Video: Ukrainian deputy kills one, injures dozens in village grenade attack

Keretsky, Ukraine – A shocking “terrorist attack” has occurred in Ukraine’s western Transcarpathia region after a disgruntled councilman detonated three grenades during a session of the Keretsky village council. According to Ukrainian media reports, the attack killed one and left dozens injured, with six now listed in critical condition. Remarkably, the attacker was said to still be alive.

The attack, which was captured on video and circulated throughout social media, appears to show a jacketed man—later identified as MP Serhiy Batryn—entering a small room amid an ongoing council meeting. As discussions take place, Batryn interjects, withdraws a series of hand grenades from his pockets, and lobs them into the room. Explosions, smoke, and screams shortly follow before the video is eventually cut off.

The Ukrainian National Police promptly addressed the incident on the social media platform Telegram, which shared more details about the attack, as reported by Ukrinform. Ukrainian law enforcement received a distress call at 11:37 am, reporting that a council deputy had triggered the explosion at the Keretsky Village Council in the Mukachevo district. Initial reports indicated that the blast claimed one life and injured the deputy, in addition to eleven others.

“Investigators have classified the incident under Part 1 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives),” said the National Police in a statement. “In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine is registering information and will investigate the incident under Part 1 of Article 258 (Terrorist Act) of the Criminal Code, which is under the jurisdiction of the Security Service of Ukraine.”

If he survives, the MP faces up to 10 years in prison for committing a terrorist act.

According to witnesses, Batrin engaged in a heated argument with his fellow council members moments before the explosion occurred. In addition to disagreements with the 2023 and 2024 budgets, the council granted the mayor a substantial 50% pay increase and a 100% bonus, a decision that particularly angered Batrin. This decision came amid a time of increased economic precarity for residents and other hardships linked to the ongoing Russian special operation in Ukraine.

MP Serhiy Batryn (center) was allegedly responsible for detonating a series of hand grenades during a local village council meeting, killing one and injuring dozens of others. Batryn was motivated by bureaucratic frustrations and appears to have suffered from an undisclosed disability, according to an attorney. Photos:

Before the attack, Batryn—a member of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s ruling Servant of the People Party—posted a video on social media that criticized the local government. His dissatisfaction allegedly stemmed from a bureaucratic dispute over a high salary paid to the director of a local water company.

Batryn alleged the company was responsible for six days of water shortages for local settlements. Additionally, Batrin appeared to be deeply troubled by the long-standing neglect of village maintenance.

A lawyer for Batrin disclosed that his client claimed to suffer from an undisclosed disability and was denied public assistance. Some have speculated the attack may have been hatched due to mounting frustrations with the status quo in Ukraine.

The attack has sent shockwaves throughout the region and adds to a growing list of particularly violent incidents occurring throughout an increasingly war-weary Ukraine.

Just this week, a pawn shop in Kiev was targeted by a robber who threatened to use a hand grenade during a failed heist. In a separate incident, a Ukrainian man—also living in Kiev—threatened to detonate a hand grenade under his neighbor’s door during a prolonged dispute.

The incidents come at a time of heightened escalations in the ongoing Russian special operation, a conflict that has since been described as a bloody and unfortunate “civil war between brothers.”

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