Two Black gunmen arrested for racially motivated drive-by shooting of White handyman

Kenner, Louisiana – In April, a pair of Black gunmen were arrested for a “heinous” drive-by “assassination” of a White handyman installing a mailbox. While the crime was first reported as a random act of violence by a local police chief, investigators now claim that one of the suspects confessed that the victim was killed for his race.

On April 10th, 66-year-old Lawrence “Peanut” Devan Herr was shot and killed in a residential driveway while installing a new mailbox on Georgetown Drive. The bullet that killed him, Police allege, came from a silver Mercedes Benz driven by two Black men, 23-year-old Tahj Matthews, and 25-year-old Maurice Holmes. Matthews and Holmes proceeded to circle the block where Herr was working three times before carrying out the alleged shooting. Herr was ultimately shot in the back before the round tore through his chest, according to autopsy reports.

25-year-old Maurice Holmes (left) and 23-year-old Tahj Matthews (right). Photos: Mugshots.

By utilizing info gleaned from nearby license plate readers, Police were quickly able to identify the vehicle and arrest both suspects the following day. During interrogation, one of the suspects openly confessed to the shooting, but investigators were still trying to uncover a motive.

“One of the suspects did say they were on a random shooting binge and wanted to commit a murder, we think there may be ulterior motives and that’s what the detectives are investigating,” said Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley in a statement. “This was a textbook crime apprehension.”

During a “bond reduction” hearing in Jefferson Parish’s magistrate court this Tuesday, however, lead detective Nicolas Engler revealed more information behind the crime. On the stand, he testified under oath that the two suspects that killed Herr were actually motivated by anti-White hate. The investigator claimed that when he asked Matthews during interrogation as to why Herr was targeted, Matthews admitted that they simply “wanted to kill a white person.”

66-year-old Lawrence Devan Herr, the latest casualty of Black violence. Photo: GoFundMe

Matthews and Holmes were caught on a nearby video surveillance camera taken two hours before the shooting. In the video, Engler testified that Holmes can be seen passing a firearm to Matthews. During the search of the car, a box of 9mm rounds was discovered on the floor. Matthews, who, along with Holmes worked at a local IHOP restaurant, visited work the day of the shooting to present a doctor’s note that said he was sick in order to get out of work.

Matthews also confessed to hiding a 9mm handgun in his attic, and during interrogation, implicated Holmes as an accomplice in the shooting. As it turns out, Holmes previously served six years in a Texas state prison for domestic violence at the age of 19. Holmes has so far denied any wrongdoing. Both suspects have been denied bond and are now facing 1st-degree murder charges while they remain in custody in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

“Tahj Matthews admitted to taking part in a homicide, that they did want to commit a murder that day,” said Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley in an interview with WWL-TV. “Specifically, they ruled out Hispanics and it’s going to be a White person.”

It is currently unknown if prosecutors plan to issue hate crimes charges for both Black suspects now that an anti-White motive has been established by investigators, but according to reports, officials may decide to move forward with them in the near future.

Police Chief Conley stated he would push for the death penalty if the 1st-degree murder charges were upheld. While those facing first-degree murder charges in the state of Louisiana are not eligible for bond, defense attorneys have reportedly begun to downplay the credibility of witnesses’ testimony and cast doubt in the quality of the surveillance camera video in order to lower charges so that a bond can be set.

“Let this serve as a message to anyone who considers terrorizing this city or its people that the Kenner PD will be relentless until we bring a criminal to justice,” Conley said. “This was a heinous drive-by assassination of a kind, caring man who was helping others. We were determined to end the rage of these criminals before they could target anyone else.”

Silver Mercedes Benz captured on video allegedly driven by Matthews and Holms. Photo: KennerPolice Facebook

Meanwhile, a loving family and heartbroken community continue to mourn the insurmountable loss of Lawrence Herr. In a GoFundMe page set up by Herr’s family to cover the cost of funeral services, Herr was described as being “a happy, go-lucky Christian man” who was living with and taking care of his 90-year-old mother.

“They did want to commit a murder that day…Specifically, they ruled out Hispanics and it’s going to be a White person.”

Kenner Police Chief, Keith Conley

“Lawrence was well-liked around the community. He enjoyed maintenance work and helping others,” read the GoFundMe page. “He didn’t have much but would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Lawrence loved animals and often took in many strays in the neighborhood.”

While Lawrence Herr’s tragic, anti-White shooting death may be tragic, the demographics of Kenner, Louisiana—a suburb of 53% Black New Orleans—continues to serve as a grim foreshadowing of the future for its dwindling White citizenry. According to the 2020 U.S. Census report, the White population of the city of Kenner has officially been reduced to a paltry 40.01%. With an encroaching 21.48% Black and a whopping 30.01% Hispanic population rapidly gaining momentum. As a result, violent crime in the city has only skyrocketed.

Major American cities and their overpopulated suburbs continue to become hotbeds of anti-White violence as once-trusted institutions fail and White populations decline. In December of 2022, a 73-year-old White grandfather was beaten to death in New Orleans by a crazed Hispanic food service worker who broke into his hotel room. In April, a man and his 6-year-old daughter were racially targeted in a violent shooting in Gastonia, North Carolina. In an exclusive interview with the Justice Report, the victim, Jamie White, asserted that the Black shooter admitted that he “didn’t like White people.”

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