Antifa infiltrator, doxxer, and FBI informant unmasked as autistic transsexual video gamer

This article was made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Richmond, Virginia – A prolific Antifa infiltrator, researcher, and FBI informant for multiple antifascist cells has now been positively identified. Thanks to an anonymous tip and chat logs obtained from a leaked Discord server, the individual behind the violent Antifa pseudonym “6L3THAL” has been unmasked as an unemployed video gamer from the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia.

The Justice Report was able to independently verify the chat logs first obtained by the online activist groups Patriot Youth and the Appalachian Archives to identify 6L3THAL as 19-year-old Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin of Richmond, Virginia, an exceptionally violent male-to-female transsexual and member of numerous antifascist organizations. According to the leaked Discord, Baldwin would play a key role in the AIF’s doxxing operation, collaborating with fellow Antifa to send the names, addresses, and social media posts of so-called “fascists” to the FBI.

“Hello. My name is Ashlynn. I’m a trans woman from Richmond, VA, who has had enough of the hateful lies and rhetoric the fascists in power spread,” said Baldwin in an introductory post made in November of 2022. “I’ve been studying political extremism, especially on the right, for about a year now.”

“I want to help make a difference in this country, to help unite as many people against fascism as I can,” he continued.

Baldwin’s idea of “unity” against fascism would be underlined with violence and overt calls for murder of his perceived political opposition. According to statements made on Discord, Baldwin would regularly call for right-wingers, ranging from members of the National Socialist Movement to Conservative pundit Matt Walsh, to be “lined up against the wall,” a euphemism widely understood as the extrajudicial killing of political opponents.

According to his Steam profile, Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin invests approximately five and a half hours into online video games daily. On Twitter, he regularly advocates for violence, often linking gifs or execution videos to those he politically disagrees with. Collage: Steam, X/Twitter

“Line people like this up against the wall. I wanna dox this c–t,” stated Baldwin in a March 5th, 2023 post. “If it were up to me, Walsh would be one of the first to stand up against the wall,” he stated a few days later before posting a scene from the Quentin Tarantino-directed, Jewish revenge fantasy Inglorious Basterds.

On X, Formerly Twitter, Baldwin’s calls to violence would persist, albeit in a more subdued form. Using his anonymous X account @6_thal, Baldwin would post violent memes and gifs of war crimes committed against German soldiers and air a personal desire to “smash some Nazi skulls.” Like Discord, he would also use it to promote FBI collaboration and share or “boost” the dox material of pro-White activists.

He would also use his account to boost and spread awareness of the ill-fated “Trans Day of Vengeance,” a multi-day protest planned in Washington DC that was ultimately canceled after a bloody spree-shooting carried out by transgender mass murderer at around the same time made the idea of Transgenderism intolerable for most Americans. The failed rally even led to the shuttering of an entire chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, whose anti-cop members ironically collaborated with the FBI after a fellow trans member indicated he might commit violence on the day of the protest.

Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka “6L3THAL” is a highly online Twitter user who works with other Antifa to deplatform users via mass reporting and brigading tactics with the goal of suppressing freedom of speech. Collage: X, Twitter

While Baldwin’s violent rhetoric is deeply alarming, his desire to silence, deplatform, and demonize working-class White people for their political views is equally abhorrent and appears numerous times on social media. Using Discord, Baldwin would coordinate with his AIF comrades to brigade and mass report the accounts of anyone he deemed a “nazi” until they became permanently banned. Large right-wing accounts, like those belonging to Red Ice TV or other groups, would be referred to as “titans” for him to “bring down.”

A highly online individual, Baldwin would regularly document the likes, shares, and mutual follows of right-wingers and use the information to blackmail them during lengthy Twitter arguments. “If it were up to me, and every Nazi account, no matter how subtle, would be immediately banned,” he commented in a May 4th, 2032 post. “I’ll never let these Nazi fucks win.”

“Line (conservatives) like this up against the wall. I wanna dox this c–t”

Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin aka 6L3THAL of Richmond, Virginia

Taking it one step further, Baldwin would orchestrate the doxes of multiple individuals from across the right-wing spectrum. From September 2022 to November 2023, he would personally contribute 198 times to AIF’s “Fascists Online” chat, a room where members would pool the names and residential information of members of various right-wing activist groups, including, but not limited to, Patriot Front, White Lives Matter, Active Clubs, Proud Boys, and the now-defunct White civil rights organization, the National Justice Party.

Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka 6L3Thal, once revealed themselves in an attempt to rib PragerU on X, formerly Twitter. The face shown here matches other photos of Atticus when he was younger and shows the same hair and eyebrows. Photo: X, Twitter.

Baldwin was so effective at dredging up private information that he would serve as a point of contact for many in the AIF looking to join the groups’ illict doxxing operation, and was admired by admins for being “highly effective” at “infiltrating fascist chats and revealing their identities.” In a post dated February of 2023, Baldwin gave further insight into his methods and admitted to manipulating photos to dupe his opposition on Telegram, gaining access to their chats.

“I face swapped an AI-generated face from above with a picture of a dude in a neo-nazi motorcycle club and added the nazi flag in the background,” said Baldwin. “I decided to design a flag for my Nazi Telegram infiltration profile pic… I tried to follow the example of other nazi fuckers who had flags in their (profile picture) and ended up with these.”

“All you gotta do is say whatever slurs they do, and they believe you. They’re really dumb,” he continued in another.

While it’s long been understood that members of the anti-White extremism movement, commonly referred to as “Antifa,” will lurk inside public chatrooms in an attempt to agitate, Baldwin pushes the envelope, breaking antifascist principles by sending names, addresses, and personal statements made by his targets directly to the FBI via their online portal.

A series of concerning posts made by Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka 6L3THAL, show a desire to silence and kill political opponents on the right. In addition, Baldwin would admit to collaborating with federal agents by sending information gained from infiltrated chatrooms directly to the FBI. Collage: AIF Discord.

In a post dated February 29th, Baldwin educates other members of AIF to follow his lead and even provides a direct link to the Bureau’s website used to solicit tips.

“For anyone who is interested in finding information on Alt-Right extremists though Telegram or any other Alt-Tech sites…you can submit a tip to the FBI with screenshots of the terroristic messages and the identities of said extremists at (FBI website),” he said.

Baldwin’s willingness to collaborate with cops can be traced as far back as December of 2022 when fellow AIF user Aces High suggested that Baldwin report a “traitorous” White nationalist. When Baldwin sought to clarify if the user meant reporting the person to the FBI, Aces High replied, “Yup.”

“You got it,” replied Baldwin.

Eventually, Baldwin’s sadistic comments and near-constant drip of private information into the AIF’s Discord server would illicit concern from his fellow antifascists. One user would suggest that Baldwin make a separate discussion before Discord admins “nuke the chat” for illegal activity. The suggestion would be ignored.

While Baldwin would regularly demonstrate that he lives the majority of his life in the online realm, he would occasionally take his antifascist activities into the real world. In March, Baldwin would join dozens of other Antifascists—including infamous antifascist agent Kristopher Goad—in storming a pro-life lecture conducted by the Conservative activist group Students for Life at Virginia Commonwealth University. The incident would lead to violence and multiple arrests, according to Fox News.

Baldwin would also fixate on the removal of pro-White stickers and promotional materials found on light posts and surfaces in his city of Richmond, Virginia. He eventually became so proud of his accomplishments that he would conduct multiple threads on the /r/RVA subreddit and use his newly gained e-clout in an attempt to recruit other Antifa in the area.

“I have been tracking and removing fascist sticker placements around Richmond for a while now, and it’s time I made it clear how much of a problem fascist propaganda is,” bemoaned Baldwin in a Reddit post dated September of 2023. “If you are interested in joining the effort to remove this propaganda, DM me and we can talk about it.”

In the threads, Baldwin would use the opportunity to propagate the common myth that right-wingers deliberately place razor blades underneath promotional stickers to deter people from ripping them down. He also admitted to placing up his own stickers, encouraging others to join him, as well as promoting a local Antifa cell known as the RVA United Front, in which he appears to be a member himself.

“Oh yea I’ve been removing a lot of those around Shockoe as well, most of the Iron Front stickers were put up by me and some other members of the United Front as well :),” he replied.

Identifying Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin as the man behind the antifascist pseudonym “6L3THAL” was relatively easy. The Justice Report first became aware of 6L3THAL after an anonymous tip was submitted via tipline from a concerned local citizen of Richmond. As it turned out, the user was also present in the AIF chat leaks made available via the William McKinley Institute earlier this year. By cross-referencing Baldwin’s publicly available social media accounts, most of which use the same combination of letters and numbers for their usernames, investigators were able to suss out Baldwin and make the connection.

Baldwin’s birthname of Atticus would be obtained by viewing his public Facebook page, which still holds the original URL of atticus.baldwin.988 despite a public label of “Ashlynn” Baldwin. The same name also appears on multiple web pages and accounts still operated by Baldwin.

Profile of anti-White hate: Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka “6L3THAL”

Originally hailing from El Paso, Texas, Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka 6L3THAL, is an autistic transgender “woman” currently living with his biological mother in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. He describes himself as an anti-racist Norse pagan, communist, and anarchist who holds a seething hatred of the Christian faith. While he claims to have once subscribed to a “white supremacist” ideology, homeschooling broke him away from conservative politics in favor of progressive ideals.

A young Atticus Baldwin pictured with his late father, William “Bill” Baldwin. According to online posts, Baldwin revered his devout Christian father, and after his death, began a bitter descent into atheism and anti-White extremism. He even started transitioning into the opposite sex. Photo: GoFundMe.

In reality, Baldwin’s descent into anti-White extremism and a newfound transgender identity appears to directly correlate with the tragic death of his father, William “Bill” Baldwin, a talented barber from El Paso. According to a GoFundMe set up by the family, Bill Baldwin suffered from an advanced case of colorectal cancer. Bill, a devout Christian and beloved family man would eventually lose the fight against the illness, forcing Atticus to move in with his biological mother in Richmond. In the aftermath of his father’s death, Atticus Baldwin would blame God.

“My dad had cancer, was a Christian, went to church every Sunday, prayed often. Did God remove that disease? Nope,” said Baldwin in a Twitter thread discussing cancer. “That cancer killed him. I lost my father at 17 because your god refused to save him despite his devotion. Bunch of horseshit.”

Since then, Atticus has enrolled in the ranks of two different Black Bloc antifascist organizations, including the aforementioned American Iron Front and the local RVA cell of United Front Antifa. For income, Baldwin is an agent for hire on the talent platform Fiverr, where he offers digital arts services like photo editing and Virtual reality avatars. Aside from this, Baldwin appears to be unemployed, spending most of his time playing video games, doxxing white nationalists, communicating with the FBI, and trolling on social media.

According to the PC gaming platform Steam, Baldwin would clock in a tremendous amount of time on various titles. In a two week span, Baldwin would put away over 117 hours of gaming, averaging about eight and a half hours a day into games like Project Zomboid, and Grand Theft Auto, among others. In addition, he has logged in over 3,196 hours in VR Chat, a virtual reality program where his avatar appears as a female anime character in a red dress adorned with his internet handle “6L3THAL.”

Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin aka “6L3thal” appears in this video. In it, the antifascist Baldwin is coached in a virtual reality program by other users on how to “be a chad” and stop being a “simp.” Video: Zero Zay Youtube

6L3Thal’s unmasking as a mentally disturbed, autistic transsexual is no laughing matter in the modern day. Those in the transgender community have increasingly been tied to horrific acts of hyperviolence committed against an unwitting public. Just this month, a prominent activist for transgender rights and visibility was arrested for the brutal rape and sexual manipulation of multiple young boys. In June, a trans-identified male was arrested for the violent stabbing of his own father, which led to his demise.

When six people, including three nine-year-old children, were shot dead in the halls of the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, it was Audrey “Aiden” Hale, a female-to-male transsexual, who ultimately pulled the trigger. A leak of Hale’s political writings would later prove her spree killing was entirely motivated by a hatred of White people, the same values now held by Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin and his comrades online.

With a history of self-confessed collaboration with the FBI, violent tendencies, and mental illness, Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka 6L3THAL of Richmond, Virginia, should be considered extremely dangerous. The Justice Report urges readers to express caution when traveling through this area, and when vetting users for their online chatrooms on Telegram, Instagram, and other online platforms.

If anyone has additional information on Atticus Baldwin, feel free to send an email to the Justice Report tipline.

Baldwin’s unmasking as a prominent doxxer and confidential human source for the federal government comes amid a long series of former AIF members whose identities have now been made public. In September, Nathan Edward Shelley, a cybersecurity expert for the cloud management firm Eviden, was revealed to have used his company’s propriety technology to report January 6th dissidents to the FBI. That revelation came in the wake of an earlier Justice Report investigation, which outed John Zack Ortiz, a key AIF researcher, as an embedded agent for the Anti-Defamation League. Ortiz sent dossiers and extremism reports to fellow Antifa via the now-leaked Discord.

In September, Adam Macintyre-Ross, a militant antifascist ringleader operating in Rochester, New York, was revealed to be a middle school art teacher with a sadistic digital footprint. In December, Alex Blum, a wealthy plastics tycoon who personally profited off of two different global conflicts, was outed as an organizer, funder, and outfitter of Antifascist terror. Blum—who is Jewish—admitted to having attended a violent BLM riot that culminated in the death of left-wing extremist Garret Foster.

Update 12/29/23: Atticus “Ashlynn” Baldwin, aka “6L3thal” of Richmond, Virginia, has deleted their X, formerly Twitter account. Antifascists who delete or scrub their social media profile in the wake of an expose do so in an attempt to escape accountability or cover up their violent, extremist views.

Baldwin’s deletion of his long-standing account only vindicates the Justice Report’s credible investigation into his identity.

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