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Original Story: Black man shoots White 6-year-old and her parents after telling victims he doesn’t ‘like white people’

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Gastonia, North Carolina – William “Jamie” White, the hero father who shielded his 6-year-old daughter from certain death during an act of racially-motivated violence, is speaking out. Fed up with the way his story has been manipulated by the mainstream press, Mr. White is now sounding the alarm against double standards in media reporting, and taking a hard stand against a system that refuses to acknowledge the racial motives of the man that nearly took him and his family’s life.

In an exclusive one-on-one interview, Jamie White agreed to sit with the Justice Report and give a full and accurate account of his grim experiences with anti-White violence. Eager to get the story straight on the matter, Jamie stifled emotion as he once again recalled the bloody events of April 18th, the day that turned his whole world upside down.

JR: Thanks for speaking with us, Mr. White. Many regard you as a hero for what you did for your daughter, but before we get into that, take us back to the beginning.

Mr. White: “On that day, this man comes down the road, and he starts cussing at some kids for being out on the road playing basketball. After he yelled at them, they went back and told their dad about it. So now, the dad comes out to speak with him, and Singletary walks over to his house. The next thing you know, he [Singletary] grabs a gun and runs across the yard, and starts shooting at that guy and his two little kids. Well, my youngin’, Kinsley and about nine or ten other kids—all under the age of ten—were all down there, and they were pretty much stunned by what they were seeing. I was outside cooking ribeye steaks on the grill at the time, and I came running over. ‘C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!’ I shouted. ‘Run! Run! Run!’ After he gets done emptying his 9mm on those kids, he turns to me.”

JR: That’s crazy.

Mr. White: “I say to him ‘Hey man, you can’t be shooting around all these kids.’ Then he says to me ‘You White? I don’t even like White muthafuckas, I’m gonna fucking kill your fuckin white ass!’ He took out a black, 8-shot .45 caliber revolver and he comes across the neighbor’s yard and starts shooting at me. He shot three times before he stops. He was trying to get a clear shot on Kinsley’s head. She was about 4 feet away from me, and I screamed to her ‘Run baby!’ I didn’t think she was gonna make it, so I leaped in front of her, and that’s when he shot me in the back. The bullet came out the front of me after it shattered my ribs, and that’s when a fragment from the bullet ripped open Kinsley’s face. I went down, but he kept shooting towards the house where Kinsley was running to, and the bullet grazed my wife’s elbow and ended up hitting the house. He fires off the rest of the shots—and thank the good lord above—he missed with all of them.”

Robert Louis Singletary during a court appearance in April. Photo: WBTV Charlotte

JR: What happened next?

Mr. White: “Then, he turns around and walks to his house like nothing ever happened.”

JR: Did you have a history with Singletary? Was he always a problem in the neighborhood?

Mr White: “I had only seen this guy for maybe five days, and damn near every day he cussed at those kids for playing near his yard. His girlfriend was renting a room in the house and he was crashing there. The White guy who owns the home there and his son got ran out of the place. They were so scared of the guy [Singletary] they left. They’re back now though after they terminated the lease.”

JR: Singletary was trying to kill you because you were White, but what about the other people he shot at before you confronted him? Were they White as well?

Mr. White: “They were mixed race I think. Singletary was Black, the guy he was first shooting at was mixed, and he had mixed kids. The group of kids Kinsley was with were Black and White together.”

JR: When he told you he hated White people, did anyone witness him say that other than Kinsley and your Wife?

Mr. White: “Yeah. My neighbor across the street was standing out in his yard and he witnessed everything. He was a White guy, too.”

6-year-old Kinsley White. Photo: Gaston Gazette

JR: So, you’re on the ground and you just saved your 6-year-old daughter’s life. What happens next?

Mr. White: “The police came flying down here, it took four officers to snatch me up, each one got a leg or arm, and they ran me up the hill and put me into an ambulance because I was bleeding out so bad. I got to the hospital [Gaston Memorial Hospital] and they immediately determined I needed to be airlifted to a better facility [Carolinas Medical Center] Luckily, they had some of the best doctors on the east coast. At this point, I was a blink away from dying.”

JR: Were you aware of what was going on at this time?

Mr. White: “I was in and out, fading. I remember a lot of it, but I don’t remember the helicopter ride at all.”

JR: How are you, Kinsley, and Ashley recovering now?

Mr. White: “It’s a slow process, man. I’m very sore. Kinsley and Ashley are okay. My baby is just having a lot of really bad nightmares every night.”

JR: So, this anti-White attack on you and your family has done more than just physically impact your lives, but in other ways, too?

Mr. White: “I’ll be honest, I don’t have health insurance. A visit to Gaston Memorial Hospital alone was something like $35,000. That’s not including the ambulance ride, or the mercy flight helicopter to CMC main. It doesn’t include the four days I spent there or any of Kinsley or Ashley’s medical bills, either. At the end of the day, I imagine it’s going to cost this family $400,000 or more. It put me out of work, but thank the good Lord that my wife can still work and we have a little bit of income because I’ve always been the main source of income for my family. Always.”

The disparity of community aid between Black Ralph Yarl and White Kinsley as of last week. Click above to donate to the White family.

JR: Right now you have a lot of adoring fans out there that want to help. What is the best way someone can support you right now?

Mr. White: “Donate to that GoFundMe that my sister has going. That’s going to help me and Kinsley. It’ll help Kinsley, especially, and help pay off all these ridiculous medical bills.”

JR: We saw recently that ABC News reached out to Singletary’s family after the shooting for comment. They said that he was emotional and was suffering from anxiety and PTSD. What are your thoughts on that?

Mr. White: “They’re bullshitting. A man that beats a woman with a sledgehammer does not suffer anxiety. That’s just stupid. He’s [Singletary’s] stupid. I spoke with the District Attorney of Gaston County, and he said that he can plead insanity all he wants, but at the end of the day he’ll have to face these charges.”

JR: If the court asks you to speak at Singletary’s trial, do you plan on testifying to his anti-White hate?

Mr. White: “Damn right, I am. I told the DA that yesterday. I will be at every single one of that guy’s hearings until it’s over and my baby gets justice.”

Robert Louis Singletary at April court appearance. Photo: WBTV Charlotte

JR: When we first spoke, you seemed really upset about the way the media has dropped the ball on reporting your story to the rest of the country. How has the mainstream media treated you?

Mr. White: “The media wants to put it out there like I got shot because of a basketball. It had nothing to do with a basketball. We got shot at for being White. They asked me to tell them the truth, so I did, and they don’t want to repeat it. They only want to put their own lies out there.”

JR: The media is also doing this thing where they are comparing your story to Ralph Yarl, the Black kid that got shot at for trying to break into a home, some say. He’s already raised 3 million dollars. What are your thoughts on that?

Mr. White: “It’s bullshit. The whole thing is bullshit. It’s that kid’s word against that old man’s word, and there ain’t no damn evidence he shot him because of him being Black.”

JR: Joe Biden invited him (Ralph Yarl) to the White House. Did you or Kinsley ever get your invitation to Washington DC to meet with the President?

Mr. White: “Hell no I didn’t.”

JR: Why not?

Mr. White: “It’s because my family is White.”

William “Jamie” White. Photo: ABC News / White family

JR: Mr. White, you’re a victim of anti-White violence, and you’ve been pretty open about it. At this point in the game, what does justice look like for you?

Mr. White: “Hate crimes charges. Hate crimes charges are still on the table, and I told the DA what Singletary had said to me before he shot my family. My story hasn’t changed one bit. He shot me because I was White. I want the damn truth out there. The damn truth.”

While the road to recovery and justice is a long one, William “Jamie” White is confident that with an organization like the National Justice Party by his side, he can fight for his family and help expose instances of anti-White hatred that so often go ignored by the mainstream media. For the Justice Report’s coverage of Robert Louis Singletary’s attack, click here. For the Justice Report’s coverage of the National Justice Party protest in front of the Gaston County Courthouse, click here.

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