Preteen Mestizo among two arrested for shooting White man dead with an assault rifle in parking lot of Sonic Drive-In

Keene, Texas – A White man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Sonic Drive-In restaurant on Saturday night. Police arrested and charged a preteen Mestizo and his adult relative with murder, claiming the shooting erupted after the suspects were acting “disorderly in the parking lot.”

According to reports, Police arrived at a Sonic Drive-In around 9:40 pm Saturday night in response to a shooting call. That’s when they found 32-year-old, Matthew Davis, a White employee of the restaurant, laying on the pavement suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Matthew Davis (left) and mother, Leigh Anne (right.) Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Police then sprung into action, attempting to resuscitate Davis until EMS could arrive. Due to the severity of his injuries, Davis was airlifted to Harris Methodist Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

Police believe that Davis, a White father of a 10-year-old son, was shot after a pair of mestizo customers arrived at the Sonic restaurant and became disorderly in the parking lot. They allege that 20-year-old, Angel Gomez, of Fort Worth, got out of a vehicle and began to openly urinate on the property, spurring Davis to approach and ask the pair to leave.

Gomez reportedly began to argue with Davis, and the fight soon turned physical. During the fight, Police then say that the 12-year-old, whose identity has not been revealed due to his status as a minor, ran to the car and withdrew an “AR-15 style” rifle, shooting Davis a total of six times. Gomez and the young shooter then fled the scene, but Gomez returned to the Sonic sometime later and was arrested, police said.

20-year-old, Angel Gomez, of Fort Worth, TX. Mugshot: Keene Police Department.

The investigation then turned to a home in Rio Vista, south of Cleburne, Texas, where police allege the 12-year-old shooter was also apprehended. A search of the home revealed a cache of even more firearms, and now both suspects are being charged with murder. The citizenship status of both suspects is currently unknown.

“The weapon used appears to be an AR style 22 rifle,” said Keene Police Chief James Kidd in an email response to Newsweek. “It appears that at least 6 shots were fired striking the victim. This seems to be an isolated incident that was not racially motivated or gang affiliated.”

Friends and fellow coworkers of Matthew’s mother, Leigh Anne Davis—a flight attendant—have set up a GoFundMe to assist her with the heart-wrenching task of preparing a funeral for her son.

“With sad hearts, we come to you today to ask for your help,” read the GoFundMe. “One of our beloved flight attendants, Leigh Anne, has suffered a devastating loss…Leigh Anne received this sorrowful and heartbreaking news while she was on an overnight.”

“Mathew leaves behind an impressable 10-year-old son,” the page continued. “The initial goal was $5000 to assist Leigh Anne in taking time off work and coping with the loss of her son through the funeral; however, she has received no assistance with the actual payments for the service; she has chosen a funeral home and received the cost…”

Matthew Davis and son. Photo: GoFundMe.

Keene, a city just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, is no stranger to the woes of non-White criminality. With a White population officially suppressed below 50% as of the 2020 U.S Census Report, White people in this section of the Lone Star state are a minority. They stare back at a 32.33% Hispanic population, which worsens in due part to America’s worsening southern border crisis. With the rest of Keene made up of Black Americans, a notable population of Pacific Islanders, and a growing portion of mixed-race citizens, the White community is projected to be completely outpaced if drastic political action is not immediately taken.

Systemic failures have given rise to a stark increase in barbaric non-White crime, many instances of which can be felt deep within the ruby-red Lone Star State. In October of 2022, a Black teenager and career criminal was arrested in Odessa for breaking into a Hospital nursery and shouting “die” as he shook newborn babies until they turned blue. In March of this year, a Mestizo teenager was arrested in Houston for shooting and carjacking a 65-year-old White grandmother and running her over with her own car.

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