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Trans activist “baby bloggers” arrested for endangering life of child

Brick Township, New Jersey – A pair of trans activists and lifestyle “baby bloggers” were arrested for endangering the life of a child. Despite the seriousness of the charges, local authorities declined to make a public statement, leaving some outraged about a potential cover-up due to their outspoken “gender advocacy.”

Robert “Kirstyn Piper” Plummer (left) and Amy Plummer (right) of Brick Township, New Jersey. Booking documents indicate the husband/wife combo—who were known trans activists and lifestyle “baby bloggers”—was arrested for child endangerment mid-December. Collage: Justice Report.

In mid-December, reports stated that 45-year-old Robert Eugene Plummer and 46-year-old Amy Plummer were both arrested in Ocean County New Jersey, for endangering the welfare of a child. While details of the incident are slim, statements made by concerned citizens on social media indicate that the charges appear to be related to the squalid conditions of their home, which may have led to the schoolhouse bullying of their 10-year-old son.

“They had their son living in unhabitable conditions. S–t in buckets because they had bad plumbing and (1) working toilet…next court date is set for the end of January,” said one local source with intimate knowledge of the issue. “They were released on pre-trial and currently residing in a hotel.”

“(The) child was being bullied in school…Bullied due to lack of hygiene and I’m sure because of the status of the weirdness of the parents. Who’s mom and who’s dad? Who knows,” they continued.

The Plummers (pictured) run a lifestyle blog called RaisingNinjaBaby, a site dedicated to their special needs son, Liam. According to booking documents and social media posts, the boy’s life may have been put in danger due to squalid conditions in the home and schoolhouse bullying relating to hygiene and gender identity. Collage: RaisingNinjaBaby, Facebook.

The Plummers—out and proud Trans activists and “baby bloggers”—are vocal supporters of “trans” and LGBTQ issues in their current hometown of Brick Township, NJ. According to social media accounts run by the couple, the trans-identified Robert Plummer is the owner of Puzzling Moments, a freelance photography business, and is a journalist for the Ocean County Scanner. Currently, he is transitioning into “Kirstyn Piper,” and can be seen in photos donning pink and blue dresses at local pride events.

While the charges against both Plummers are disturbing, the Ocean County Prosecutors Office has yet to officially comment on the mid-December arrests. The Justice Report reached out to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office for further details, but the desk officer who answered abruptly hung up when asked for comment.

The move to stay silent on the matter has some local citizens concerned over a potential cover-up, stemming from the gender identity and trans advocacy of both suspects.

“Our country is so worried about not hurting anyone’s feelings, this is the type of behavior that gets a slap on the wrist,” read one comment on Facebook.

“How many more abuse reports before our officials finally agree that this is a severe mental disorder?” Read another.

Robert Plummer is currently transitioning into “Kirstyn Piper Plummer,” and has used his social media accounts to opine about the importance of introducing children to “essential” topics like trans rights and LGBTQ issues. Collage: RaisingNinjaBaby, Facebook, Instagram

The two parents now facing child endangerment charges are highly online promoters of their alternative, trans-accepting lifestyle. In a post on an Instagram account linked to Robert’s photography business, he happily describes himself as a proud “trans woman,” using the hashtags #transgirl, #transgamer, and #transphotographer. In it, he says that it’s his duty as a transsexual to “normalize the path for others.”

“I’m trans, I’m proud, and I will be heard,” he said.

The pair have painstakingly chronicled the life of their special needs son, Liam, since his birth in 2013 on the lifestyle blog “Raising Ninja Baby.” While posts to the website mostly include family vacation photos and entries relating to Liam’s eventual autism diagnosis, Robert uses the platform to promote trans-ideology in the home, and at one point discusses using books and movies to help indoctrinate his own son.

“As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our children, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation,” said Robert in a blog post dated February 2023. “By exposing them to diverse perspectives and experiences, we can help them understand and appreciate the unique struggles that people from different
communities face.”

“Introducing our children to LGBTQ+ issues and transgender rights can also help break down harmful stereotypes and stigmas that may exist in society,” he said.

10-year-old Liam Plummer has been the unwitting centerpiece of his parent’s lifestyle project, Raising Ninja Baby, since his birth in 2013. He can be seen (left) wearing a shirt that says “I love my two mommies,” in an advertisement for his trans-identified father’s photography business, Puzzling Moments. Collage: Instagram.

Robert and Amy have included the rainbow-haired Liam in several of their public-facing LGBTQ+ romps. In photos posted to Robert’s Puzzling Moments Instagram page and YouTube account, Liam can be seen accompanying his parents at the Lunar Faire, a “weird and witchy” night festival that hosts drag performers, dark arts merchants, and other sexually perverse deviants throughout the year.

At the Lunar Faire in June of 2023, Robert—now “Kirstyn”—and Amy renewed their marriage vows as “wife and wife” at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. The family attended the “Lunar Prom” event as a vendor for their photography business with Liam’s assistance.

“As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our children, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Robert “Kirstyn” Plummer, Child Endangerment Suspect

Robert’s connections to the Lunar Faire are more than just transactional, however. According to a Facebook group page for Lunar Faire vendors, “Kirstyn Piper Plummer” is listed as an official Admin / Moderator, alongside “Stephie Fin,” a mermaid performer from Blairstown, and “Eli Wags,” a trans-identified female roller-derby skater.

According to data composed by USAFacts, people who identify as “transgendered” compose only 1.3% of the population. Despite this, advocates for the “trans” and homosexual communities at large regularly demonstrate predatory, reckless, or dangerous behavior with the nation’s most vulnerable. In January of 2023, an openly gay couple and vocal LGBTQ+ personalities from Georgia, Zachary Zulock and his husband, William Dale Zulock Jr, were arrested for a laundry list of horrifying acts of sexual abuse surrounding their two adoptive sons.

The 10-year-old special needs son of Robert and Amy Plummer can be seen here in front of the family’s vendor table at “Lunar Faire,” an alt-lifestyle night market that includes photos of drag-kids on their official website. Photo: Instagram.

Court documents later revealed that the men operated a mill for child sex abuse material (CSAM), forcing their children to perform sexual favors—including oral, and anal sex on camera—and even pimped the victims out to local pedophiles online. The two gay “fathers” would later admit to the crimes after a Georgia Bureau of Investigation cyber tip led authorities to the home.

In December, a prominent Black trans activist in Philadelphia was arrested for the rape of multiple young boys, all aged 13 and under. In the United Kingdom, a trans-identified “diaper fetishist” was arrested for leaving dirty adult-sized diapers and smearing baby bottles with excrement at a children’s nursery multiple times between 2022-2023. The suspect, Martin “Abbi Taylor” Tarling faced 9 counts, including public decency violations, for wading inside trash bins believed to contain the nursery’s dirty diaper bags.

The Justice Report will continue to provide updates on the case of Amy and Robert “Kirstyn” Plummer as they become available.

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