‘Battlefield Glendale’: How anti-White hate fuels extremist violence against proud Armenian parents – Exclusive

Glendale, California – Violence erupted outside of a Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) board meeting last week when working-class parents defiantly resisted alleged attacks from antifascist extremists and gender identity activists. But according to an anonymous source, the parents—including many Armenian-Americans—had been facing nothing but anti-White racial hatred, harassment, and bigotry for weeks before the violence ever took place.

On Tuesday, June 6th, hundreds of concerned parents—bolstered by Glendale’s ethnic Armenian community—gathered to oppose a recent resolution by GUSD Superintendent Dr. Vivian Ekchian to recognize June as homosexual “pride” month. The protest drew opposition from a small contingent of regional antifascists who, according to sources, instigated a fight with one Armenian man and allegedly resorted to physical attacks and chemical weapons.

Police claimed that after de-escalation measures failed, they arrested three individuals involved. Now viral videos of the brawl have circulated nationwide, which show everyday White people proudly repelling a sudden attack from black-clad antifa militants outside GUSD headquarters on the 6th.

According to reports, the intimidation and vandalism exhibited by Antifa continued into the week, when one Armenian parent discovered that their car, which displayed an Armenian flag, had been “keyed” with pro-homosexual messaging. Scrawled with trendy quips like “It’s Okay to Be Queer,” “Pride,” Stop Hating,” and “LGBTQ,” the phrases were etched into the vehicle, along with an explicitly anti-White racial slur referring to Armenians scratched into the hood.

The hood of an Armenian parent’s car believed to be vandalized with the word “Armos,” a derogatory term used for White Armenians, among others. Photo: Glendale Police.

One local, who has been intimately involved with the Glendale school board protests for months prior to the violence, claims that the harassment and anti-White intimidation imposed on GUSD parents has been occurring for weeks. The Justice Report was able to sit with the individual—who asked to remain anonymous out of concerns for personal safety—and learned of just some of the petty insults, scurrilous tactics, and bureaucratic hurdles they’ve faced in their ongoing fight to shield their kids from neoliberal degeneracy in the classroom.

Glendale, California, and the GUSD

Our anonymous source—or Wolf, as we’ll call him—approached the Justice Report with a sense of urgency about him. He was coming off of the high of returning from the front lines of “battlefield Glendale,” a major flashpoint in the culture war gone hot, which pits average working-class parents against anti-White extremists, homosexual activists, and leftist teachers hoping to inject their curriculums with anti-social values.

Wolf had been monitoring the situation in Glendale for months before the violence, and had attended several school board meetings prior to the big one on the 6th. With a unique view of the inner trappings of the GUSD bureaucracy, Wolf knew instinctually it was a worthy cause to get involved in.

Members of the GUSD school board wear a rainbow “pride” tie and a trans pride flag as a cape. Photo: Wolf.

“Despite everything that gets thrown at them, the parents here are winning. Their battles are winnable and worth my time,” explained Wolf. “I’ve been following dissident politics since 2016. My first school board meeting was a few months ago, and so far, I’ve made a lot of valuable contacts.”

Wolf explained to us the ongoing debate here in Glendale and how something like a standard pride month resolution was only a gust compared to the greater storm brewing underneath the surface. In addition to the usual transgressions parents have come to expect from public school systems across the U.S, parents in Glendale are doubly concerned with the creation of what Wolf called “gender wellness clinics” that could start creeping into GUSD schools: secret caches of transition supplies and clothing stashed away for impressionable minors that opportunistic teachers could offer, far from the prying eyes of their parents.

“There are apparently ‘gender wellness clinics’ in some schools in California, and the parents hate this and don’t want it here. One of the major figureheads behind this is a third-grade teacher named Tammy Tiber,” he explained. “She once showed inappropriate gay pride videos to her students and clips from ‘Queer Kid Stuff.’ Her face appears on a lot of protests signs out here.”

Pro-decency protestor holding a sign alleging 3rd-grade teacher Tammy Tiber groomed her students. Photo: Wolf.

Wolf said his first experience attending a GUSD school board meeting was roughly two months prior when a much smaller crowd of pro-decency parents and leftist extremists filled the seats of a school auditorium. The meetings, according to Wolf, are open to the public, regardless of where you live or your familial status. It offered a concerned citizen like him, among others, a way to politically flex on one of America’s most sensitive pressure points. The classroom.

He had every right to show up—and even speak—if he desired, and he told us he wouldn’t let leftists or Antifa dissuade him or gaslight others into thinking it was wrong for them to be there. Wolf didn’t have a family or children, but it didn’t matter. That day, he was just a part of a crowd of concerned citizens adding to a chorus of boos, cheers, and shouts from nearly every side of the escalating-yet-peaceful debate.

“Despite everything that gets thrown at them, the parents here are winning. Their battles are winnable, and they’re worth my time,”


“At my first school board meeting, I felt a little tense. The room was split in half, with one side mostly filled with parents and the other side with pro-LGBTQ+ activists pushing their agenda. Many of them were teachers at the school who couldn’t help themselves,” said Wolf. “Then they opened up the meeting to public speakers and gave everyone one minute to speak, which they changed at the last minute and it upset many people.”

Tensions flared at a GUSD board meeting two months prior, with Armenian and other pro-Decency protestors squaring off in debate with homosexual activists and Antifa stepping up to the open mic. Photos: Wolf & Twitter.

According to Wolf, when the school board saw that the Armenian parents and their allies—average citizens who rejected the notion of homosexual ideology in schools— began to quickly outnumber those who approved, the board resorted to a cheap bureaucratic trick. They reduced the speaking time, offering people only a thin 60 seconds to speak their mind before getting ushered off the mic.

“The teachers somehow found the only two openly gay Armenian men in all of Glendale to speak on their behalf, and many of the teachers and their allies used their sixty second allotment to filibuster and push the envelope,” said Wolf. “But there was one woman in a black floral dress who stood out. She kept making a big fuss about having seen a swastika somewhere in the room,” he said.

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Wolf showed us a video that he took of the incident, and the woman in question was easily identifiable. It was Angie Vroom Gagant, a local antifascist activist and self-described “teacher, writer, producer,” who pursues “idiosyncratic autodidactic pursuits.” After she saw a misguided, albeit harmless, meme that a pro-decency protestor raised in the air depicting four modern pride flags arranged to reveal a hidden swastika, Vroom Gagant tried to evoke the specter of genocide—specifically the Holocaust—against a race of people who knew better: Armenians.

“The woman [Vroom Gagant] in the black floral dress went up to speak. She said seeing the swastika and the language used online in some social media posts was the ‘language of genocide.’ The parents didn’t like this,” emphasized Wolf. “They blew up because, as a people, they’ve experienced genocide and thought the concept was ridiculous.”

“Trying to shame White people into accepting trans ideology by evoking ‘genocide’ might work elsewhere, but it won’t work on Armenian parents. It’s insulting to them, and they won’t allow it.” he said. “Because they’ve faced true discrimination as a minority in California, when they see these people claim that transgenders and homosexuals are being oppressed, they don’t believe it. It’s laughable on its face.”

Armenian parents and pro-decency protestors—many of them women—jeer, shout, and boo accusations of genocide at a GUSD board meeting in April 2023. Photo: Wolf.

Wolf alleged that at that point, the boos and jeers from the mostly Armenian parents grew to a roar. His video confirmed it. Interestingly enough, Wolf noted that it was the women, and not necessarily the men, who were some of the loudest, fiery opponents to the accusations and character attacks handed out by extremists that day.

“Trying to shame White people into accepting trans ideology by evoking ‘genocide’ might work elsewhere, but it won’t work on Armenian parents. It’s insulting to them, and they won’t allow it”


“The moms are always the most vocal against this stuff,” said Wolf. “You want moms at these protests because they not only make your side look better, but they’re fiery in what they believe in. You need the dads, too, though. Dads have to step up.”

“Take action and take power”

Wolf wasted no time elaborating on his experiences at the latest protest on Tuesday, June 6th. He painted a picture of a peaceful event marred by antifascist heckling and trickery that quickly devolved into petty violence on the streets. While police reporting described the incident as “unsafe behavior” which posed “a risk to public safety,” Wolf saw the truth with his own eyes. He described it as “a disgusting attack.”

Leftist extremists, homosexual advocates, and antifascists enjoyed unfettered organizing through mainstream social media platforms like Instagram.

“It was the first time I had seen such a huge police presence at one of these board meetings,” said Wolf. “They had special barricades and chicken wire fences. They were everywhere, almost like they were expecting something to kick off…Then, Antifa formed a big circle in the crowd and kept expanding it. They were trying to dominate space. To keep parents away from the area and stop them from speaking.”

Wolf was there the entire time, recording video and taking photos of the days events. When we asked him if he was afraid of being kettled by police or being mauled by some Antifa extremist, he said sure, but he didn’t care.

“I’ve taken hits for my beliefs, and I’m not trying to get arrested. I ignore cops and don’t talk to them. But at the end of the day, the Police are at these events to protect Antifa and homosexuals, not us. Antifa has systemic protection,” he said. “The Antifa that show up to these board meetings are always the same exact people. Every time. All they do is argue in bad faith, make hurtful comments, and be nasty, and it provokes a reaction from well-meaning parents, which is what they want,” he explained.

To prove his theory, Wolf rattled off the names of three or four Antifa he had seen arrive at these events multiple times since he began showing up to GUSD meetings. One of them he claimed was a notorious local streamer and photographer named “Sky Spider,” as well as the militant Erik J. Boyd, a violent convict who was once arrested and charged with child sex crimes & assault with a deadly weapon, according to reports.

“The moms are always the most vocal against this stuff…You want moms at these protests because they not only make your side look better, but they’re fiery in what they believe in.”


“Sky Spider is one of them. All she does is show up to regional ‘patriot rallies’ and records and doxes people. She documents everyone’s movements, and Antifa “researchers” follow her account,” he said. “A lot of them [Antifa] that showed up are being painted in the media as ‘local LGBTQ supporters’ and that the parents were the ones that started the fight. But it’s a total fabrication. During that big protest on Tuesday, SoCal Antifa started the fight. It was a disgusting attack, and I was right there when it happened.”

Anti-White extremists, homosexual rights activists, and anarchists gathered to oppose pro-decency Armenian parents. Photos: Wolf.

“They’re trying to frame White people as evil, as ‘hateful bigots’ or ‘supremacists,’ but it’s simply not the case.” Wolf was eager to share his original footage from the fight. As he played the video, he pointed out that, despite maintaining a tough facade, Antifa had been easily repelled by standard White, working-class parents sticking up for their kids.

After the fight, he noted that one SoCal Antifa, Erik J. Boyd, was arrested by the Glendale Police Department, and noted that he was a figure well-known by the Armenian parents. Wolf admitted it was a good thing Boyd was apprehended, but was uncertain if it would do much to stop them from antagonizing the White population of Glendale, California in future protests.

“They’re freaks. They’re evil.” Explained Wolf as he showed us personal photographs he took of homosexual activists and anarchists who had gathered to denounce the constitutionally protected rights of White families. “You have to confront them. Online arguments don’t work for us on the right wing anymore. It’s not enough to ‘own them.’ We have to take action and take power. Only then does it really stop.”

A video of the fight recorded by anonymous source “Wolf.”

“The Armenians around here are a well-dressed, clean-cut, upstanding, and proud people,” said Wolf. “But because of the nature of California, many of the younger ones can sometimes fall in line with Black culture or other anti-social behaviors like the LGBTQ stuff. The parents feel that they’re part of a shrinking minority, and they’re just trying to make their voices heard and fight back.”

Wolf’s estimation of the White population of Glendale wasn’t off base. According to the population data aggregator, WorldPopulationReview, the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale, California, maintains a formidable 73.98% White population, with those of White Armenian descent holding the lion’s share of that figure. When compared to the rest of Los Angeles, however, whose non-White population has soared—effectively pushing many Whites into the fringes of the American West in fear of growing crime, drug addiction, and homelessness—the Armenian parents of Glendale could see themselves as a holdout on a darkening frontier.

Glendale Unified School District past Board of Directors. Photo: Wolf.

“I think there are Jews involved in this, and their actions stem from an anti-White animus. The Armenian parents are responding to it because they’re effectively segregated as Whites in this area,” He claimed. “They’re a minority in this city, and they’re victims of anti-White violence all the time. By protesting the school board, it offers them something to focus on. It gives them an avenue to organize, fight back and show solidarity with one another.”

As Wolf reaffirmed his commitment to fighting for what he believed was the right thing, he began to lament that his own people appeared to lack the same level of conviction as the Armenians, which he appeared to look up to.

“As a Hispanic, it’s difficult for me to see so few Hispanics coming out to these protests,” Wolf revealed to the Justice Report. “Compared to the White Armenians, it seems like a lot of Hispanics just don’t care as much about what their kids are getting exposed to. They work all day, come home, and then scroll TikTok because it’s easier than caring. Easier than fighting.”

“We Hispanics get told all the time to have sympathy for those coming across the border, but when it comes to taking action politically, my experience is that it’s mostly White people doing the fighting.”

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