Venezuelan migrant charged with rape of woman inside Upstate New York hotel

Cheektowaga, New York – A Venezuelan migrant, living inside an Upstate New York migrant hotel, was arrested for raping a woman in front of a three-year-old child. Disgusted at the behavior, locals are now rallying against migrant resettlement in their community, and are boldly declaring “We don’t need this here.”

Prosecutors assert that 26-year-old Jesus Guzman-Bermudez—a migrant originating from the crime-ridden nation of Venezuela—brutally raped a woman in front of a 3-year-old child. The incident took place inside one of three hotels repurposed for housing migrants in Cheektowaga, an 81% White suburb of Buffalo, New York. According to reports, Guzman-Bermudez is just one of almost 600 foreign-born migrants currently living inside the majority White town after being resettled by bus earlier in the year.

26-year-old Jesus Guzman-Bermudez, a Venezuelan migrant accused of brutally raping a migrant woman inside a NYC-funded hotel in Cheektowaga, NY. Photo: Police mugshot.

According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, the incident was first reported by a migrant case worker which led to Guzman-Bermudez’s arrest. He is currently being held without bail, charged with rape, endangering the welfare of a child, and unlawful imprisonment. If convicted, he faces over 25 years in prison. An order of protection was filed on behalf of the victim, who is believed to be a migrant herself.

“The caseworker reported it up through his or her chain of command. Ultimately, we ended up getting Cheektowaga Police involved, and started an investigation,” said Flynn in a comment to WBEN. “It wasn’t like an incident where this individual went out in town, grabbed some victim and took them back to the hotel room. That’s not the case here. They clearly knew one another,” he continued, appearing to downplay the severity of the crime and the impact on the community at large.

According to Flynn, Guzman-Bermudez’s alleged rape is the fourth instance of crime reported among the migrants that have been resettled to the area so far, and in an interview, he lauded the foreigners for “behaving.”

“The first three were petty larceny, so very small crimes, minor offenses. This is obviously much more serious,” Flynn said. “But four out of over 500, obviously, the vast majority over 95% are abiding by the laws and behaving.”

Cheektowaga, NY Town Hall. Photo: WBEN Radio Buffalo.

The outrage is not lost on Cheektowagan locals, however. In a fiery town board meeting held on Tuesday night, many showed up to loudly decry the now violent migrant surge. One individual, a town local who was present at the meeting, even suggested that officials “turn them around” and send them back.

“We don’t need this here,” said Vicky Leader. “We are not the sanctuary city. That’s New York. Turn them around and let them stay there.”

According to local reports, Cheektowagans used the meeting to air concerns that ever since they first arrived, migrants have been accosting them in the streets, trespassing onto their properties, and wandering in packs around hotel grounds. Still, others used the meeting to ask just who was paying to support a group of people who were completely alien to the community a year ago.

“We have 22 kids who don’t speak English coming to Maryvale (high school),” said Rev. Rick Masiano. “Who’s paying for them? Who’s paying for them? Us again?”

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“The strain for the school system is going to get worse. I haven’t heard anyone say anything about translators,” said Robert Darby of Cheektowaga. “Did they bring a check for the school lunches? No. Who pays for that? Me. Did they bring a check for the auxiliary costs? Everything … came from my checkbook,” said Cheektowaga resident, Wally Carriero.

As residents clamored for an end to the worsening migrant issue, town leaders offered little in the way of a quick resolution. Instead, they urged calm, reminded residents of the supposed “peaceful” nature of the migrants so far, and offered to start an “investigation” into the overall legality of the hotel’s housing codes.

Buffalo City Hall, pictured with a pro-Refugee propaganda flag. Photo: Buffalo, NY – A Refugee Resettlement City Facebook page.

“We’re concerned they’ve changed over to homeless shelters, now that the asylum seekers are there for over 30 days,” said Cheektowaga Town Supervisor Diane Benczkowski. “According to our town code, it is still not a hotel then. It might be a homeless shelter.”

Benczkowski believes the town might be able to impose an injunction or restraining order to temporarily bar additional migrants from entering Cheektowaga, but only if the Hotels did indeed violate an obscure Town code. Even then, the question remains over what to do with the nearly 600 migrants already living in the town, and whether anything can be done to stop them from running amok inside one of Buffalo’s Whitest neighborhoods.

“We’ve got nearly 600 folks (migrants) here, the vast majority of them have been law-abiding to this point,” said Cheektowaga Councilmember Brian Nowak in an interview with WBEN. “…If there are folks that are dealing with trespassing on property and things like that, I would encourage them to call the non-emergency number or 911.”

Democratic Cheektowaga Councilmember, Brian Nowak. Photo: Nowak for Supervisor website.

Joining the town board in opposing residents’ demands for justice are leftist activists and non-profit organizations geared specifically to assist in the racial replacement of native-born American citizens. One such organization is “Justice for Migrant Families,” a 5013c organization that was formed in the wake of a sweeping raid of Mexican restaurants by Federal agents in 2016. In addition to clamping down on illegal immigrants employed there, officials asserted that the fraudulent restaurants were not paying taxes.

Now, the group is worried that Guzman-Bermudez’s alleged rape will be “used” by White residents against “asylum seekers,” and endanger their mission to make sure migrants arriving in Cheektowaga are able to “thrive” at the expense of the law-abiding taxpayer.

“To denigrate an entire community based on the alleged actions of one person is never appropriate. It’s never fair,” said spokesperson Jennifer Connor in a comment to News 4. “We’re going to keep working with local governments coordinating with our non-profits, and with those volunteers and local residents, to ensure that newcomers to the state and to the region have support and services to thrive.”

The recent uproar in Cheektowaga comes on the heels of other high-profile incidents stemming from the ongoing New York City-led migrant invasion. Earlier in the year, a Candlewood Suites hotel in Salina, New York—a 93.8% White suburb of Syracuse—attempted to evict its long-term residents to make way for migrants. The move was temporarily blocked in the final hour by a lawsuit initiated by town leaders.

Mayor Eric Adams at a press conference Wednesday night, discussing an estimated $12 billion price tag for his ongoing migrant resettlement efforts. Photo: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

In July, a Super 8 Motel in Rotterdam, New York—an 86.6% White suburb of Schenectady—succeeded in kicking out many of its economically disenfranchised American tenants in exchange for sheltering a horde of foreigners. The decision—while profitable for hotel owners—outraged residents, and in both cases, even spurned protests by local Supporters of the National Justice Party, a pro-White advocacy organization that opposes the demographic replacement of America’s working class.

The ongoing migrant crisis that currently threatens every community in New York State, stems from worsening immigration policy at the southern U.S border. Instead of fighting back against the tide of South and Central Americans entering the United States, Republican politicians have opted to engage in political theater, bussing these illegals to areas of the country run by Democratic counterparts. New York City is one such target, and according to Black Mayor, Eric Adams, the Big Apple is already “past its breaking point.”

To relieve stressed NYC social services, Adams began bussing migrants to upstate towns, facing an influx of over 90,000 migrants since last year. The influx, according to Adams, may cost the city $5 billion in a single fiscal year, and up to 12 billion over the next three years if allowed to continue. In addition to New York, the States of Illinois and Massachusetts both face similar migrant woes, and on Tuesday, the latter declared a state of emergency over an impending humanitarian crisis.

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