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ADL Director sounds alarm over lack of support for Israel among ‘Gen Z’

New York, NY – A leaked phone conversation between Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Director Jonathan Greenblatt and an unknown party made social media rounds on Tuesday, offering a rare glimpse into the top concerns of Jewish power figures. In the video, Greenblatt can be heard raising concerns over ‘Gen-Z’ and ‘TikTok’ for a “terrifying” lack of support for the state of Israel.

“We have a major, major, major generational problem,” said a voice in the video purporting to be ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt on a conference call. “All the polling I’ve seen: the ADL’s polling, ICC’s polling, independent polling, suggests that this is not a left, right gap folks. The issue of the United States’ support of Israel is not left and right. It is young and old.”

“…Numbers of young people who think Hamas massacre was justified is shockingly and terrifyingly high. So we really have a TikTok problem, a GenZ problem and our community needs to put…energy to this, like fast,” he continued.

Greenblatt’s woes stem from a perceived lack of support for the embattled state of Israel, which is currently laying a bloody siege to the Gaza Strip. Israel’s war efforts, which have been labeled by some as collective punishment on the Palestinian people for a daring raid carried out by Hamas on October 7th, have so far killed over 11,000 people, many of whom are believed to be innocent women and children. In addition to the human cost of the war, several ancient holy sites and even civilian hospitals have been targeted for destruction by Israeli bombing, and as a result, has stoked worldwide condemnation.

CEO and Director of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt.

The bloodshed has made it increasingly difficult to wrangle anti-Zionist sentiment in the West, which, according to the IHRA working definition of anti-semitism, would be a political opinion deeply rooted in so-called anti-Jewish hate.

“We’ve been chasing this left-right divide. It’s the wrong game. The real game is the next generation, and Hamas and their accomplices, the useful idiots in the West, are falling in line in ways that are terrifying.” said Greenblatt during the call.

“Numbers of young people who think Hamas massacre was justified is shockingly and terrifyingly high. So we really have a TikTok problem, a GenZ problem and our community needs to put…energy to this, like fast,”

Jonathan Greenblatt, Anti-Defamation League

Greenblatt himself has taken fire in recent weeks from both sides of the political spectrum for aggressive and sometimes paradoxical statements made in the wake of the ongoing war in Palestine. During the war’s onset, Greenblatt appeared to threaten pro-Palestine protestors demonstrating in NYC. In a press release, the former Obama aide claimed that his fellow American citizens were nothing more than “accomplices” to Hamas’ attacks, who would ultimately end up in the “ashes of history.”

In a curious admission made on MSNBC, Greenblatt would go on to admit in an interview that every Jewish person is a Zionist, and to be against the state of Israel is not just anti-semitic but also “genocidal.” He would also draw criticism for parroting the now-debunked claim that Hamas “beheaded 40 babies” and paradoxically used the ADL to label the thoroughly Jewish “Jewish Voice For Peace” (JVP) a hate group.

In the leaked phone call, Greenblatt also admits that ADL “analysts” have infiltrated anti-Zionist groups and closely monitor their dissenting views on the state of Israel. He also reveals his team painstakingly examines the “language toolkits” of such groups and compares linguistical data and talking points to develop solutions.

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“We saw a dramatic change in the language of the activists here in America on October 8th. The language of groups that have long been problematic. They flipped like this and went to Iranian propaganda,” bemoaned Greenblatt. “our analysts are in their groups…the language in their toolkits were all about the ‘zionist entity.’”

Greenblatt’s action plan to combat what he calls anti-Jewish “disinformation” has taken many forms but, so far, appears to focus primarily on the suppression of free speech on social media. In a joint press call on Nov 8th, Greenblatt joined several US politicians to gameplan a way to “combat terrorists and disinformation” on “China-owned” TikTok. During the call, U.S. Representatives Josh Gottheimer, and Don Bacon formally announced the “Stopping Terrorists Online Presence and Holding Accountable Tech Entities Act,” known as the STOP HATE Act.

The legislation seeks to impose a fine of $5 million a day for any tech company that fails to adequately “fight disinformation” or refuses to submit lists of terms of service violations made by users. It also hopes to force TikTok to register as a foreign agent and clamp down on Al Jazeera for its reporting of humanitarian issues in Gaza.

“It is essential that we gain insight into the policies platforms employ to mitigate content from designated terrorists, as well as the metrics used to gauge the effectiveness of platform policy enforcement,” said Greenblatt.

The ADL’s now apparent fears that American youth are slipping from the reigns of pro-Zionist political views did not go unnoticed. On social media, several political commentators added their thoughts on the Tehran Times leak. One such pundit was Mike Peinovich, Chairman of the pro-White civil rights organization, the National Justice Party.

NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich and other founding Central Committee members of the NJP recently marched in front of the White House to denounce the “terror” state of Israel. In addition to ending the “genocidal” war against Gaza, NJP Organizers hope to stop White Americans from enlisting in future Jewish-led wars. Video: YouTube

“Listen to the audio. Greenblatt is not acting. He is genuinely upset, and he stresses that antipathy for Israel among younger people does not fall along left/right lines. Pretty much everyone hates them across the ideological spectrum,” said Peinovich on his official Telegram page. “Whatever “Zoomers stand with Israel” public campaign the ADL cooks up will be cringe and ignored and mocked.”

While it is currently unknown how many groups have been specifically infiltrated by ADL intelligence operatives, their employees have been known in the past to act as political minders for American institutions and even anti-White extremist groups. In September, an independent Justice Report investigation revealed that a regional coordinator for the ADL’s Central Pacific branch was embedded inside the American Iron Front (AIF), an antifascist organization with ties to FBI collusion and BLM rioting. The employee in question, John Zack Ortiz, would provide “hate” dossiers on political opposition to fellow members in the Discord chat despite many of those in the AIF subscribing to an anti-Zionist viewpoint.

In March, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for police documents revealed that Florida-based law enforcement was taking direction and colluding with the ADL on how to curb First Amendment-protected activities. The communications between the department’s police chief and Florida ADL Director, Yael Hirschfeld, appeared to scold police brass for releasing prominent influencer Jon “Handsome Truth” Minadeo.

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