Double funeral planned for White brothers shot on their way to a job interview

Denver, Colorado – Two brothers on their way to a job interview were brutally shot and killed in what authorities are calling a “road rage” incident. For the crime, Police arrested a Black man who now claims the shooting was in self-defense despite the victims being unarmed.

On June 13th, 22-year-old Damon Lucas and 21-year-old Blake Lucas were murdered on a single-lane stretch of Interstate 25. According to police, the two White men were shot and killed by another driver after a car they were driving behind came to an abrupt stop under an overpass.

The Lucas Brothers Blake (Left) and Damon (Right). Photo: CBS

While the situation is still being investigated, Police believe the suspect, Black 25-year-old Stephen Long, shot one of the Lucas brothers after he exited the passenger side of their car and approached Long’s red Ford Taurus. When the other Lucas brother chased after him, he allegedly jumped onto the vehicle before he, too, was shot, and dragged to the side of the road, according to reports.

A press release about the incident went into further detail, asserting that Long fired multiple shots at the second brother as he drove off the highway. Long was apprehended shortly after when an on-duty detective with the Denver Police Department heard the gunshots and gave chase to the suspected vehicle.

25-year-old Stephen Long. Photo: Police mugshot.

Long was arrested later that day and is now facing two murder charges for his alleged role in the killing of Damon and Blake. But according to an investigation by a local Colorado affiliate, 9News, Stephen Long has admitted to shooting the brothers, but claims the act was done purely in self-defense.

According to Long, he told investigators that a vehicle drove up beside him on Interstate 25, and one of the White men in the car began to yell at him. The car sped up and cut his vehicle off, with Long then stating that one of the Lucas brothers then got out of their car, grabbed Long through the window, and assaulted him. Long then admitted to shooting that brother in an act of self defense.

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“The suspect also fled the scene and did not call 911 about this incident,” read a probable cause affidavit viewed by 9News which appears to invalidate the claims. “The suspect was not injured and did not have any visible injuries.”

In the aftermath of the shootings, Police determined that one of the Lucas brothers was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other died 90 minutes later after suffering from a case of severe head trauma. The unexpected slayings of the two young White men have left their family devastated, and their mourning parents sadly recall how the two did “everything together.”

“I called the police last night cause’ I hadn’t heard from my boys then I saw the news article and I just knew,” said Amber Rivera, mother to the Lucas brothers, in an interview. “Growing up they fought a lot but in the last few years they’ve become best friends. They do everything together.”

“I’m so upset I wasn’t there for them,” Rivera continued. “My boys were good boys. They were just living their lives.”

The Lucas brothers. Photo: Lucas family.

According to their mother, Damon was a talented tattoo artist who enjoyed extreme sports like Skateboarding and BMX. Her youngest son, Blake, loved reptiles, cooking, and motorcycles. The men were 15 months apart in age and were traveling to a job interview when the shooting took place. The family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover the massive financial burden of planning a double family funeral.

“I’m so upset I wasn’t there for them. My boys were good boys. They were just living their lives.”

Amber Rivera, Mother

The gruesome double murder of the Lucas brothers is being labeled as a “road rage incident” by Denver authorities, a phenomenon that has soared in places like Colorado, among others. In 2022, 54% of Colorado State Patrol’s emergency calls were reported to be related to aggressive drivers. Additionally, Denver is currently embroiled in a particularly brutal crime wave, making it one of America’s most dangerous and crime-ridden metropolitan areas in 2033. Earlier in the year, a separate road rage murder occurred when Aurora police said a 48-year-old Black man was shot and killed by two 18-year-old Mestizo suspects in Dayton Triangle.

“I’ve just seen how much worse and worse it’s gotten,” said Brandon Lucas, a relative, in an interview with CBS. “Denver got too busy, too angry. Everybody’s out from themselves. you know, with how expensive and busy it is. They don’t have time to take care of their neighbor.”

A monumental rise in road rage incidents and horrific acts of gun violence shouldn’t come as a surprise, however. According to the 2020 U.S. Census report, only a precipitous 54% of Denver residents remain White, down sharply from the year 1940, when the population of the Mile High City registered at a monolithic 97%. In those eighty short years, however, the White peoples of Denver became racially displaced by non-White ones, including a huddled wave of Mestizo Americans, which now stand at a growing 29.3% of the total population.

Twitter user demanding the death penalty for Stephen Long in a post dated June 15th. Screenshot: Twitter.

With its proximity to America’s crumbling southern border, Colorado’s fate appears to mirror that of nearby Texas, whose racial demographics have ensured that non-Whites now compose 60% of its overall population, according to an exhaustive report by the White Papers Policy Institute (WPPI). As a result, Mestizo and Black Americans are now responsible for over 70% of all rapes, 76% of all murders, and 72% of all aggravated assaults in Texas.

The heartbreaking and outrageous tale of the Lucas brothers is not the only instance of White life being cut short on American roadways. In May, a 40-year-old White systems engineer was shot and killed while commuting home from work in Ohio. After a SWAT raid was executed, Police arrested and charged a Black ex-convict with a prolific history of prison violence, according to records obtained by the Justice Report through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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