Patriotic Alternative’s Sam Melia sentenced two years in prison for ‘anti-White’ hate conviction

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Update 3/1/24: Sam Melia has been sentenced to two years in prison, effective immediately, according to Patriotic Alternative head Mark Collett. The sentence comes amid a guilty verdict of “inciting racial hatred” over truthful and legal stickers last month and will now result in Melia missing the birth of his second child.

Outrage over the harsh sentence can already be witnessed on social media. The White-Papers Policy Institute called the move a “ridiculous injustice” and urged people to donate to a Givesendgo linked to the Melia family.

“Sam Melia, a husband, father, activist, and dedicated advocate for the native British has just been sentenced to two years in prison because he produced and placed stickers warning about demographic change in Britain,” read a post to WPPI’s official Telegram page. “Telling the truth about demographic change and cultural differences between peoples will now land you in prison. Laura Melia (Towler) and her daughter are now without Sam.”

“There is a Givesendgo to support Sam and Laura. They are a wonderful nationalist couple expecting their second child, all while having to deal with this ridiculous injustice. In a world where the state, media, and justice systems are against us at every turn, nationalists must come together and be a family, a true support network,” it continued.

Melia’s wife, PA Deputy Chief Laura Towler, also made a statement regarding the sentence. In a lengthy Telegram post, she likened the move to another “attack” by an “anti-White state.” Additionally, she urged readers to “fill the void” left behind by Sam, and postulated that he could be released within 6-12 months due to his status as a low-risk offender.

“By now you will have heard that my husband Sam Melia was sentenced today to two years in prison for his intentions behind publishing stickers that the prosecution said were both lawful and truthful,” said Towler via Telegram. “The worst case scenario is that Sam will serve 12 months in prison. Potentially, he could serve 6 – 8 months. He is considered low risk and could therefore be on day release from as early as in a few months.”

“We live in a country where our people are attacked by the anti-White state for advocating for their own safety and interests,” she said. “I don’t want cuddles and condolences. I don’t want thoughts and prayers. I want you to join me in filling the void that Sam leaves for the next few months.”

“Sam should hold his head up high knowing that he put his head above the parapet when many others dare not…He remained defiant for us, and now it’s our turn to repay his sacrifice by carrying his flame until he is back,” she continued.

The Justice Report urges readers to consider donating to the Melia family as they now face immense challenges related to Sam’s incarceration.

This story is developing and this article will be updated as new details emerge.

Leeds, United Kingdom – Sam Melia, the British nationalist currently facing years in prison for possessing pro-White stickers, was found guilty of incitement to hatred on Wednesday. The trial would be the latest act of neoliberal repression targeting activists for the content of their political beliefs.

On Tuesday, 33-year-old Sam Melia requested his comrades from around the globe to “pray” for “open hearts” and “justice” following the conclusion of a criminal trial. The trial, presided over in Leeds County Court, stems from a series of public order offenses dating back to 2019, when Melia was alleged to have helped organize the street activist group, Hundred Handers.

A jury deliberated for less than a day before returning a unanimous guilty verdict. According to reports, Melia was released on bail and would reappear in court for sentencing on March 1st. He is currently facing prison for what is ostensibly thought crime.

If sent away, Melia could very well miss the birth of his second daughter by wife—and deputy leader of Patriotic Alternative—Laura Towler.

“Sam Melia was found guilty in Leeds Crown Court of inciting racial hatred by means of producing stickers…The prosecution admitted in the opening stages of the trial that the language used on the stickers was in fact lawful,” said Mark Collett, leader of Patriotic Alternative in a public Telegram statement. “This has to be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice we have ever witnessed, a body of work which was deemed ‘lawful’ and the content of which was all true, has resulted in a man being found guilty on the basis of his perceived motivations.”

Sam Melia, known for his pro-White advocacy in groups like UK’s Patriotic Alternative and the Hundred Handers, is a staunch critic of mass immigration and the displacement of White Britons from their homeland. A jury has found him guilty of “incitement to hatred” for his alleged role in stickers that raise awareness of immigration truths. Photo: Sam Melia

“My heart goes out to Sam, his pregnant wife Laura, their daughter Catherine, and the rest of his family and loved ones. Whatever comes next, we will stand firmly by him and support Sam and Laura in any way we can,” he continued.

According to prosecutors, Melia is alleged to have ​​”stirred up racial hatred by publishing written material” and “intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offense,” by possessing and disseminating stickers critical of mass immigration into White homelands.

“Jury’s out, please pray to whatever Gods you have for clear minds, open hearts, and a desire for justice,” said Melia Tuesday evening on his official Telegram.”

According to Melia, the lifelong pro-White advocate is currently being tried under a UK terror protocol despite the charges only amounting to offenses related to public order. However, because counter-terror investigators were involved in his case, Melia says that jurors must be read every bit of evidence during proceedings, which has delayed the trial into the middle of this week.

The evidence against Melia amounts to nationalist-themed stickers which stated established truths about unchecked immigration, and questioned the impact of multiracial diversity on Western nations. In an attempt to win sympathies, the prosecution is alleged to have used a book and photo of British nationalist, Oswald Mosley, allegedly owned by Melia, as evidence of his so-called “racist motivation.”

Sam Melia (center left), Mark Collett (right), and Laura Towler (left) pictured at a Patriotic Alternative Remembrance Day ceremony in York, 2023. Photo: Patriotic Alternative Telegram.

However, police said they found stickers on his computer, featuring “overtly racist” messages including “Mass immigration is white genocide,” “Second-generation? Third? Fourth? You have to go back,” “There is a war on whites,” and “They seek conquest not asylum,” the jury was told.

The intentionally vague and heavy-handed “hate speech” laws currently in place within the United Kingdom have often been used to send pro-White activists to prison for their political advocacy. In May, a court shockingly found pro-White podcaster James Allchurch a.k.a Sven Longshanks guilty of “inciting racial hatred” for a series of podcasts he recorded years ago. For the crime of voicing his opinion, Allchurch was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail by an activist judge with a documented history of allowing pedophiles to walk free from their horrific crimes.

“This is another scandalous abuse of power by the anti-White government…We live in a world where paedophiles and rapists walk free from court, but decent family men stare down the barrel of a multi-year sentence for espousing opinions that are the contrary to the state’s narrative on multiculturalism and mass immigration.”

Mark Collett, Patriotic Alternative

In November, British nationalist James Costello was similarly judged for his thoughts, this time for the creation of a website alleged to contain racist themes pertaining to his religion, Creativity. A judge, Andrew Menary, sentenced Costello to five years in prison for his victimless “crime,” despite being on unconditional bail up until his sentencing. In the past, Menary had shockingly let a pedophile caught with 1,100 files of child sexual abuse material—some involving child rape—a suspended sentence.

Pro-White activists from across the world have voiced their support for the expectant father of one. Patriotic Alternative leader, Mark Collett, called Melia’s trial an “scandalous abuse of power” by an “anti-White government,” and has accompanied him for most of the trial.

James Allchurch aka Sven Longshanks was found guilty of oppressive UK hate speech laws. He was sent to prison for 15 guilty counts of what prosecutors claimed was “stirring up racial hatred” on a podcast Allchurch recorded years before the trial. Photo: Athena Picture Agency Limited

“This is another scandalous abuse of power by the anti-White government. I wish Sam all the best, and hope that the jury makes the right decision,” said Collett on his official Telegram page. “We live in a world where paedophiles and rapists walk free from court, but decent family men stare down the barrel of a multi-year sentence for espousing opinions that are the contrary to the state’s narrative on multiculturalism and mass immigration.”

“This tyranny must end and it must be opposed by all decent people,” he continued.

After the evidence phase of the trial on Tuesday, Melia’s wife, Laura Towler, also took to Telegram to support her husband, earning hundreds of positive reactions from many in the nationalist sphere.

“All the hard work for the trial has been done and we now move into the final stage,” she said on her official Telegram. “There is nothing more we can do. Please send us positive vibes over the next few days and we’ll update you all as soon as we know the verdict.”

Infographic: The White Papers Policy Institute

Non-White racial displacement in the United Kingdom—a topic of which Sam Melia is now facing jail time for raising awareness—is currently on track to make White Britons a minority by the year 2060. According to a report by the White Papers Policy Institute (WPPI), 80% of Britain’s foreign-born population has arrived in the country before 1991. A whopping 42% of the foreign-born population has arrived since the year 2011 alone.

London, the UK’s famous capital known for its iconic double-decker busses and the sight of Big Ben, has been hit particularly hard by mass immigration over the years. According to official census data, London’s population of White Britons sharply fell from 90% in 1971 to only 37% in 2021. Non-native Britons (both White and non-White) now compose 26.5% of the English population, yet currently account for 42% of all arrests. The racial disparity could cost British taxpayers billions in criminal justice services every single year.

Update: A GiveSendGo has been set up to assist Melia and his family during these times. Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative said the fundraiser an opportunity to give his family a small sum to vacation before his sentence in March.

“Sam and Laura have worked tirelessly, despite having this court case hanging over their heads. Now Sam has been found guilty, it is likely he will serve a custodial sentence,” said Collett on Telegram. “As such, the goal of this campaign is raise them a small sum in order to allow them to go away for a week as a family before the date of Sam’s sentencing.”

The Justice Report urges its readers to consider donating to the GiveSendGo in the wake of what is now being called a “ridiculous example of anarcho-tyranny.”

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