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National Justice Party protests ‘anti-White’ Section 8 law in Providence Village, Texas

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Providence Village, Texas – Volunteer activists and supporters of the National Justice Party (NJP) protested the passing of Texas House Bill 1193 on Sunday. Despite a torrential downpour and other adverse weather conditions, concerned citizens from the White community made their voices heard, chanting, marching, and carrying signs in opposition to a bill that they’ve decried as “anti-White.”

On Sunday morning, NJP Supporters picketed outside the main offices of Providence Village, Texas, a neighborhood at the epicenter of increased violence stemming from a growing population of predominantly Black Section 8 tenants. Numbering over twenty strong, the men and women of NJP carried signs saying, “Protect our Families,” “Stop HB 1193,” and “Section 8 Violence, GOP Silence.”

Activists and Volunteers of the National Justice Party protesting outside the main offices of Providence Village, Texas. Photo: Justice Report.

According to sources on the ground, the protest, undeterred by the rain, was well received as numerous residents of the embattled community came forward to read literature prepared and handed out by the NJP. While the protest was carried out without issue by “exceptional” on-the-ground activists, the tension in Providence Village was like nothing lifelong Texas resident and lead NJP Organizer Ryan James had “ever felt or seen.”

“All our activists did the exceptional work expected of an NJP supporter. I could not speak more highly of the team we put together,” said James in a request for comment by the Justice Report. “The tension in that neighborhood was like nothing I have ever felt or seen. So many people were happy to hear that there was someone coming to their defense…Someone who saw the situation as they did and was willing to take a stand.”

National Justice Party Organizer, Ryan James. Photo: Justice Report.

The National Justice Party’s protest comes on the heels of controversial House Bill 1193, a law that revokes the long-standing right of Texan housing authorities to refuse Section 8 renters from entering discerning communities. Citing “racism,” Democrat lawmakers—with bipartisan support from Texan Republicans—insisted the previous laws negatively impacted Black Texans due to their overwhelming representation as federal aid recipients.

Until HB 1193, Texas remained one of the only states which allowed such Section 8 housing restrictions. Providence Village and its HOA were among the last to attempt to use their long-standing rights after a massive increase in violent crime came to a boiling point. Since 2020, the sleepy, majority White town has been home to instances of Black violence which has included a horrific double murder of a White mother and her child, a violent stabbing of a White teenager, and even an act of arson that saw a Providence Village playground set ablaze.

NJP protestors carried signs and waved flags amid rainstorms on Sunday in opposition to HB 1193, a bill they believe was only passed with Republican collaboration. Photo: Justice Report.

“Investor greed and perverse financial incentives from the Federal Government has flooded this community with Section 8 renters, and with that flood has come unimaginable violence,” said James during a speech he delivered to residents in the pouring rain. “…to demand that White-majority neighborhoods accept federal programs that move non-Whites into their communities is wrong. If an HOA rule decreasing the number of Blacks is anti-Black, then a state law decreasing the number of Whites in an area is anti-White. This is what anti-White racism looks like. HB 1193 is anti-White!”

While Democrat Texas Rep Chris Turner was the brainchild behind the “anti-White” HB 1193, James believes Turner’s motivations are nothing but obvious and “unsurprising” developments. To him, Republican collaboration with HB 1193 stood as the largest betrayal. He hoped the White community of Providence Village understood the depths to which the GOP would go to advance profits and the Welfare of Black residents over the safety of their own families.

Supporters and volunteers protested new laws that would mandate overwhelmingly Black Section 8 tenants in White communities. Photo: Justice Report

“Jared Patterson? Traitor! Drew Springer? Traitor! Why did you vote for this (HB1193)?” Asked James. “What about Governor Gregg Abbott…Will you not sacrifice, will you not use your power, the power of the State to bring order and safety back to Providence Village?”

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“There are actions that Texas State Republicans can take to stop this,” he continued. “The National Justice Party demands that those actions be taken. Stop HB 1193!”

“If an HOA rule decreasing the number of Blacks is anti-Black, then a state law decreasing the number of Whites in an area is anti-White.”

National Justice Party Organizer, Ryan James

The NJP protest caught the attention of numerous people in the area, including passionate locals and even the Providence Housing Authority (PHOA) itself. In an official statement released on social media, the PHOA vehemently denied involvement with the NJP action but appeared to double down in defense of their previous decision to bar Section 8 in the wake of what they called an “unprecedented uptick in egregious crimes.”

NJP Activists and Organizer Ryan James in Providence Village, Texas. Photo: Justice Report

“The Providence Village HOA Board has absolutely no affiliation with the protest…” said a statement released by PHOA on Sunday. “The board’s decision to implement rental restrictions was simply an effort to combat the unprecedented uptick in egregious crimes in our community committed by Section 8 tenants…We will continue to fight for all of you every day because every resident deserves security and comfort in their home and community.”

The discussion continued online, where those not appreciative of NJP’s presence preferred to stay. “Be careful if you head up near the main Pool and front offices for PV,” said Richard Fesenbek, a video game streamer with interracial family ties, in a post to the social media platform Facebook. “There’s a group of racists waving flags and handing out cherrypicked literature.”

Social media collage. Screencaps: Facebook

Toward the end of the event, NJP activists—including James—were even confronted by a handful of Providence Village’s Black community. Wearing bright-colored and ill-fitting spandex leggings, one Woman appeared to prove the PHOA and NJP right by acting aggressively and shouting into the faces of White Texans whose only concerns were for the well-being of their loved ones and for the advocacy of their people along strictly racial lines.

Governor Gregg Abbott…Will you not sacrifice, will you not use your power, the power of the State to bring order and safety back to Providence Village?”

National Justice Party Organizer, Ryan James

One user, also using Facebook, unsuccessfully attempted to rally Providence Village against the NJP by curiously tagging multiple mainstream television shows, including The Problem with Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz and Last Week Tonight, hosted by English leftist John Oliver. “What did the literature say?” asked female user Sabrina Trifunovska in a comment chain. When one user asked if she saw nothing wrong with “White supremacist” beliefs, Trifunovska defiantly asked, “What’s wrong with them?”

NJP Organizer Ryan James confronted by a furious Black Woman, outraged at the idea of cracking down on Crime in majority White Providence Village. Photo: Justice Report.

Texas—ranked the 11th most dangerous state in the union—has long been a hotbed of soaring non-White violence, which makes the passing of “anti-White” HB 1193 an alarming move by the established two-party system. In October of 2022, a Black man was arrested for breaking into an Odessa hospital, assaulting staff, and violently shaking newborn babies until they turned blue. Earlier this month, a nationwide BOLO (be on the lookout) was issued for a Black murder suspect out of Shreveport, whose car contained a dead body after he abandoned it at the conclusion of a high-speed police chase across San Augustine County.

The pro-White advocacy organization, the National Justice Party, has marched numerous times on behalf of White victims of Black violence, typically seeking hate crime charges or other concessions from a system they believe is inherently anti-White. In 2022, the NJP marched twice in support of Ethan Liming, a White teenager who was allegedly beaten to death by three Black men on the streets of Akron, Ohio. In April of this year, the NJP made headlines after it successfully marched on behalf of the White family, shot for their race by a Black suspect in Gastonia, North Carolina. In the wake of their protest, the NJP and the White family have maintained close relations and have worked together to achieve justice in the case.

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