Nationalist groups decry ‘trap’ as right-wing Zionists agitate for Armistice Day rally

London, England – White nationalists from around the world joined a growing chorus of voices denouncing an upcoming rally held at the Cenotaph on Saturday, urging supporters to stay home from what they suspect to be a Zionist “trap.”

The rally—promoted by controversial right-wing personality Tommy Robinson—is set to coincide with a massive pro-Palestine march, leaving pundits on both sides of the political spectrum fearing a violent confrontation between the two parties and a subsequent crack-down on political speech.

“My message is clear. Don’t go to London this weekend. It’s a trap,” said British Nationalist and founding member of Patriotic Alternative (PA), Mark Collett, on his personal Odysee channel. “One big setup that is likely to end in people getting seriously hurt, arrested, or both.”

“The fallout will undoubtedly result in the government issuing new laws that will clamp down on both the far left and far right, taking away our right to protest and diminishing our freedoms,” he continued.

While the rally has been billed as a demonstration to support the UK’s armed forces, many are concerned that its true intention is to disrupt a highly publicized pro-Palestine march scheduled to begin just a few blocks away at 12:45 pm. Far-left media claim that Robinson’s supporters are expected to be joined by “football hooligans” and other groups, including the UK offshoot of the American conservative group Turning Point USA.

“The Armistice Day to us is as important as your mosque, your Qu’ran, and your prophet,” Robinson said on social media. “The only time our government and police will do something is when they see a resistance, an uncontrollable en-masse of men. That is what’s currently needed.”

Mark Collett delivering a keynote speech during PA’s 2023 Conference on 7th October 2023. Photo: Patriotic Alternative

Robinson’s furious push to promote the rally began on the same day he was reinstated on X, formerly Twitter. Robinson, who made a name for himself in English politics for being a Muslim-critical and pro-Zionist figure, was banned from the platform in 2018. His sudden and mysterious return to the political world has left some to speculate as to why now, especially when public perception of the Jewish state of Israel appears to be at an all-time low.

“Tommy Robinson was reinstated to X at a time when Zionists are trying to win support for Israel among the political right in the West,” said Irish right-winger Keith Woods on the same platform. Woods would later accuse Robinson’s ostensibly pro-White political operation of being “funded by hawkish Zionist Jews who want Europeans to fight Israel’s wars.”

Woods’ accusation would not be without merit. According to a study conducted by The Guardian in 2018, Robinson would go on to collect thousands from Jewish-run think tanks all over the world, including the Zionist Middle East Forum, the Australian Liberty Alliance, the Canadian-based Rebel Media group, the Gatestone Institute, and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Robinson’s activism would also reportedly be funded by the Jewish-American tech billionaire, Robert Shillman, a board member of the “Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.”

Tommy Robinson (second from right) is pictured wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the IDF, a military force currently under fire for alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Photo: X, formerly Twitter.

Robinson’s close ties to Zionist Jews and the fight to secure their interests over his own people goes back as far as 2016, when he was infamously photographed holding an assault rifle and standing atop an IDF tank in the war-torn Golan Heights. During his trip to Israel, Robinson was personally accompanied by Jewish Zionist blogger Dr. Brian of London. He referred to his trip as an ‘eye-opening’ experience and his visit to an Israeli pub as his “home away from home.”

“I’m not far-right… I’m just opposed to Islam. I believe it’s backward, and it’s fascist. The current refugee crisis has nothing to do with refugees,” said Robinson during the 2015 launch of the UK branch of Pegida, a German-based organization opposed to “Islamisation” in the EU. “It’s a Muslim invasion of Europe.”

If allowed to funnel the energy of disaffected White Englishmen into a disorderly, pro-Zionist endeavor, some believe Robinson and other “big-mouths” would merely confirm neo-liberal biases already being set in English headlines. If it turns violent, Collett speculated that organizers like Robinson would have access to certain protections that an average person wouldn’t.

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“I don’t know if Tommy will (personally) turn up this time, but if he does, he will have his own security, and if he’s arrested, he will have a well-funded legal team to fight his case. You won’t,” said Collett later in the video. “Don’t wreck your life being a pawn in someone else’s game.”

“They (mainstream media) want the so-called ‘far-right’ to go to London so there can be violent disorder this weekend. This is all part of the trap. So far, the large-scale demonstrations in London against the bombing of Gaza have netted very little arrests… Yet the mainstream media are talking up the arrests and the disorder as they are itching for conflict,” he continued. “They will help stoke the fires of discontent, and then they will back the government’s calls for new laws in the wake of any serious disorder.”

“The right is being controlled by Jews, activating the shabbos goys like Tommy and Murray,” said British nationalist Sam Melia on Telegram. “While the left is being controlled by the likes of Ben Soffa, who’re only too happy to see the heat taken off Israel and point it towards Brits.”

While White men across the Western world are currently being courted by Zionist interests as Israel’s war on Gaza continues into its second month, not all groups are eager to stick their necks out for a regime accused of genocide and a number of different war crimes. In Sweden, the pro-White activist group, the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), conducted a rally in Stockholm to support the Palestinian cause, carrying banners displaying the slogan “Crush Zionism – Long Live the Resistance.”

In America, the pro-White civil rights organization, the National Justice Party (NJP), demonstrated in front of the White House to call for an end to US aid to the “illegitimate” state of Israel. They also referred to a number of US President Joseph Biden’s cabinet as “war criminals” for their collaboration in what they call a genocide of the Palestinian people.

“Tommy Robinson’s reappearance on social media has had a distinct odor of gefiltefish from the start,” commented Mike Peinovich, Chairman of the NJP on Telegram. Peinovich recently went viral when clips of him chasing away former members of the IDF who attempted to heckle the protest were circulated on social media. Peinovich’s ideas on the role White people should play in Zionist causes starkly contrast with people like Robinson but closely mirror ideas held by Collett and his PA, as well as the Scandinavian NRM.

“Israel is a colonial state, but its colony isn’t the West Bank and Gaza. Israel’s colony is the United States and Europe,” said Peinovich in a speech. “These are the countries colonized by the Zionist Jews. We are their tax cattle, and the Palestinians are just in their way.”

NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich speaking to independent journalists during a protest in front of the White House in Washington, DC. Photo: Justice Report.

The pro-Palestine protest in London scheduled for this weekend is just one of the hundreds that have erupted across the globe since hostilities between Israel and Gaza renewed on October 7th. Thanks to a growing list of atrocities, alleged war crimes, and indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets in places like Lebanon, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, Israel has so far faced worldwide condemnation, even from those purporting to be its allies.

Per the Gazan Health Ministry, Israel has been directly attributed to over 10,000 Palestinian deaths since the war began, with many of the casualties confirmed as innocent women and children. Targets of US-subsidized Israeli bombs include ancient holy sites, ambulances, international communications cables, and overburdened hospitals. Watchdog groups believe the grim reality of the situation in Gaza could be much worse, as bodies are continually pulled from the rubble of decimated apartment buildings every single day.

“Don’t be fooled by these zionist conmen. Don’t be drawn into this,” urged Collett. “By going to London this Saturday, you are simply putting yourself at risk of arrest and physical harm and playing into the hands of the Zionist-controlled state. They want to be able to demonize both the pro-Palestinan cause and the anti-immigration movement. This is their chance to kill two birds with one stone.”

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