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Zionist SHARPs exposed after Israeli propaganda screening turns violent in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California – A pair of Jewish “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice” (SHARP) were outed by fellow Antifa after blows were exchanged outside a holocaust museum Wednesday night. According to reports, the fight began as Zionist extremists rushed to defend what is being called a “Gal Gadot military propaganda video” from pro-Palestinian demonstrators who were organizing outside.

On Wednesday, 200 Jewish members of the Hollywood film industry—including the husband of Israeli actress and former IDF soldier Gal Gadot—attended a screening of “Bearing Witness,” a 45-minute compilation of uncensored footage that allegedly depicts Hamas fighters carrying out “atrocities” against Israeli citizens. The film has been dismissed by critics as a cheap way to drum up international support for Israel’s ongoing war efforts against the Palestinian people.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the event on Wednesday was held at LA’s “Museum of Tolerance” and was heavily guarded by elements of the FBI and a “sizeable” detachment of the LAPD.

A video of two SHARPs agitating and squaring off against pro-Palestinian protestors

A limited debut of the uncensored video has been organized for Western audiences in cities like London, New York, and Los Angeles. The event in LA, however, did not go unopposed. During an hours-long protest between opposing groups of pro-Palestinian and Zionist demonstrators outside the museum, police made several arrests and even deployed pepper spray to curb escalating violence.

Now-viral footage of the brawl shows what appears to be a line of Zionist agitators heckling—and even striking—pro-Palestinan activists who wandered “too close” to the Museum side of the street. The violence reaches a breaking point when two men—now unmasked as Jewish members of the anti-White extremist group SHARP—create a disorderly scene for the camera.

“It’s Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Read it. Learn about me. Find out what we’re about,” said one bespectacled man wearing a black t-shirt with the SHARP logo. “Get the fuck on the other side of the street. I don’t hit women like fucking Hamas.

“Are you transgender? I see a dick. They (Hamas) would kill you. They would hang you up by your ankles,” he continued. Not long after, the same SHARP can be seen ripping a protest sign out of the hands of a pro-Palestinian activist, throwing it in his face, and “squaring off” to fight. The whole interaction occurs in the direct view of a private Jewish security guard who appears completely ambivalent to his surroundings.

SHARP’s, or “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice,” are a non-racist spin-off of traditional Skinheads, retaining some of the same aesthetics and musical tastes while wholly rejecting any form of racial politics. Often, the group comes under fire from other antifascist organizations, who disavow them for being quasi-fascist, violence-prone, and for coopting more traditional Skinhead culture.

40-year-old Jonathan “Beer Mug” Kantrowe was outed by fellow Antifa after he engaged in fisticuffs with a pro-Palestine demonstrator outside of LA’s “Museum of Tolerance.” Their doxing of Kantrowe would be the latest instance of antifascist infighting emerging from Israel’s war on Palestine. Photo KROQ, Instagram, X/Twitter.

Thanks to a spate of infighting, online activists betrayed their own, eager to claim the “scalp” of someone ruining public perception of the greater movement by associating it with the widely vilified state of Israel. The identity of the SHARP member would be released as none other than 40-year-old Jonathan “Beer Mug” Kantrowe of Tarzana, California, a morning zoo radio shock jock for the Los Angeles-based radio station KROQ-FM.

Before fighting pro-Palestinian demonstrators in the name of the Jewish state of Israel, Kantrowe—who is Jewish—would make a name for himself as the recurring character “Beer Mug” on the legendary Los Angeles radio talk program, the Kevin and Bean Show, among others. While on air, Kantrowe would provide comedy relief and regularly engage in antics like on-air hypnotism, crank interviews, impressions, live earwax cleanings, and other mundane promotional events for the station. Embarrassingly, Kantrowe once submitted to a live on-air “butt-steaming” to shamelessly promote the “Tikkun Holistic Spa” run by fellow Jew Niki Han Schwarz.

After being outed, Kantrowe would scrub much of his social media before taking to Instagram to issue a lengthy non-apology for his unprovoked attacks. Strangely, he would inadvertently confess to the violence. In the series of posts, Kantrowe seemingly makes the case that it was he who was the real victim that night, incensed with rage after watching “the endless slaughter of (his) own people” on film, as well as evoking the specter of the holocaust to absolve him of any responsibility.

Jonathan “Beer Mug” Kantrowe currently works on KROQ-FM’s Klein. Ally. Show. a morning radio program meant to entertain commuters. Several videos on YouTube purport to show Kantrowe engaging in various self-deprecating activities. Photo: KROQ.

“To those that have seen the videos posted of me, they are not even a fraction of the truth,” writes Kantrowe on Instagram. “When I lashed out I was angry…What would you do if you just left the showing where you watched your people murdered only to find out it is in front of you here in Los Angeles? What would be a person’s reaction (be) when you have people protesting a film of actual events that took place where 1400 Jewish people were tortured, raped, murdered, and their children burned alive.”

“Anyone’s reaction would be that of pain, it would be a reaction of the stories of the Holocaust unfolding again before you,” he continued. “This is not an apology. This is me waiting for anyone to…apologize to me.”

Kantrowe is currently working for KROQ-FM and hosts an early morning radio program from 5-10 am PST. The show allows for open phone calls from listeners. At this time, Kantrowe’s former Antifa comrades have openly called for harassment and urged their followers to call him and confront him with accusations of violence. The Justice Report advises its readers not to participate.

Kantrowe’s statement, made across five different posts on his personal Instagram account, is filled with confessions of violence, the evocation of the Holocaust, and switching victim and abuser. It is ultimately capped with a pro-Israel propaganda meme with the hashtag “UnitedAgainstTerror.” Photo: X/Twitter

Meanwhile, a second Zionist—who Kantrowe admits is a friend and a fellow “anti-racist”—can be seen wearing a blue and white SHARP-branded hoodie in the same video clip. The man is filmed verbally shouting profanities at protestors from across the street, saying, “You’re getting f—–g merked. That’s the real shit right there! Any hood motherf—-r who started talking that s–t, ‘oh my homeboy r—d somebody,’ they’re f—-g dead motherf—r. So be careful who you’re supporting!”

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Antifasist activists would also reveal this SHARP to be none other than Arlan Mitnick, a Los Angeles-based “street poet” and long-time pro-Israel activist. In an unsurfaced YouTube video dated 2015, Mitnick—who is Jewish—once openly suggested that “we as Jews” must openly fight Hamas and throw baby dolls wrapped in fireworks onto college campuses.

“We must go to our own colleges as Jews, and we must mock them (Palestinians). We must take Cabbage Patch Babies and tie small fireworks around them while we dress them like Shahs and throw them on campus to let them see what their societies are like,” said Mitnick in the video. “It’s not a political thing. It’s not humanitarianism. It is a want of Jerusalem and a supremeness over people. That is what’s going on amongst the Arabs of the world. They want to control.”

Arlan Mitnick’s digital footprint includes multiple rallies in support of the Zionist movement. This widely abhorred Jewish-oriented political stance supports the growth of Israel and the use of military power to displace and wage war against the Palestinian people. Photo: X/Twitter, YouTube.

Mitnicks lifelong dedication to the cause of anti-White, pro-Jewish extremism has taken many forms throughout the years. In addition to being a SHARP, Mitnick openly flaunts his hatred of both ordinary White people as well as Hamas, the duly elected government of the Gaza Strip, and bizarrely equates them to “Nazis” on Facebook. In another post, dated October 9th—just two days after the daring Palestinian raid—he would post a video of an Israeli-flag-colored SHARP hoodie, this time with a Zionist poem superimposed over it.

“Smash Nazis smash Hamas same shit,” he declared.

“Break free, great Aryan,” read another revealing statement inside the cover photo for Mitnick’s personal Facebook page. “There are no weak Jews. I am descended from those who wrestle angels and kill giants. We were chosen by God. You were chosen by a fat man with greasy hair and half a moustache.”

Alan Mitnick’s Facebook page reveals deep-seeded Jewish-supremacist values and a concerning hatred of White people, who he refers to as “Aryans.” Photo: Facebook.

While fellow Antifa have gone to great lengths on X, formerly Twitter, to disavow Mitnick as a SHARP or an antifascist, Mitnick’s own posts would confirm his dogged commitment to anti-White extremism. In a Facebook post dated September 6th, the Jewish SHARP attempted to grift off of fellow antifascists for a sick comrade, organizing a GoFundMe and setting the goal to an exorbitant $500,000 cash. So far, the fundraiser has struggled to reach even $3,000.

In addition to verbal agitation, Mitnick is also accused of spitting on a “legal observer” for the National Lawer’s Guild, an NGO with ties to antifascist extremism.

Kantrowe and Mitnick’s outing as agents of the anti-White extremist movement—commonly referred to as “Antifa”—by fellow members is just the latest instance of internal quarreling that has kicked up in the wake of the October 7th war in Palestine. Internal disputes over concepts like racism, Zionism, so-called “antisemitism,” and other leftist bugaboos have begun to deepen already latent cracks in the facade, revealing that a significant portion of its on-the-ground members, organizers and thought leaders to be the same “blood-and-soil” nationalists they have long sworn to oppose.

Arlan Mitnick has been spotted attending pro-Zionism rallies in the Los Angeles area as far back as 2015; He was pictured standing alongside his ally, Jonathan Kantrowe, at a Zionist-inspired brawl at the Museum of Tolerance Wednesday night. Photo: Youtube, X/Twitter

In what’s been described as a “mask-off” moment for Antifa, many traditionally anti-fascist organizations are struggling to maintain their ideological positions while also retaining Jewish members with Zionist sympathies. When it comes to the issue of the ongoing Palestinian genocide, Antifa and other principled pro-Palestinians are increasingly facing stiff resistance from an unexpected force: Zionist Jews in their own ranks.

As a result, lines are being drawn, with some leftist Jews making their departure from fringe politics a transparent one. On November 9th, a group of twenty-four seasoned activists of the infamous Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) penned an open letter and abruptly resigned, citing a lack of support for the Jewish racial project of Israel. Many of those who undersigned the open letter are of Jewish descent.
A YouTube video of a Zionist screed performed by Arlan Mitnick of Los Angeles, California, a member of SHARP.

In other cases—most notably with Atlanta, Georgia’s Antifascist cell—their support for Palestine would morph into what has been viewed as a “kosher” one, or in other words, a support that’s safe for Jews.

In a public statement made by the group on November 16th, Atlanta Antifascists officially announced its support for Palestinian civilians, notably by attacking Hamas, the US government, White Nationalists, Christian Zionists, and “islamophobia.” The only group they failed to mention was the one doing the actual killing of Palestinians. Jews.

The strategic omission appeared to some to be an implicit endorsement of the bloody status quo in Palestine and a suspicion that the group’s top decision-makers may even have Zionist inclinations themselves.

In addition to violence, Antifa would betray Kantrowe over a “transphobic” statement unearthed on his now-deleted X, formerly Twitter account made as far back as 2010. Photo: X/Twitter.

“Watching Jews turn off the power for the anti-White left and suddenly juice up the ‘Rube-Right’ is a sight to behold,” said Joseph Jordan, Founding Central Committee member for the pro-White, anti-Zionist organization, the National Justice Party on Telegram. “There is no such thing as left or right. Antifa, the “Christian” right, the Democrats and Republicans, ‘Populists’ and establishment. 100% of them are geopolitical and social chess pieces deployed by world Jewry to manage and manipulate unassuming and low agency gentiles.”

“Jewish control theory is the sole and exclusive power theory, not only in the West, but the whole world. Everything else is a distraction,” he continued.

Antifascist infighting—formerly uncommon—has now become a routine phenomenon, leading to the public outing of some of its most prominent members. In April, the identity of “GothBotAlice,” an infamous antifascist researcher, serial doxer, and columnist, was revealed after a lover’s spat unfolded publically across social media. In 2020, the notorious Antifascist doxer Christian Exoo, aka “Antifash Gordon,” was accused of abuse and other “predatory behaviors” by former roommates, which has created schisms in Antifa circles ever since.

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