Violent gang rape of minor leads to 11 illegals in border patrol custody

Bemidji, Minnesota – A Mexican resident of Texas was charged following the violent kidnapping and gang rape of multiple underage girls. According to reports, the suspect was arrested alongside 11 illegal immigrants who were placed into U.S. Border Patrol custody after an investigation.

Court documents revealed that 22-year-old Oscar Ernesto Luna was arrested and charged with 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct concerning a brutal gang rape of young girls in a small Minnesota town. If convicted, Luna—a Mexican allegedly from Mission, Texas—could face up to 30 years in prison.

22-year-old Oscar Ernesto Luna, originally from Mission, Texas. Photo: Police Mugshot.

According to reports, Bemidji Police were first called to the Sanford Bemidji Hospital at 2:15 a.m. on Saturday, September 23rd, after an underage patient was believed to be the victim of a sexual assault. The victim, an 11-year-old girl referred to in the documents as V.K., told investigators that she had been taken to a home in Bemidji by her “auntie,” a woman later identified as 24-year-old Verna Fairbanks.

V.K. would go on to testify that Fairbanks was intoxicated and “wanted to go to a party.” The woman then arranged for her and VK to be driven to a Bemidji home in separate vehicles, where a bag was placed over the young girl’s head.

Court records then assert that Fairbanks forced the young girl to drink alcohol before being tied up with rope. The victim then claimed she was forcibly placed in a room with two other young girls where up to “four Mexican men,” including one nicknamed “Panda,” took turns raping them.

The document further stated that VK’s abuse was abhorrent and “included the men penetrating her vagina with their hands and genitals, and the men did not use a condom.” She was treated for bleeding at the hospital and described her pain as 8/10 after the assault. Despite her alleged role in facilitating the rape, Fairbanks was never charged, and police silence on the issue indicates she may not even be a person of interest.

According to reports, 24-year-old Verna Fairbanks was alleged to have plied an underage girl with alcohol and took her to a house party where she was gang raped, beaten, and confined. Social media indicates she is in a domestic partnership with another female and may have access to several underage children per photos. Photos: Facebook.

Medical professionals who treated VK identified “numerous abrasions” on the victim’s body, including one on her wrist, which was left by the rope used to tie her up. VK also asserted that rope had been placed around her neck, a claim later reified by police who claimed they had photographs of the marks left behind there.

Along with V.K., reports said that one of the girls was raped inside a nearby closet, and another was left bloody and unconscious in the room. V.K. claimed that one of the girls helped her escape the makeshift pedophile den but was grabbed and thrown down the stairs for allowing VK to escape.

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According to the documents, Luna was identified as a primary suspect, and law enforcement executed a search warrant later in the week. Bemidji Police say during their search of the home, 11 individuals were identified and placed into U.S Border Patrol custody. They were taken away to be processed as illegal immigrants, although their role in the alleged rape is still under investigation.

Luna had multiple active DUI warrants out for his arrest but denied having any role in the sexual assault. He admitted to knowing Fairbanks and would have regular conversations with her via Facebook Messenger, per an affidavit. His first appearance in court was on the 28th in Beltrami County. In a request for comment with Valley News Live, Bemidji Police Chief Mike Mastin said they are still looking for additional victims and suspects.

Since the arrests occurred, officials with Border Patrol confirmed two of the illegal aliens were released, and the rest were transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE/ERO). All 12 were men between the ages of 18 to 56.

The home at 813 Minnesota Ave in Bemijdi, where police allege the gang rape took place. Photo: Google Maps.

“None of these individuals could be immediately identified as suspects in this case,” the Bemidji Police Department told reporters with Valley News Live. “Any involvement they may have in this case is still actively being investigated.”

While Luna may be in custody, emotions ran hot in the town of Bemidji. On social media, locals quickly aired their disgust at the alleged incident and expressed concern that local law enforcement was slow to act and hesitant to bring charges on Fairbanks, a woman who many believed was complicit in the alleged rape herself.

“I hope they arrested Verna Fairbanks too. An 11-year-old girl! That poor baby!” read one comment. “They need to put them predators under the jail! idky they haven’t arrested VERNA FAIRBANKS when in the news articles said she was the one that brought her there and forced her to get drunk…” Read another.

One user, however, believed the crime was just part and parcel of life in a town he believes has “the highest serious crime rate in the state.”

“I keep trying to get more information about the Mexican rapists that Bemidji police seem to be covering up for,” said Anthony M. Kotula of Grand Rapids in a scathing post. “The so-called Aunt who set up this crime is named Verna Fairbanks, and there is a report about it in the post.”

“Bemidji police chief has turned a blind eye to criminals before,” he continued. “In 2020, I called Bemidji police to see how many people they arrested for the attacks on police vehicles during a BLM-type protest. Police Chief responded none….these damn illegal aliens had no business being allowed in this area. Wonder what Bemidji’s Hispanic mayor has to say about all of this?”

The town of Bemidji is situated between three major Indian reservations and exists just northwest of the crime-ridden city of Minneapolis. According to civic data aggregators, crime is high despite a larger-than-average White population. Photo: Google Maps.

Kotula’s woes about Bemidji’s soaring crime rate are not unwarranted. According to the civic data aggregator Neighborhood Scout, the chances that residents will fall victim to an act of property crime are 1 in 13, while in Minnesota, the average is 1 in 48. For more violent crimes, the chances are 1 in 178 and 1 in 317, respectively.

While Whites maintain a dominant foothold in Bemidji, with demographics clocking in at 79.4% White, Bemidji’s proximity to three major Indian reservations and an escalating Black/Hispanic population regularly exposes the town to the after-effects of unchecked diversity.

“Your(sic) not safe anywhere. Bemidji was getting pretty bad while I was there, young Indigenous teens going missing, murders, rapes, drugs, probably sex trafficking, and who knows what else,” said Facebook user Nichole Elizabeth in a comment. “I don’t know how anyone, let alone your own family your supposed to trust, could lure you into something like that. Who lured the other girls?”

According to federal statistics, the U.S. Border Patrol has seen a nationwide surge in illegal immigration across the country, documenting more than 1.8 million so-called “migrant encounters” between October 2022 and August. While the number may appear astronomical, a bombshell report by the pro-White policy institute, White Papers, revealed that federal authorities only encounter about 43% of all persons who illegally cross the border in a given year.

The lack of immigration enforcement has led to a sharp uptick in violent, horrific crimes, and as it stands, Blacks and so-called “Hispanics” are now responsible for 71.4% of all rapes, 76.5% of all murders, and 72% of all aggravated assaults in the state of Texas.

Acts of brutal violence and sexual assault at the hands of illegal immigrants, so-called “asylum seekers,” and foreign-born migrants are not uncommon in modern America. In August, a newly sheltered Venezuelan migrant living inside a New York hotel was arrested for the brutal rape of a woman in front of a three-year-old child. Not long after that, a Black migrant from the Congo was also arrested for the sexual assault and unlawful detainment of a female employee. The back-to-back sexual assaults prompted Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul to deploy the National Guard.

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