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The Justice Report exists to bring our readers the hardest-hitting news in an age of unprecedented political repression and systemic anti-White hate.

In the short time we’ve been active, our stories have been circulated worldwide, and our headlines and authors have been mentioned in outlets like InfoWars, Vice News, Big League Politics, and many more.

Some view our ability to break into the mainstream via our dedication to truth and credible sourcing as pesky and outright dangerous. As a result, we’ve been viciously censored from the public square, with Elon Musk’s Twitter going so far as issuing our content a hard URL ban across the entire platform.

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  • Chronicle the full, unredacted stories of those victimized by non-White crime.
  • Expose and identify anti-White extremists operating online and in the streets.
  • Help organize mutual aid for those railroaded by the anti-White system.
  • Cover official National Justice Party protests, meetings, and events as they happen.

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