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National Justice Party protests New York migrant resettlement crisis in Rotterdam, NY

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Rotterdam, New York – Supporters and volunteer activists of the National Justice Party (NJP) protested the ongoing migrant resettlement crisis in New York State on Sunday. The protest, which took place in front of a converted Super 8 Hotel, recently evicted its long-term residents to shelter over 200 economic migrants now flooding the majority-white town.

According to reports from those on the ground, over 20 local Supporters of the NJP marched in opposition to the worsening migrant situation affecting towns and counties across the State of New York. Carrying signs that read, “you pay, migrants stay,” and “our nation, no vacancy,” activists were able to hold ground at a traffic circle on Carmen Road for over three hours. They were met with enthusiastic support from a town overburdened by the system’s ongoing demographic replacement efforts.

NJP Supporters on the march in Rotterdam, NY, in opposition to migrant resettlement in upstate New York towns. Photo: Justice Report.

“Illegal migration has been a perennial issue in the United States for decades because it is a feature, not a bug,” said Jacob, National Justice Party Organizer, in a speech on Sunday. “Illegal migrants are brought to the United States not by a force of nature but through coordinated policy between banks, cartels, NGOs, big corporations, and the federal and state governments to undermine working-class wages and to displace America’s diminishing White majority.”

As NJP activists made their voices heard all throughout Sunday afternoon, they were met with a barrage of honks and raised fists from Rotterdam’s working-class residents. Fed up with the deluge of foreigners who now walk to and from the local park and gas stations—sometimes in packs of four or more—residents cheered as they watched from a nearby Cumberland Farms. One resident even brought a case of water and delivered it to Supporters as a thank-you for their mission of pro-White advocacy.

NJP Supporters held ground for over three hours Sunday afternoon. Photo: Justice Report.

“Governor Hochul is anti-democratic because she is enabling Mayor Eric Adams and DocGo to collude and impose these migrants on our communities against our will,” said Jacob. “According to a recent Siena poll, 46% vs. 40% of New Yorkers opposed relocating these migrants, with 52% opposing it outside NYC…They know what they are doing is anti-democratic and unpopular because they are doing it in secret.”

Public support of the protest was so great that promotional material and flyers specifically designed for the Rotterdam action were depleted within the first forty-five minutes, having been distributed faster than activists anticipated. As traffic increased, NJP chants grew louder, letting the town know they were not alone in opposing the will of what they called the “anti-White system.”

“The residents of Rotterdam did not know about the deal between the Super 8 and DocGo to house these migrants until it was too late, and the tenants living at the hotel were evicted,” said Smith. ” Mayor Adams will ultimately get his way, and tens of thousands of these migrants will be dumped across communities in upstate New York and Long Island against our will, and local governments and state GOP will ultimately do nothing to stop it.”

The NJP was not without opposition, however. At one point, a woman in a mobility scooter stopped to shout unintelligible comments at supporters from across the street. As the protest began to enter its third hour, a pair of neo-liberal activists arrived. Wearing a rainbow-colored ball cap and wielding a pink megaphone, the two out-and-proud lesbians bizarrely announced the existence of their “black sons” and began heckling the NJP with little effect.

Opposition to the NJP was scattered and unorganized and appeared to be composed mainly of those going to the gas station for snacks. Photo: Justice Report.

“Hate has no home here. Go home,” chanted one lesbian repeatedly, barely audible over the sound of honking coming from those in support of the NJP. “Humans over assholes! Our sons are Black, and we’re here to stay. Go home.”

“Governor Hochul is anti-democratic because she is enabling Mayor Eric Adams and DocGo to collude and impose these migrants on our communities against our will…They know what they are doing is anti-democratic and unpopular because they are doing it in secret.”

Jacob, NJP Organizer

According to Jacob, those crossing the border and “seeking asylum” in the United States were in for a shock and described how migrants fleeing violence from non-White criminals would have been better off in places like El Salvador, whose sweeping criminal justice reforms have cleaned up a country long under the petty tyranny of street gangs and narco-terrorists.

A pair of neo-liberal activists and lesbian “parents” fielded a small megaphone to counter-protest but were mostly overpowered by honks and chants in support of the NJP. Photo: Justice Report.

“Let’s dispel this liberal fiction that these migrants came here to escape violence and crime. First of all, if they came here to escape violence and crime, they came to the wrong place,” said Jacob. “America is increasingly one of the most unsafe countries in the world. Crime and violence have skyrocketed ever since the top-down 2020 George Floyd cultural revolution…If they (migrants) wanted to go somewhere safe, they should have gone to El Salvador”

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“Not only are the people there culturally and ethnically closer to these migrants, but El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has reduced El Salvador’s homicide rate from 53 to 8 homicides per 100,000 people over the course of his administration,” continued Jacob. “…Making El Salvador safer than most American cities! All he had to do was lock up the most violent and criminal portion of El Salvador’s population.

Throngs of freshly clothed migrant families, including this one, walked past the NJP protest on Sunday, ending up in gas stations and local playgrounds in walking distance of their new home at the Super 8. Photo: Justice Report.

Jacob wasn’t alone in his assertions. According to one resident, who requested his name be withheld in fear of New York’s oppressive anti-White legislature and culture of punishing free speech, it was only a matter of time before one of the migrants committed an act of violent crime.

“Let’s dispel this liberal fiction that these migrants came here to escape violence and crime…If they (migrants) wanted to go somewhere safe, they should have gone to El Salvador.”

Jacob, NJP Organizer

“It’s crazy what they’re doing here. These businesses don’t care about the town. It’s only a matter of time before one of these people (migrants) starts committing crimes. Then what?” Said the Rotterdam local in a request for comment by the Justice Report.

The National Justice Party’s protest in Rotterdam was formed in the wake of a worsening New York-centered migrant crisis, which has seen hotels and other private businesses converting into migrant shelters at the behest of New York City politicians. In Rotterdam, a local Super 8 Motel abruptly closed down and evicted all of its long-term residents. In exchange for a lucrative New York City contract, the motel replaced them with over two hundred migrants from South and Central America with the help of a healthcare logistics company called DocGo.

Rotterdam, a suburb of Schenectady, New York, is a majority White town, with 86.6% of its residents registered as non-Hispanic White, according to an estimate by the July 2022 U.S. Census report. While other counties, towns, and municipalities in New York State have used bureaucratic loopholes to temporarily bar the arrival of migrants into their territory, the citizens of Rotterdam—and even the local government—were never informed of the deal, making even token opposition to the move impossible to complete in time.

NJP Supporters ran out of promotional material and event flyers within forty-five minutes of arrival. Photo: Justice Report.

“We, Supporters of the National Justice Party, are here to say enough is enough! It’s time for a new political party to represent the interests of America’s silenced White majority, which had no outlet up until now,” said Jacob. “Other than the fraudulent GOP, to express its will, the National Justice Party is the only political entity that will put an end to mass immigration and set policy to preserve America’s historic White majority.”

The National Justice Party is quickly proving itself to be one of the only political organizations in America willing to advocate for those affected by the New York migrant crisis. It has now marched twice in opposition to the widely unpopular move. In June, Supporters and volunteer activists marched in Salina, New York, after a Candlewood Suites hotel attempted to enter a contract with New York City. The move, which would have seen the sudden eviction of all the hotel’s long-term residents, including veterans, nurses, and other economically disenfranchised tenants, was temporarily stopped after the local government began a lawsuit against the hotel’s owners.

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