Illegal-immigrant ‘no-go zone’ dismissed as conspiracy despite history of violent crimes

Colony Ridge, Texas – A crime-ridden “illegal immigrant no-go zone” outside of Houston has made headlines once again after Texan Republicans failed to act on a promise to investigate the town’s development. While it’s been over two weeks since Governor Greg Abbott adjourned a “special session” to address Colony Ridge, no laws have been proposed, and those concerned about public safety are now being labeled as “conspiracy theorists” by corporate media.

Aerial photos of Colony Ridge reveal squalor, poverty, and ramshackle buildings. Many lured to the town in search of a better life have to build their own dwellings once they arrive. Photo: Texans for Stronger Borders, Twitter/X

The town of Colony Ridge—which was once labeled an illegal immigrant “favela” festering inside the United States—has become home to nearly 75,000 people. Living in ramshackle homes, tents, and other underdeveloped properties, many residents first acquire a piece of the 40-square-mile Colony Ridge without submitting to a credit check or even having a social security number.

Those in South and Central America are first lured to the town by its Spanish name, “Terrenos Houston,” which is chirped on television screens and advertised on social media. The promotions guarantee buyers cheap land and even financing but fail to disclose poor conditions, let alone crime. The ongoing scheme has ensured that an endless throng of immigrants has made Colony Ridge their home since it first opened nearly two decades ago, but many in surrounding Liberty County believe that violent crime has only reached a breaking point.

“In Houston, we have two million illegals on our streets now. Our streets are back to back,” said LeeAnn Penton Walker, former mayor of the adjacent town of Plum Grove and one of the first people to sound the alarm over illegal immigrants living inside Liberty County. “These people don’t have insurance, they don’t have licenses, kids aren’t in car seats, driving around with open containers, they have wrecks, the crime alone, the murders.”

Spanish-language advertisements like these specifically target immigrants from South and Central America, displacing the “original” White population of Liberty County with a crime-averse one.

Her fears would not be unfounded. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigrant towns like Colony Ridge have morphed sleepy Liberty County, Texas, and other Houston suburbs into a hotbed of previously unthinkable violence. Gang activity, human trafficking, a drug epidemic, and even murders have become commonplace as regional demographics shift in favor of non-White populations.

The school district in nearby Cleveland experienced a rash of student overdoses stemming from Fentanyl-laced Percocet pills. In June of last year, a dog brought home a disembodied human hand, leading authorities to discover a decomposing corpse in Daisetta. A few months later, a 16-year-old Honduran national was found dead in Colony Ridge, shot over what police believe to be a gang dispute. Authorities later arrested three foreigners, charged them with murder, and shipped the girl back to be buried in her homeland.

“We have two million illegals on our streets now. Our streets are back to back…These people don’t have insurance, they don’t have licenses, kids aren’t in car seats, driving around with open containers, they have wrecks, the crime alone, the murders.”

LeeAnn Penton Walker

The crimes, while heinous, are just the tip of the iceberg. Since the non-White population first exploded, thanks to places like Colony Ridge, Liberty County has experienced rapes, kidnappings, and a string of exceedingly horrific murders going as far back as 2016. In April of this year, two Middle School students were shot dead in Plum Grove. Things came to a nationwide boiling point, however, when a non-White gunman in nearby Cleveland, Texas, infamously killed 5 of his neighbors in a bloody mass shooting triggered by what police claimed was a noise complaint.

Three non-White suspects were arrested for ties to a brutal gang-slaying of a 16-year-old girl from Honduras. She was found dead in a ditch in Liberty County and was still wearing her work uniform. Photo: KHOU-11

So, what is being done to fix the problem? Judging by a seemingly lackluster response from the Republican state legislature, not so much.

When Colony Ridge—and the plight of Liberty County’s predominately White “original” residents—became national news, Republican politicians swore to “investigate” the town and put a stop to what they called an “optimal haven for illegal aliens.” The promise was quickly followed up by tough words from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who demanded lawmakers take action. But one “special legislative session” later, and so far, nothing seems to have changed.

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In some ways, the special legislative session only seemed to have created more questions. According to reports, the meeting to discuss Colony Ridge was closed to opponents. Instead, the only outside speakers allowed were law enforcement heads and the developers, John and Trey Harris. The infamous brothers personally donated over $1.5 million to Greg Abbott’s election campaigns, further casting doubt on the Governor’s commitment to taking down the operation. With no clear legislation planned, some now believe all the big talk was just more political theater coming from the state house.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” said local reporter Wayne Dolcefino in an interview with the New York Post. “Abbott and everyone else all knew this was happening… Noone can come in and take ownership of it now. The genie can’t be put back in the bottle.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Wailing Wall in Israel, a nation that recently benefited from a $150 million dollar investment by the State of Texas shortly after it began its war against the Palestinian people. Photo: Office of the Governor

Meanwhile, those on the left have been quick to downplay the severity of the violence. Agenda-driven journalists have even penned a series of pro-developer propaganda pieces that lionize the “dubious” business practices of the Harris brothers. The articles serve the dual purpose of labeling critics of Colony Ridge as “conspiracy theorists” who are merely experiencing a “fact-challenged freak-out.” Others, like the Houston Landing, dishonestly point to data and law enforcement testimony that paints Liberty County as “not so bad,” but only when you compare it to neighboring counties like Harris and Chambers—which, unlike rural Liberty—directly neighbor metropolitan Houston.

“It’s a racial issue. It’s a prejudice issue with some of the people in Plum Grove. They just don’t like the customers that are moving in because of their ethnicity,” said Harris.

Trey Harris, Colony Ridge Land Developer – The Texan

Despite their claims, the on-the-ground reality in Liberty County continues to show its ugly face. According to a report by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Liberty County is home to one of the fastest-growing Hispanic populations in the country. Its ongoing fiscal and population growth pressures are only “exacerbated” by the kinds of illegal immigration found at Colony Ridge. In 2010, Liberty County’s White population stood at a dominant 69.17%, according to the US Census Report. But thanks to developers like the Harris brothers, that number has plummeted to a harrowing 54.62% White in only ten short years.

John and Trey Harris, the land developers behind Colony Ridge and outspoken critics of those who oppose the violent crime wave plaguing Liberty County. Photo: Brandon Thibodeaux, Texas Monthly

As foreigners continue to steam across the nation’s unrestricted southern border, White people have fallen victim to catastrophic levels of crime all across the Lone Star State. According to the pro-White policy institute White-Papers, Black and Hispanic populations are now responsible for 71.4% of all rapes, 58% of sexual violence cases, 76.5% of all murders, and 72% of all aggravated assaults in Texas.

While the numbers point to what should be considered a law enforcement emergency, Texas—under Abbott—has focused on other issues, investing taxpayer money into the embattled nation of Israel. Joining alongside New York, Texas, and Florida, Abbott has already purchased up to $150 million in Israeli government debt and enabling what has been described by some as “massacres” in war-torn Gaza.

The failure of Republican politicians to address skyrocketing crime, immigration, or the proliferation of non-White criminals is nothing new in ruby-red Texas. In July, the once-idyllic Dallas suburb of Providence Village made headlines when its housing authority attempted to stem violent crime by forbidding Section 8 tenants. Citing anti-Black racism, the long-standing right was revoked after a Republican-supported bill made the practice illegal, sparking a series of protests in opposition by pro-White activists.

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