The Antifa files: how a leaked ‘Antifa’ chatroom revealed guns, gangs, and grooming in the Palmetto State – Part III

The ‘Antifa Files’ were made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Charleston, South Carolina – A private online chatroom, composed of a broad coalition of various antifascist organizations fighting for what they call “transgender liberation,” has suffered a catastrophic leak.

Thanks to a bombshell trove of compromised data and chatroom member logs—made publicly available by the anti-White hate monitor, the William McKinley Institute (WMKI)—the Justice Report was able to profile dozens of formerly “anonymous” antifascists and have composed our comprehensive findings into a series that we’re now calling: the Antifa Files.

The data, which originated from a Discord chatroom that had been scraped by an anonymous source, belongs to a transgender extremist group titled “Organize Against Transphobia (OAT).”

In the previous installment of the Antifa Filesthe Justice Report’s team of investigators, researchers, and citizen journalists used information made public through WMKI to profile 19-year-old University of South Carolina Student, Robin Hill. The daughter of a high-profile lawyer for Atlanta’s “Federal Defender Program,” Hill was clocked as OAT’s top organizer, who regularly offered her mother’s pro-bono legal work to anarchist extremists in the chat.

In Part III of the Antifa Files, we’ll be dissecting two of OAT’s most ideologically steeled foot soldiers, including a heavily armed, revolutionary communist with connections to the latent Boogaloo Boy movement. Then we’ll shift focus to the group’s paramilitary instructor: a former prizefighter-turned-progressive activist who—like their leader Robin Hill—also offered pro bono legal work in the form of his civil rights attorney wife.

“Bashing Skulls,” and “Killing Cops”

Out of all the antifascists conspiring inside Organize Against Transphobia’s now leaked Discord chats, none was more bloodthirsty than the red-headed, Ho-Chi-Minh reading, revolutionary communist Timothy Johnson aka “Caboose.” Johnson—who describes himself as an Irish-American and “reconnecting” Cherokee on Twitter—is somewhat of a minor e-celebrity in the communist TikTok community.

Having appeared in multiple leftist podcasts, YouTube videos, and Tiktok clips over the years, Johnson’s hobbies include reading Leninist theory on Livestream to “decompress,” and dressing up in full combat kit to attend rallies for various anti-White causes under the guise of providing “security.”

Johnson’s penchant for brandishing high-powered firearms in public shouldn’t come as a shock. As early as 2021, he openly labeled himself as a member of the critically panned “Boogaloo Boys,” a libertarian-leaning fringe movement that has been associated with both left and right-wing extremism, violence, and a myriad of other controversies. Before that, Johnson served in the United States Armed Forces as an “Infantry Soldier” for the Army National Guard, per his Linkedin.

At a Justice for Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville on March 13th, 2021, Johnson was identified in a Twitter thread, where he openly professed his card-carrying membership to the Boogaloo movement when he, among others, claimed to be “provide(ing) security for today’s event.”

“I provide transportation solutions with years of trucking, dispatching, insurance, and supply chain experience at my disposal. My military experience shows I can operate well under pressure and adapt to challenges in a creative way.”

Timothy “Caboose” Johnson, Linkedin

Johnson would go on to attend multiple anti-White protests in full combat gear and would cross state lines away from his home in Columbia, South Carolina to do so. In addition to Breonna Taylor, Johnson would march—armed to the teeth—in protest of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, once for “women’s rights” in Charleston, for stopping “Cop City” in Atlanta, and even showing up to protest outside the residence of Roberta Kline, a White woman accused of “racism” and assault after she confronted a group of Black teens trespassing on her property. In at least one instance, Johnson was detained by police, according to a video posted to his Youtube channel.

But don’t let Johnson’s tired adherence to fringe communism and sleepy readings of “theory” fool you. Leaked chats have gone on to suggest that underneath the Hawaiian print surface rests a bloodthirsty accelerationist, whose former stint in the Boogaloo movement was merely preparation for the next phase in his political worldview: violent anarchist extremism.

“I wanna bash his face in and piss into the back of his skull,” said Tim “Caboose” Johnson in a post dated April 19th. Johnson made the sadistic comment in a fit of rage after a conservative University of South Carolina student defied his anti-social politics at an Uncensored America speaking event earlier in the night. Johnson’s post came immediately after OAT’s supposedly peaceful counter-protest escalated into violence. “That’s all I could think about last night,” he admitted.

According to the leaked chats, Johnson is one of OAT’s most prominent members, a man who has posted hundreds of times since the OAT Discord was first created. In that time, Johnson would go on to repeatedly post about his desire for extreme violence, using the supposed “pro-trans” group as a platform to air his dark fantasies, which experienced absolutely zero pushback or disavowal from fellow members lurking alongside.

Tim “Caboose” Johnson and other OAT members present at a Laura Loomer speech at the University of South Carolina in April of 2023. Video: Laura Loomer Twitter.

In a bizarre January 20th group discussion about the disgruntled Black terrorist, Christopher Dorner—who waged bloody “unconventional and asymmetric warfare” on the Los Angeles Police Department resulting in two dead—Johnson critiqued Dorner’s personal ideology and motivations as “cringe.” When it came to his thoroughly reprehensible string of murders, however, Johnson only applauded them, proudly stating, “I love that he killed cops, more people should…”

The ghoulish admission became all the more sobering once we discovered Johnson’s personal Facebook page. In what can only be described as a vast collection of revolutionary communist memes, screenshots of tweets from anarchist Twitter spaces, and eccentric personal “takes” on political happenings in America, Johnson’s Facebook was revealing in more ways than one.

By perusing through the “Likes” section of his Facebook, we discovered that Johnson endorses dozens of anti-White extremist militia pages, including multiple chapters of the Fred Hampton Gun Club (FHGC) as well as the ever-controversial, Socialist Rifle Association (SRA). When the anarchist mass killer, Connor Betts, butchered nine people and wounded 27 others in the infamous Dayton, Ohio Nightclub massacre, follow-up investigations revealed that social media ties with the SRA assisted Betts with advice on deadly weapons modifications. Betts—like Johnson—also had a history of vitriolic anti-White hate in the online realm, and the latter only appears to now echo the former with a grim reminder of what could be next.

Timothy “Caboose” Johnson holding a protest sign, along with a series of alleged Facebook endorsements of Socialist Rifle Association (SRA) chapters, an armed Antifa militia in which he may be a member. Collage: Facebook, News2Share – Ford Fischer.

Johnson would also use the chat to espouse the ideals of revolutionary communism alongside his fellow Antifa inside OAT. With access to a whole pool of willing adherents, Johnson capitalizes on this and regularly hosts “leftist studies” in a Discord server of his own creation, not included in the WMKI leaks. In a series of posts dated March 7th, Johnson would share selections of communist and anarchist propaganda books to OAT via .pdf file, including—but not limited to—The Revolution Starts at Home, a book about dealing with violence and abuse latent within Antifa circles, as well as We Do This ‘Til We Free Us, a collection of anti-White “transformative justice” essays.

” …I love that he (Christopher Dorner) killed cops, more people should…”

Tim “Caboose” Johnson of Organize Against Transphobia, Columbia, South Carolina

While concerning, Johnson’s love of obscure anarchist literature takes a sick, hard-left turn, when the Justice Report discovered his indoctrination explicitly targeted not only adults but children. In a post dated December 27th, Johnson uploaded a .pdf file containing the children’s version of the ABCs of Anarchism. In it, the book contains a forward by “the Weatherman,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Weather Underground, the 1970s revolutionary anarchist movement that orchestrated acts of politically motivated leftist-inspired terror across the United States.

Using simple language, the book explains a myriad of inappropriate anarchist concepts to grade-school readers. Along with text, the book uses Illustrations to help explain Antifa theories like “B is for Black Bloc,” “N is for Nihilism,” and “S is for Squat,” etc. “I know there are a lot of anarchists in here,” Johnson admitted. “So here’s the ABCs of Anarchism, kids version.”

Johnson’s despicable lust for engaging small children with anarchist metapolitics is also evidenced on Twitter where—along with photographs of his family bookshelves—Johnson admits to leaving behind strategically placed propaganda in an effort to inculcate the next generation of anti-White ideologues. He even advised parents to use anarchist books to teach children how to read. “Kids can handle discussions on ideas then once they get like 10 full theory(sic). Maybe use theory to teach reading,” he suggested.

While OAT spends a significant amount of time downplaying accusations of “grooming” by working-class people, Johnson appears to advocate for the total opposite, gleefully using subversive books and the power of social media platforms to indoctrinate as many people—regardless of age—into embracing anti-White extremism as he can. In one video uploaded on Dec 16, 2021, to his personal Youtube channel, Johnson—wearing a pair of black tactical gloves—narrates a different anarchist children’s book, this one titled A is for Activist by “Innosanto Nagara.”

Tim “Caboose” Johnson reads an anarchist-themed children’s book on his personal Youtube. Video: @Caboose1212 Youtube

At one point, Johnson confided in other OAT members for advice on how to best subvert a teenage boy who apparently sent direct messages to him over TikTok, an app rife with pedophilia scandals and other instances of sexual indecencies involving minors. In a post dated March 20th, Johnson asked the chat “Yo, a 16 year old boy reached out to me on TikTok because of an oats thing I shared and asked me how to deal with something at school about being trans and their trans friend and I’m clueless. Can someone help in a mentorship aspect? DM me?”

Johnson’s worldview is twisted and confusing for most mainstream consumers, but the most jarring aspect is his deep fetishization of Black and homosexual Americans above all else. The love of his own racial counterparts has even motivated him to post statements of explicit anti-White bigotry on Twitter. In one Twitter post dated April 2nd, Johnson blood libels his fellow White Americans by outrageously blaming them for an increase in mass shootings and wanton, nihilistic murders. In addition to what he calls “well off yt ppl,” Johnson also blames tired abstracts like the “patriarchy,” and even a “lack of universal healthcare.”

“I wanna bash his face in and piss into the back of his skull…That’s all I could think about last night.”

Tim “Caboose” Johnson of Organize Against Transphobia, Columbia, South Carolina

The claims from Johnson can be scientifically debunked and dismissed wholesale with even a modicum of research. But because the uniquely American issue of mass killings is a racial one—with anti-White hatred and Black Americans themselves as the root—Johnson, appears to only ever want to deal with obfuscations of the truth and wallow in his own White guilt. “I feel anger over my ancestors who were colonized/genocided and anger at my ancestors who did the colonizing,” he said in a 4th of July holiday Facebook post just last week. “It’s not over, that genocide continues today. Fuck the USA.”

Whenever he isn’t using the internet to implant the wriggling mind worm of racial self-loathing into young children, Johnson snidely advocates for other acts of criminality and underhandedness. On April 3rd, Johnson shamelessly recommended that Priest—an OAT organizer and a heavily armed member of People’s Army Antifa—disrupt a trial by “declare(ing) them innocent…or fuck up the trial somehow” after they were issued jury duty.

Twitter post made by Timothy “Caboose” Johnson of Organize Against Transphobia advocating for teaching young kids communist and anarchist “theory.” Screencap: Twitter @Caboose_GA

Johnson also appears to be completely fine with the idea of snitching to law enforcement, if only to see his political opponents ruthlessly oppressed by the same state he claims to oppose. “I believe people will be carrying at this event,” he said on an April 18th post regarding the possibility of working-class people exercising their 2nd Amendment right at a protest where firearms were strictly forbidden on campus. “We should totally tell the facilitators where we see right(sic) the nazis printing through their shirt,” referring to the outline of concealed carry firearms under the fabric of clothing.

Tim ‘Caboose” Johnson is now believed to be living in Columbia, South Carolina with the mother of his 4-year-old daughter, Jordan Cara “Bebop” Thiele, a woman who has thoroughly embraced communism and anarchist extremism herself. Per Johnson’s Linkedin, he currently serves as a fleet manager for the trucking company, TMC Transportation, and is listed in OAT’s discord as being a member of Columbia’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Judging by social media posts, Johnson may also be involved with the local SRA, but due to his prior involvement with the Boogaloo movement, he may be actively ostracized from larger, more infamous organizations due to perceived “fascist priors.” In the past, he has been ridiculed by other antifascists for his hardcore embrace of overt communism and heavy-handed “virtue signaling” of many neoliberal issues.

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With U.S. military combat experience and years serving inside some of modern America’s most radical anti-White militia groups, Tim “Caboose” Johnson should be considered heavily armed and extremely dangerous at all times. The Justice Report advises those living in or traveling through Columbia to express the utmost caution.

“There will come a time when people who speak that level of hate will regularly not be allowed to escape,” said Caboose in an ominous post on April 5th. “Not today, but it will come.”

The Official Dad of OAT

When OAT claims to be committed to “fighting” for transsexual liberation in the State of South Carolina, people should believe them. Some members are even willing to go so far as to “bleed” for the cause, and no man better exemplifies the group’s willingness to use both armed and unarmed combat to suppress their political opposition better than former martial artist, Matthew Cox.

Cox, a man in his upper 40s who professes to be the “official dad of OAT,” now offers his expertise as a mixed martial artist to the group, and as early as January 14th, has been regularly training OAT in what he calls “mutual aid martial arts” regimens, or MAMA. “Real talk, I’ve been thinking about self-defense stuff. I was a competition fighter and have vast experience in martial arts,” he confessed in a December 18th post. “I would be happy to do some hand-to-hand self defense basics, or a boxing for workout or fashfaces.”

In a .pdf file uploaded to the mutual aid chat titled MAMA1, Cox laid out his fighting bonafides and advised fellow Antifa that their bodies were “weapons” and he could teach “how to apply them.” According to the document, the man in charge of fine-tuning the combat readiness of an avowed antifascist cell was proficient in Tae Kwon Do, MMA, Boxing, Judo, and a specialized form of Jujutsu called Danzan Ryu. By January 2023, his classes officially began, using the Discord chat to mobilize fellow Antifa to a spot at Columbia’s Riverfront Park Amphitheater for paramilitary exercises.

“Some friends got me into MMA (or as we called it then, No-Holds-Barred, NHB), and I trained boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, jujutsu, judo, and any other martial art I could get someone to teach me. After college, I continued my training and won two competition fights,” Cox explained via the training document. “My return to competition got me connected with Danzan Ryu Jujutsu and an unofficial Bujinkan Taijutsu instructor when I began learning more of the combat side than the sport…your body is a weapon. We will briefly discuss what those weapons are and how to apply them.”

Alongside hand-to-hand brawling, OAT also trains with firearms, and according to leaked Discord chats, Cox, among others, attended firearm combat exercises hosted by local members of the John Brown Gun Club (JBGC), and the local SRA. In a January 31st discussion that took place after one of the group’s first firearm combat drills, Cox debated with another user on whether or not the JBGC should be mentioned in an OAT propaganda post to their official social media. While the other user didn’t want to mention the infamous group due to a rightful fear of public backlash, Cox questioned the hesitancy. The discussion shockingly revealed that the only vetting done prior to entry to one of OAT’s SRA-hosted rifle training exercises is a round of what they called “vibe checking.”

One of many posts made by Matthew Cox bragging about his wife’s employment as an “elite” lawyer at the left-leaning Burnette Shutt & McDaniel. Photo: Discord Leaks.

Despite claims of combat readiness drills existing purely for “self-defense” reasons, leaked Discord chats suggested a latent aggression simmering within Cox, and numerous times it appears as if he’s champing at the bit to fight “fascists” in the streets. “I didn’t think I could get more angry at this situation,” said Cox in a post dated January 24th in response to a public comments sections being limited at a government meeting he was attending. When another member of OAT replied “They are really f*cking around today,” Cox ominously replied back “Time for them to find out.”

Other times, the older, more seasoned leftist will wax poetic about his devotion to fighting “transphobia.” In one post, Cox makes a “pledge” to OAT that he will “bleed” with them “till the war is won.” The post is heavily endorsed by fellow members, earning ten reactions “If I can just take a moment to mention how much it has meant that everyone here has made space for me,” said Cox in an emotional post dated January 25th. “I pledge I will do everything I can to make your cause mine and laugh, cry, and bleed with you…I’m here till the war is won.”

“Your body is a weapon. We will briefly discuss what those weapons are and how to apply them

Matt Cox, OAT Combat Instructor and Formal Martial Artist

Cox tends to present himself with an aura of invincibility when he posts. Having spent years as an activist for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and other leftist causes, Cox is confident enough to profess his antifascist status, according to a post dated January 8th. The invincibility, however, doesn’t appear to stem from any of his own abilities, but rather, from his wife’s. “Oh they’ll fuck us anyway they can…” Said Cox in a post dated December 20th. “My Wife’s a lawyer in the biggest progressive firm in SC, fuckin come at me ghouls.”

The brazen taunt had our researchers interested. Using publically available information—alongside no less than three other admissions made by Cox inside the leaked Discord chats—the Justice Report was quickly able to confirm the identity of his wife: Sarah JM Cox, a civil rights and employment attorney once honored for being a part of the “Legal Elite of the Midlands.” A bio on her firm’s attorney page even confirms her marriage to a man named “Matt,” and confirms their residency in Columbia.

Sarah JM Cox, wife of OAT antifa Matthew Cox, wearing a Ruth Bader Ginsberg-inspired “dissident pin.” Photo: Burnette Shutt & McDaniel.

Per the website, Sarah JM Cox is named as one of several high-powered attorneys working for the South Carolina-based law firm, Burnette Shutt & McDaniel. The firm, a darling of South Carolina liberals for its history rooted in progressive advocacy—which included work on a landmark case paving the way for homosexual marriage in the Palmetto State—is notable for its attorneys proudly wearing “dissident pins” on their lapels in honor of the late Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“I pledge I will do everything I can to make your cause mine and laugh, cry, and bleed with you…I’m here till the war is won.”

Matt Cox, OAT Combat Instructor and Formal Martial Artist

Cox’s offer of Sarah JM’s “elite” legal expertise appears to have been reciprocal, with the attorney once expressing interest in conducting informational seminars for the antifascist group. “@everyone,” said Matthew Cox in the chat on March 18th, 2023, alerting every single member of OAT with a notification. “My wife is an employment attorney in Columbia, and would like to volunteer some time to the group as a know your rights type seminar… Would anyone be interested in attending?”

The promise of pro-bono legal representation for the anti-White extremist cell mirrored the same support offered by OAT’s stalwart leader, Robin Hill, and her lawyer mother, Rebecca Shepard. Unlike Shepard, however, Sarah JM appeared to be absent from the leaked Discord. Like many others in the OAT chat, however, the persistent issue of deteriorating mental health was once again at play, casting doubts on the validity of Cox’s offer and the cohesion of the group as a whole. “I’m constantly kicking myself for not being more involved,” bemoaned Cox on a post dated April 25th. “…but my wife has mental health issues and foisting the children onto her or my rapidly aging support network degrades their ability to manage…I feel trapped between responsibilities.”

In his spare time, Matt Cox trolls conservative live-streamers on his youtube account @phagtacular, with profanity-laded comments, as seen here on an episode of the Overton Report with Corey Allen.

In his spare time, Matthew Cox—a man approaching his fifties—likes to troll mainstream conservatives with immature comments during Youtube live streams. In a post dated January 6th, Cox posted a screenshot he took of a comment he made during a live episode of Corey Allen’s The Overton Report, a conservative program critical of homosexual perversion in South Carolina. The comment, made with Cox’s personal youtube account “@phagtacular,” is crude and full of cheap profanities but appears to stem from a previous incident in which Cox allegedly harassed Allen in real life, adding further evidence of Cox’s willingness to abide by OAT’s point of unity #2, “a diversity of tactics.”

With heavily armed militiamen a part of their rank-and-file, and trained fighters conducting routine paramilitary exercises, the facade of OAT’s “peaceful” transgender advocacy mission rapidly begins to deteriorate. What we’re left with is just another anti-White extremist group running amok inside neoliberal America’s politically fractured and rapidly declining domestic situation.

Left undeterred, Antifa organizations can grow in size and ferocity, increasing the rate at which they become tied to acts of barbaric violence or even death. In 2021, members of Los Angeles Antifa—including their mixed-race ringleader—were swept up in a storm of indictments stemming from a violent gang assault against Trump supporters and random passersby in Pacific Beach, California. Out of the 11 antifascists who faced charges, six have already been convicted for their violent crimes. In 2020, a rightwinger was viciously executed by a self-described Antifa anarchist, Michael Reinoehl, in Portland, Oregon. Reinoehl was ultimately shot and killed in his hotel room after a task force of U.S. Marshals was dispatched to apprehend him.

Stay tuned for part IV of the Antifa Files, where we will use information from the leaked Discord chat to profile OAT’s top propagandists, and reveal the identity of an embedded journalist working side-by-side with anti-White extremists.

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