the Gaston Gazette, which was the first publication to interview White after his release from the hospital, Singletary’s statements before the attack were openly anti-White, but appear diminished compared to what was actually expressed. The Gazette appears to have omitted many, if not all of the expletives and appears to have downplayed the severity of the anti-White bigotry White had personally experienced.

Famously, the Associated Press didn’t report on Singletary’s anti-White hatred at all. It’s believed they deliberately edited White’s quote from the Gaston Gazette in to conceal the racial narrative.

The NJP’s protest to demand justice on behalf of the White family stemmed from a violent incident that erupted on April 18th, in Gastonia, a small suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. Robert Louis Singletary, a 24-year-old Black man who mainstream media alleged to have opened fire after a “basketball rolled into his yard,” fled to the state of Florida where he was ultimately apprehended after a days-long manhunt.

“You (the NJP) have got more out there about this situation than any newscast could,”

Jamie White, victim of anti-White violence

During the attack, Jamie White reacted quickly, shielding his daughter from harm and personally sustaining gunshot wounds to the lungs and liver. His quick thinking and bravery ensured his daughter, 6-year-old Kinsley, only suffered a superficial wound to her cheek. For his act of self-sacrifice, many now rightfully believe Jamie White is nothing short of a “hero.”

“We’re here not just for Kinsley or her hero father, but for all White kids,” shouted Warren Balogh on a megaphone in front of the Gaston County Courthouse on Saturday. “We’re White advocates, and all we want is equal justice under the law!”

Jamie White. Photo: Gaston Gazette.

Alongside justice for the White family, NJP Central Committee members like Warren Balogh, want to raise awareness of anti-White bias in America’s criminal justice system and hope hate crimes charges will be issued by local prosecutors so men like Singletary can be held accountable for their hate.

The National Justice Party has experienced great success in fighting alongside the families and victims of anti-White hatred and violence since it was first established in August 2020. In 2022, the NJP, alongside Party Chairman Mike Peinovich, marched to demand justice for Jupiter Paulsen, a 14-year-old White girl who was brutally stabbed to death by an African immigrant in Fargo, North Dakota. By working intimately with her father, Robert Paulsen, the NJP was able to place political pressure on the local courts, which some believe helped in denying a plea of insanity for the criminal.

The story of the shooting of Jamie and Kinsley White in Gastonia, North Carolina is ongoing, and updates will be provided as they become available.

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