Black killer condemned to life in prison for fatal stabbing of White woman

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Monroe, Georgia – A Black killer was condemned to die in prison for the brutal knife murder of his White wife.

On Feb. 9, 31-year-old Gregory Deonte Norwood was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus an additional 100 years for murdering a woman in front of her children and kidnapping their infant daughter, according to the Alcovy District Attorney.

Norwood—who is Black—fatally stabbed 31-year-old teacher Crystal Powell—who is White—14 times at her home in Monroe, approximately 45 miles east of Atlanta, on Apr. 16, 2022. The murder was witnessed by Powell’s three other children and two of their cousins, ranging in age from three to 11. The oldest child present then called 911 to report the horrific killing after Norwood fled the scene with his infant daughter.

Gregory Deonte Norwood (Left), kidnapped daughter Nala Norwood (Center), and Crystal Powell (right). Collage: Justice Report

A Levi’s Call, Georgia’s Amber Alert System, was issued that same day for the 1-year-old child.

Officers from the City of Monroe Police Department along with members of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation responded to the scene and led the investigation into locating Norwood, resulting in his arrest in Newton County shortly afterward. The infant was found safe with her grandmother in Gwinnett County. According to the press release, Norwood was found with blood on his shoes matching the victim’s.

During the trial, Norwood testified in his own defense, claiming that Powell’s fatal wounds were self-inflicted and that he was also stabbed by her. However, testimonies from all five children, as well as the medical examiner who performed Powell’s autopsy, countered Norwood’s claims. The State also presented evidence of prior domestic violence by Norwood against the victim.

“The jury clearly did not buy Defendant’s self-serving version of the events that did not match any of the evidence presented,” prosecutors noted.

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The jury deliberated for less than an hour on the fifth day of the trial, returning with a guilty verdict on two counts of felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, family violence battery, and five counts of first-degree cruelty to children.

“While this verdict cannot bring Crystal back, I hope it brings some level of closure and a sense of justice to her family and friends,” District Attorney Randy McGinley stated, referring to the trial as “heart-wrenching.”

Powell, a teacher at the Newton County Board of Education, was remembered as a loving mother, daughter, sister, and a good friend to many, according to her obituary, who loved spending time with her children and family.

According to the latest US Census report, in the city of Atlanta—for which Monroe is a close exurb—White people account for 51.9 percent of the population, down from 59.7 in 2010. The racial displacement of Whites from the Peach State's largest city appears to closely track with national level decline, with experts predicting that by 2050, non-Hispanic Whites will represent less than 40 percent of the nation's "under 18" population.

The grim result of Atlanta's racially fraught state is a torrent of Black murders, mass shootings, drug crimes, and gang activities. On 2023's Memorial Day weekend alone, eight separate reported shootings erupted across the city, leaving six dead with police linking many of the killings to domestic violence disputes. As a solution, a spokesman for the Atlanta PD blamed fractured homes and urged people to speak to their priest or rabbi.

Infographic: White Papers Policy Institute

“We see a theme of anger, intimate relationships between individuals, and a gun has led to tragedy,” said Atlanta Police Department Chief Darin Schierbaum in an interview with ANF. “So that is where those who wear the titles of mom and dad and aunt and uncle and priest and rabbi, they have a role in this. And everyone that doesn’t wear a uniform has a role. Because the police department cannot be in every living room of any city or any community.”

The tragic story of Crystal Powell is yet another instance of White fatalities stemming from interracial relationships in the United States. In January, a White woman was shot multiple times in a deadly ambush by a Black man she had filed a domestic violence petition against. According to reports, the suspect had an alarming criminal and domestic violence history before the murder took place.

The unfortunate consequences of interracial relationships often lead to White children falling victim to violence as well. In December, Police arrested a Black man after his White girlfriend’s toddler was found dead inside a canvas bag. In May, the body of a 15-year-old White girl was discovered in a communal dumpster after a 3-day manhunt, followed by the arrest of a convicted 29-year-old Black sex offender. To this day, victim's advocates point to a family history of drug use and neglect.

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