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‘Busloads’ of migrants continue to threaten Central New York families with replacement, homelessness despite court orders

Salina, New York – Busloads of foreign migrants who have overwhelmed the social services of New York City continue to threaten many upstate communities. The threat of replacement continues to loom despite court orders that seek to bar migrants from being offloaded by New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams’s plan—to offer profitable city contracts to hotels all over the Empire State in exchange for housing the migrants—directly threatens native-born American citizens with homelessness and economic precarity. One predatory hotel has even resorted to alleged intimidation, harassment, and theft, to evict its long-term residents and create vacancies illegally, according to reports.

Candlewood Suites Hotel. Photo: Marnie Eisenstadt,

The Candlewood Suites Hotel in Salina, New York, a 93.8% White suburb of central New York’s most prominent city, Syracuse, has become the eye of an NYC-led storm of migrant controversy. Situated just outside the Syracuse Airport, the 2-star hotel is known for offering “affordable” long-term stays inside one of its 79 rooms earmarked for disenfranchised locals who couldn’t afford a full apartment.

“SAVE HUNDREDS EVERY MONTH! NO LEASE – move out when it fits your schedule!” Read just some of the advertisements Candlewood had posted to Craigslist, which specifically targeted families already on the precipice of homelessness. “NO DEPOSIT – move in anytime. NO CREDIT CHECK – no credit, bad credit? No problem! FREE UTILITIES!”

According to some residents interviewed by, they were charged up to $2100 a month to live in meager-sized rooms with intermittent electrical services and a myriad of poor conditions. Despite the apparent disregard for standard maintenance and poor online reviews, many families, including a nurse battling cancer, and an elderly Vietnam veteran, continue to rely on Candlewood, knowing full well that homelessness in New York State presents a far worse proposition.

A Candlewood Hotel family faces eviction to make way for foreign “refugees.” Photo: Marnie Eisenstadt,

This all changed, however, when the hotel’s owners, Churchwick Partners, a New York City-based investment firm—tied to a mysterious developer named Asaf Fligelman—cut a deal with the city of New York. In exchange for a government contract, Fligelman and Churchwick would allegedly attempt to turn Candlewood into a for-profit migrant housing facility, ready and willing to take in Adams’s army of fighting-age foreigners. To make the scheme a reality, they’re now asking their already desperate tenants to leave.

The news came as a sudden shock. Residents that refused early attempts that coercion have alleged that hotel brass has resorted to more unscrupulous means. The staff has allegedly begun to deny issuing room keys, withhold certain hotel amenities, employed a corporate security firm to patrol the halls, and even resorted to stealing personal property, according to reports.

The aggressive strategy by corporate has sent some residents scrambling to find housing elsewhere. Desperate, some have hunkered down in their rooms in fear of physical removal, while others have resorted to sleeping in their cars. Still, more defiant residents have taken it one step further by filing court papers asserting that Candlewood is attempting to evict them from their long-established homes illegally.

Private security reportedly hired by Hotel management to patrol the halls and intimidate residents into leaving. Photo: Marnie Eisenstadt,

While the area might stand as a lily-White preserve for the state’s dwindling-yet-defiant White population, the systemically anti-White policies imposed on areas like Salina and the Candlewood Suites broadly defy race. White families have felt the sting of demographic replacement hand-in-hand with the region’s historical minority of Black Americans, who now find themselves as unwitting collateral damage caused by the regime and its ongoing mission to dilute human capital across the country.

Things are not hopeless, however. Many in the region have loudly signaled their support for the residents of Candlewood, including some local politicians. The desperate families have found a fair-weather ally in Republican Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon, who recently signed a tough albeit legally dubious executive order to stop the flow of migrants to county hotels.

Defiance to the order could see violators incurring massive fines, and it even authorizes Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley and his deputies to pull over vehicles believed to be transporting migrants.

While strong on paper, the policy is proving toothless in practicality. Fligelman and Churchwick briefly opted to defy the order and accept the migrants anyway. Even Sheriff Shelley stated he would refuse to enforce the order as it allegedly circumvents the concept of “probable cause” and may ask his deputies to violate policies established against racial profiling. Leftist organizations and extremist groups even staged an outrageous protest against McMahon’s “racist” order, demanding that more migrants be allowed in, regardless of the logistics or crippling lack thereof.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon. Photo: Syracuse NewTimes.

“I don’t think anybody born on this planet is an alien,” said Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley, a man who admits to taking issue with the term in an interview with CNYCentral. “As humans we have an obligation of helping each other. To what extent and how much we can help, that’s beyond the scope of the sheriff.”

The ineffective move by McMahon is a disappointing-yet-unsurprising development. In the past, the conservative executive enthusiastically expressed his ongoing commitment to turn greater Syracuse into a “refugee resettlement community.” Simultaneously, liberal non-profit organizations working inside the “salt city” are already at maximum capacity, processing a whopping 1,900 foreign migrants safely within Onondaga County.

“We made very public commitments to be a refugee resettlement community,” McMahon said in an interview with local news media. “We have to live up to what that means and find housing and supportive services.”

If anything, the order increasingly appears to be a convenient political move, allowing McMahon to fecklessly signal to his conservative base while also keeping away powerful civil rights groups like the ACLU—who have begun suing upstate counties who don’t acquiesce to the regime’s demographic replacement schemes. On the other side of the political spectrum, however, McMahon can continue to appease corporate interests that would stand to benefit from the influx of cheap labor for the county’s many farms, strip malls, and fulfillment centers.

Candlewood families commune at a hotel gazebo, unsure when they’ll be demographically replaced. Photo: Marnie Eisenstadt,

Relief came in the final hour, after Salina directly sued Candlewood Suites for allegedly violating town zoning codes. Now with a temporary restraining order in place, the suit seeks to halt Candlewood’s plans but only long enough for its owners to obtain the necessary permits needed to make its conversion into a long-term residential building official.

“I was completely shocked about what was actually occurring at the hotel, how many people were living there, what type of conditions they were living in,” said Salina Town Supervisor Nick Paro when asked for comment. “I think they acted in a very predatory way towards the individuals they had staying at the hotel to begin with.”

Ultimately, Candlewood residents are left without a meaningful advocate, and all that stands between them and their looming replacement is a small bureaucratic hurdle. The terrifying prospect of homelessness and economic ruin for American families echoes throughout New York State, with residents of over nine different upstate counties staring at the same, very real dilemma.

Migrants lining up for entry into the United States along the banks of the Rio Grande. Photo: Ivan Pierre Aguirre for The Texas Tribune

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is but one cog fueling the demographic replacement machine in New York. His strategy of flinging migrants to demographically White counties is merely a response to a decision made by Republican Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, who himself is guilty of redirecting thousands of non-White “Asylum-seekers” streaming across the southern border to what he snidely refers to as “Democrat-run cities.”

The stunt has angered many on both sides of the political spectrum and has only stressed the untenable immigration crisis already brewing in the aftermath of Title 42’s unceremonious end.

Meanwhile, family homelessness in New York State has soared 65% since 2021, and those that end up relying on the system for help often expose themselves to horrific violence and even death. As early as last year, a homeless shelter in Albany, New York, became the setting of a horrifying, racially motivated sword attack by a Black resident. The surviving victim, a White employee, insisted that his attacker shouted anti-White racial slurs and demanded hate crimes charges during the trial.

In nearby Vermont—whose skyrocketing rates of homelessness closely mirror that of New York’s—a similar attack unfurled. In that case, a White woman considered an “irreplaceable” fixture of a local homeless shelter was bludgeoned to death with a hammer. For the crime, police arrested a homeless Black female and longtime resident of the shelter with a history of violence.

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