Migrants can now become police officers in Jewish-run Illinois

Springfield, Illinois – As the migrant crisis in America quickly reaches a boiling point, newly passed legislation now offers incoming “asylum seekers” a career in law enforcement. Signed by Jewish Governor J. B. Pritzker, the new bipartisan law paves the way for so-called “legal aliens” to police, arrest, detain, and shoot-to-kill American citizens in the state of Illinois.

House Bill 3751—which comes into effect January 1st, 2024—allows “work-eligible immigrants” who are both able to work in the U.S. and authorized to possess firearms under federal law, to become police, parole, correctional officers, or deputy sheriffs anywhere in the state.

Migrants, like those pictured above, could become deputized law enforcement officers in the state of Illinois thanks to recent legislation enabling so-called “legal-aliens” the right to police American city streets. Photo: Anthony Vasquez / Chicago-Sun Times

The law also extends to other permanent legal residents of the United States living in Illinois and recipients of the Obama-era “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” or DACA. The bill passed 101–0 in the state House, with every sitting Republican voting in favor. In the state Senate, the bill found little dissent, passing with a vote of 100-7.

“I am tired of the right-wing twisting things,” said Pritzker during a press conference, defending his decision after a wave of public backlash. “They put it on Facebook, they tell lies. There are people out there that think we’re just allowing anybody to become a police officer. That’s just not accurate.”

While Pritzker would be correct in asserting that the law would expressly ban illegal immigrants from those positions, the reality is actually far worse. As it stands, third-world migrants—like those who now flood the states of New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, and others in endless droves—would technically qualify, as their “asylum” status is considered “legal” in the eyes of the federal government.

Gov. JB Pritzker at a Menorah-lighting ceremony in Downtown Chicago. Photo: Gray 25 News Now

“We have the ability for people who are legally here in this country, and permanent residents and DACA residents, to apply for jobs as police officers,” Pritzker said.

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) Handbook for Employers, Refugees and Asylees are authorized to work in the United States “indefinitely” because their immigration status does not expire. Since Refugees and Asylees fall under the status of “immigrant alien,” they are also eligible to own and operate firearms without restriction, per an FBI document that judges who can—and cannot—purchase a firearm.

Because the current wave of migrants or “asylees” conveniently meet both of these bureaucratic prerequisites, it means they can also become cops in Illinois starting next year.

Pritzker—a venture capitalist, lawyer, Democrat, and Jew—currently has an estimated net worth of over 3 billion dollars as well as a long, sordid history of politics in Illinois. The 58-year-old graduate of Duke University asserts that he, like many third-worlders currently rushing through the nation’s crumbling southern border, comes from an immigrant background himself. Citing a family event in 1881, Pritzker claimed his ancestors originally came to America fleeing alleged “pogroms” in Ukraine with the help of HIAS, a Jewish refugee group.

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“They arrived and then found out there were no jobs available…,” said Pritzker on the Axe Files podcast, hosted by a former aide to Barack Obama. “And so they said, ‘Well, where’s the nearest big city so we can go find a job?’ And they pointed toward Chicago and so they got back on the train and came to Chicago.”

While filling the ranks of one of America’s most heavily scrutinized institutions with foreign-born non-citizens is an unprecedented move, those in favor of the jaw-dropping bill are pointing at low Police enrollment to justify their decisions.

“There’s a lot of people that are retiring and not joining the force,” said the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Barbara Hernandez (D) to WTTW. “… Allowing them (immigrants) to apply, and hopefully they qualify as they go through the testing, that would be a great opportunity for both them and the police departments to fill in those gaps.”

Current Black Chicago PD Superintendent, Larry Snelling (center), will soon be able to draw up thousands of “asylum seekers” to patrol the Windy City, many unable to even speak the English language. Photo: John J. Kim, Getty Images

The bill was passed as a limping Chicago Police Department currently suffers from a recruitment shortfall of approximately 1,700 jobs, and at a time when public resentment of “asylum-seekers” being bussed into their communities has reached an untenable breaking point. In June, Black residents and activists of Chicago’s south side protested a plan to house migrants in an abandoned high school. The outrage compounded after it became public that Chicago was planning to spend $51 million dollars to accommodate migrants, money that the Black community thought was better spent on reparations.

“We came over here being raped, stolen, beaten, chained in the bottom of ships, and you give migrants $51 million? Have you forgot who you are?” asked Andre Smith, CEO of Chicago Against Violence, at a city council meeting. “Our ancestors are looking at us and holding us accountable, don’t say you Black if you not gonna put your pen where your mouth is.”

In New York State, pro-White activists of the National Justice Party (NJP) have protested twice in response to private hotels suddenly evicting their long-stay residents and replacing them with busloads of migrants inside majority White communities. At a flash demonstration earlier this year, Supporters of the NJP held ground at the center of Rotterdam, NY, a suburb of the state’s capitol of Albany, and was met with a glowing public reception.

Supporters and volunteer activists of the NJP marched in Rotterdam, New York demanding an end to the migrant invasion and “anti-White” replacement methods employed by those in power. Photo: Justice Report.

“Illegal migration has been a perennial issue in the United States for decades because it is a feature, not a bug,” said Jacob, NJP Organizer, in a speech. “Illegal migrants are brought to the United States not by a force of nature but through coordinated policy between banks, cartels, NGOs, big corporations, and the federal and state governments to undermine working-class wages and to displace America’s diminishing White majority.”

The scandalous and unpopular move—spearheaded by New York City Mayor Eric Adams—has now drawn opposition from all walks of life as the city administration struggles to find areas capable of housing migrants.

At a protest outside a proposed tent city for migrants at the infamous Queens, NY, Creedmore Psychiatric Center, police arrested numerous activists, including one-time gubernatorial hopeful Curtis Sliwa. Adams further infuriated the public after it was revealed his current migrant strategy could cost taxpayers up to $12 billion by July 2025.

So far, migrant violence has already contributed to two high-profile crimes in areas they’ve been resettled, including a series of rapes and sexual assaults inside a Buffalo, NY hotel allegedly carried out by migrants from Venezuela and Africa. The horrific sex crimes are so wildly abhorrent, that New York State Governor Kathy Hochul (D), has activated elements of the Army National Guard to protect the resettlement efforts at gunpoint and keep vocal critics at bay.

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