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Activists uncover depraved videos detailing ex-football player’s sexual attraction to children, animals, dying Jupiter Paulsen

Disclaimer: The following article contains video and text descriptions of brutal sexual assault, harassment, pedophilia, and violence. Users should be advised.

Fargo, North Dakota – A predatory Nigerian sex pest and a former semi-pro football player for the Fargo Invaders, allegedly lurking in North Dakota’s shadows for years, is finally being called out after multiple documented confessions of predatory sexual behavior have come to light.

The Justice Report independently verified many of the claims after a group of concerned citizens, social media sleuths, and victims of his alleged abuse stepped forward, chronicling dozens of disturbing videos and admissions posted to social media by the accused. The individual named in the evidence is 32-year-old Ibukun Awosika aka “IB,” a 7-foot-tall Black Nigerian man who appears to have roots in the area as early as 2011.

32-year-old Ibukun Awosika, aka “IB” of Fargo, North Dakota.

Alongside countless confessions of violent, sexually charged thoughts involving minors, animals, and innocent White women, Awosika also makes the stomach-churning claim that he once sexually assaulted two young boys during a brief career at a local YMCA and even copped to having sexual urges for the now-deceased Jupiter Paulsen after visiting her when she was still bedridden in the local hospital.

“IB’s” disturbing videos began surfacing across several Youtube channels, dating back to 2011. IB—who is Black—has a history of openly recording himself describing his unquenchable attraction to children and, at one point, even admits to acting on those desires. According to anonymous sources who have tracked IB’s predation to spread community awareness, his sexual harassment and constant social media activity would eventually lead to him being banned from multiple area businesses and generate several police reports.

List of judicial actions taken against Ibukun Awosika. Source provided by an anonymous activist.

According to those same sources—some of them previous targets of Ibukun’s predation themselves—have painstakingly combed through his entire video catalog, uncovering what they hope could be evidence used against him in a criminal trial should one arise.

Their research was intensive. After piecing together tidbits of IB’s life through recorded testimony on videos uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, and Tiktok, they discovered that Ibukun Awosika was born in 1991 and is believed to be the eldest of three boys from Nigerian Immigrants. He moved to the Fargo/Moorhead area around 2011. After a controversial departure from North Hennepin Community College (NHCC), his path to a degree in “childhood development” was cut short.

Ibukun Awosika admits to looking up child sexual abuse material for “research” and refers to it as “child stuff.” Source: Youtube.

According to IB, his father is a successful business owner. Both of his parents have been made aware of IB’s sexual predation and many video confessions in the past. Despite some comments made to social media which appear to minimize the severity of Ibukun’s behavior as a mere cultural/racial misunderstanding, IB admits in one video that his off-the-boat Nigerian mother and father heartily disapprove of their son’s actions. At one point, they even doused their son in “holy water” after the sick revelations came to light.

In 2016 Ibukun was let allegedly go from his job at the YMCA in Fargo. However, the exact reason for his termination was unclear. In what is likely the most controversial of all IB’s many videos, he openly confesses that there were at least two instances at the YMCA of inappropriate touching of minors. These include touching a young boy’s privates after attempting to shower with him—a flagrant violation of company policy and moral decency—and another instance where IB describes placing his crotch area on another boy’s head.

Ibukun Awosika in a two-hour discussion about his mental state. Source: Youtube.

No police reports have yet been found regarding these incidents. The exact date of the termination from the YMCA is also unclear. Still, at some point, sources familiar with the incidents have claimed that IB’s supervisor at the time originally felt sympathetic to his various “mental issues” and attempted to offer him support.

The assistance appears to have been misguided, however. Not long after reaching out, it was reported to us that the supervisor only became a target of IB’s obsession herself, and shortly after rejecting his unwanted advances, IB posted videos admitting he now had violent thoughts towards the woman. The resulting online harassment caused the supervisor to file a restraining order.

As a result of the allegations, IB is no longer allowed on the YMCA premises. However, according to videos and a former coach, he frequents Island Park, a public area located directly behind the facility.

IB pictured in a team photo of the 2019 Fargo Invaders. Source: Facebook

IB is nearly 7’ tall and a former member of the aptly named semi-pro football team, the “Fargo Invaders.” After being removed from the roster, IB started a bogus GoFundMe campaign to raise $500,000 for the team—but offered the stipulation that they would only receive the money if they accepted a list of bizarre and outrageous demands.

Online, some locals scrutinized the Invaders, as Ibukun was allowed to play a game on school grounds despite Invaders management knowing of IB’s history and disturbing videos. Some have claimed that the team failed to act even though they had been properly notified of his behavior numerous times, and instead, choosing to capitalize on IB’s athletic ability in spite of the allegations.

Public statement made by the Fargo Invaders regarding Ibukun Awosika’s involvement on the team. Source: Facebook

During his career with the Invaders, IB also moonlighted as a member of event staff for “Paymasters” and the rental stagehand company “Nocturnal Resources.” The football team was officially made aware that IB had been reported to human resources at both of these day jobs, which he held from 2019-2023.

Fargo Invaders football team explaining their decision to use Ibukun Awosika for a game despite knowing his predatory behavior with children, others. Source: Facebook.

Jade Nielsen, the owner of Nocturnal Resources, was embroiled in a separate scandal when it was discovered that he had booked Jewish musician Sean Tillman for a show at the Fargo Brewing Company. Jade was allegedly forced to cancel the show after public outrage flared in the wake of Tillman’s ongoing investigation for sexual assault himself. The day that the Tillman show was canceled was the same day IB was reported to HR. According to confidential sources, at least four women at Nocturnal Resources provided accounts of IB’s unwanted advances while on duty.

Some of the advances IB carried out allegedly included the use of racially charged epithets. His apparent hatred and simultaneous sexual attraction to White women have caused him to repeatedly refer to them as “snow bunnies,” a derogatory word for a White woman known to be promiscuous with Black men. One former co-worker of IB, a White mother of 3, and two other women found themselves the unwitting target of many of IB’s videos and sexual insults long after his removal from the job.

A letter of concern sent by a victim of Ibukun Awosika to their employer at Noctural Resources. Source provided by an anonymous activist.

Whenever he mentions these women online, IB typically refers to them as “snitches” and his “opps,” a common part of modern Black vernacular used to denigrate opposition and label personal foes. The word is commonly found in the lyrics of violent “drill rap” videos, which regularly result in the deaths of rival rappers across the United States. IB will also publish their names in the thumbnails of his videos, furthering the harassment.

IB’s prolific social media posts, which have garnered millions of impressions online, have landed him in hot water several times throughout his sordid past. At one point, IB was removed from a rap-battle event hosted by No Coast Raps in Minneapolis.

Facebook communications with No Coast Raps result in the removal of Ibukun from the roster.

“Ibukun comes off as very docile, sweet, and introspective when you talk to him, but his YouTube channel is a terrifying and revealing place,” said M.C Gorentz, an individual with intimate knowledge of IB and his apparent history of predatory sexual deviancy. “Law enforcement cannot move to prosecute him on any of his admissions of child SA due to the lack of definitive victims in his statements, but a dormant report does exist on the matter. The most we can do is make the public aware of his proclivities in hopes to keep parents and women safe and in the loop.”

The number of video submissions that anonymous activists brought to the Justice Report was staggering. The list continued, including one video in which IB expressed a desire to start his own militant religion and develop a unique fighting style. In another video, IB proudly declares himself a “gay serial killer” who once chose a life of homelessness in Fargo as a “social experiment.” In another video, IB admits to planning out the sexual assault of a child but bemoaned the failed attempt after a diligent mother caught wind of it.

Ibukun Awosika admits to uncontrollable sexual attraction to three different little girls. Source: Youtube.

In another video, IB declared that he would rather sexually assault children than dislike them socially. The examples that regularly appear on his youtube channel go on and on and on.

“Even at the graduation, in the section that I sat…There was a point one of those little girls I was thinking about,” said Ibukun Awosika in one video, admitting to thinking about a trio of underage girls “spreading them open.” “I need to be coddled. I need to be loved. The child stuff is hard and weird…If women want to hate me now, that’s kind of fair in a way.”

Ib’s videos, while often filled with outrageous admissions of alleged sexual abuse, sometimes deviate into places of violence and explicit anti-White racial hatred. In videos dated back to 2016, IB can be witnessed intimidating White viewers who may have adopted pro-White immigration policies. In a more recent video, IB can be heard equating what he calls “nazi-energy” with “social justice energy” for “canceling him” over his alleged desires for criminal sexual activity.

Ibukun Awosika claims Jupiter Paulsen “liked him” and referred to him as an “uncle” before admitting to wanting to abuse a dying White girl sexually. Source: Youtube.

But perhaps one of the most sickening allegations occurred when, in yet another video, IB claims that he was inside the same hospital room as Jupiter Paulsen, the 14-year-old girl brutalized and ultimately killed by Arthur Kollie, a Black immigrant from Liberia. In the video, IB admits he was overtaken with an urge to sexually assault Jupiter while she lay in recovery. Paulsen’s parents, meanwhile, are doing what they can to ignore him, despite IB’s continuous attempts at contacting the family—including Jupiter’s younger sister.

“She referred to me as an uncle once. I know that she liked me…Thankfully I never disappointed her in that regard,” said IB in a Youtube video. “Because I’ve felt an attraction to her…She felt like she could trust me. Even on her hospital bed, I felt an attraction to, like, touch her breasts.”

The sickening allegations surrounding IB, and the subsequent lack of response have left many feeling disillusioned with local institutions. With police unwilling to help and local media completely silent, North Dakota’s most vulnerable White populations—single women, mothers, and young children—have no option but to arm themselves with the truth.

“She referred to me as an uncle once. I know that she liked me….Thankfully I never disappointed her in that regard. Because I’ve felt an attraction to her…She felt like she could trust me. Even on her hospital bed, I felt an attraction to, like, touch her breasts.”

Ibukun Awosika referring to a dying, 14-year-old Jupiter Paulsen

Local activists and concerned citizens of every stripe hope to provide that truth, and have been working tirelessly in their unified efforts to bring attention to an individual who they believe is extremely dangerous. Their outreach, thankfully, appears to be working. According to them, many fellow at-risk community members have already expressed feeling safer and more informed about potential sexual predators in their midst.

Ibukun Awosika asserts that a penis coming into contact with a child’s mouth is not as bad as parental intervention, which would be worse. Source: Youtube.

“If a White person said even a fraction of the kinds of stuff Ibukun can be heard openly discussing on his Youtube channel, the White person would be locked up as a terrorist almost immediately,” said local pro-White Activist and National Justice Party supporter Peter Tefft, when asked for comment about the startling YouTube confession.

While IB may still possess the freedom to haunt the streets of Fargo as a free man, activists believe it’s only a matter of time before he violently acts out on his predatory behavior. In the meantime, they’re sounding a community alert to all those who might fit the profile. According to publically available information and IB’s own social media videos, he appears to frequent the following locations quote often, and activists have advised that citizens should be careful when traveling through the area.

  • Paradox Comics
  • UHaul Storage on 52nd Avenue
  • The Old Broadway Bar & Nightclub
  • Fargo Public Library
  • Downtown Fargo Salvation Army store

“He chooses to remain without a home and discusses it repeatedly on his YouTube,” explained one anonymous activist to the Justice Report, revealing Ibukun Awosika’s long bout with homelessness on the streets of Fargo. “He calls it “living rent-free” and only ever has a place to live if someone offers it for little or no cost to him. He has had a couple of roommates over the years, but ultimately always seems to be asked to leave, and he never really discusses what goes down in any detail that I’ve ever seen when that happens.”

Ibukun Awosika pictured at Paradox Comics. Source provided by an anonymous activist.

The Justice Report will continue monitoring the story of Ibukun “IB” Awosika and will update this article as more details emerge. We implore anyone who believes they may have been a victim of IB to contact the local police immediately.

“Law enforcement cannot move to prosecute him on any of his admissions of child SA due to the lack of definitive victims in his statements, but a dormant report does exist on the matter. The most we can do is make the public aware of his proclivities in hopes to keep parents and women safe and in the loop.”

M.C Gorentz, local activist and IB researcher

Stories of horrific violence carried out by Black men—many of whom are homeless and have no business belonging on the streets—have become commonplace across the United States. In May, a Black sexual predator was arrested for grooming, raping, and killing a 15-year-old girl and shoving her into a communal dumpster. In the aftermath, the victim’s mother lamented having not intervened on behalf of her daughter soon enough. Just last year, a White homeless shelter worker was brutally mauled with swords after a homeless Black man unleashed a horrific, racially motivated, anti-white attack inside an Albany homeless shelter.

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